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" Hold your hats ... the roof is 'bout to tumble in "

     Typical Olsen and Johnson's No plot, Crazy as hell and anything goes at over 100 miles an hour with a cast of hundreds!. Based on the hit Broadway play Hellzapoppin' which ran from 1938-1941. This wacky, sight-gag filled romp stars Olsen and Johnson as a pair of actors whose attempt to stage a musical at a swanky estate is hampered when the show's producer begins to woo one of the venue's upscale residents, the female lead is mistaken for a wealthy femme fatale, and the whole production arouses the suspicion of a bumbling private eye. The movie version fails to

completely capture the spirit of the original play. Academy Award® Nominee: Best Song: " Pig Foot Pete."


Probably the single most famous Lindy Hop scene in film History. The Whitey's Lindy Hoppers appear in their greatest film dance routine which took them all around the world. Dean Collins is also an important figure in this movie as well dancing with Martha Raye.

Hellzapoppin: Slim and Slam Hellzapoppin: Whitey'sLindy Hoppers Hellzapoppin: Whiteys 2 - Norma Miller Hellzapoppin: Dean Collins

More Film Information below





1941 Universal Pictures H.C. Potter Download | DVD | VHS


Country Made:



84 minutes USA English Black and White


Featured Dancers

Featured Dance

Dance Rating

Comedy Whitey's Lindy Hoppers | Dean Collins Lindy Hop | Vintage West Coast Swing Excellent

Known Dancers


Actors / Actresses

Al Minns (White Coat, Black Pants) * Nick Castle Chic Johnson
Ann Johnson (Maid) * Dean Collins Elisha Cook Jr.
Bess Flowers Hubert 'Whitey' White Frank Darien
Billy Richter (Chef's Hat) *   Hugh Herbert
Dean Collins (w/ Martha Raye)   Jane Frazee
Francis " Mickey" Johnson (Maid) *   Martha Raye
Frankie Manning (Overalls) *   Mischa Auer
Martha Raye   Nella Walker
Mike Tremini   Ole Olsen
Norma Miller (Chef's Hat) *   Shemp Howard
Olive Hatch (Water Ballet)    
Whitey's Lindy Hoppers *    
Willa Mae Rickter (w/ Minns) *    
William Downes (Overalls) *    

Dances performed in this film

Special Dance Interest

Conga Line n/a n/a Whitey's Lindy Hop
Lindy Hop     Water Ballet
West Coast Swing     Dean Collins

Some Music Titles in Film

Bands / Musicians / Singers

Posters / Lobby Cards

It's Time to Say Aloha Slim and Slam 1941 Hellzapoppin'
Hellzapoppin' (Armstrong)    
Oh! Gee, Oh, Gosh, Oh! Golly, I'm in Love    
Pig Foot Pete    
My Heartzapoppin' (" Hellzapoppin'" )    
Waiting for the Robert E. Lee    
Watch The Birdie (With Dean and Martha Raye)    
When You Look in Your Looking Glass    

Stage versions of the film

Cast Recording(s) / Soundtracks

Similar Films

Sheet Music Covers

Hellzapoppin' Song: Hellzapoppin' [MP3] Crazy House (1943) n/a
    Ghost Catchers  
    Son's O Fun  

Books Available on this film ...



Date Published


n/a n/a - -


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