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Cab Calloway's HI DE HO 1934
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Cab Calloway's HI-DE-HO

" Mr. Hi-De-Ho"

-- Synopsis: The plot is simple: marital infidelity. Cab Calloway receives a telegram while en route to an engagement at the Cotton Club, and he must improvise a new tune in the sleeping car of his train. A few of the films scenes are at the Cotton Club, and many scenes evoke Harlem as the magical center of black America. Cinematography by William O. Steiner

* Features:
Cab Calloway sings and stage dances his famous tune that got him called the Hi-De-Ho man. Scenes from the Cotton Club with dances. There is no " Swing dancing" aka: Jitterbug but is historically interesting to swing dance.

More Film Information below





1934 Storyville / Kino Fred Waller [DVD | VHS]


Country Made:



10 minutes USA English Black and White


Featured Dancer

Featured Dance

Dance Rating

all-black musical Short n/a n/a Good

Known Dancers


Actors / Actresses

n/a Specialty Dancers Cab Calloway

Dances performed in this film

Special Dance Interest

n/a n/a n/a n/a

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St. James infirmery Cab Calloway n/a

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n/a n/a HI-DE-HO [1937] n/a
    HI-DE-HO [1947]  

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