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George White's Scandals of 1936 Lobby Card

George White's Scandals of 1936

-- Synopsis: Big-time Broadway producer George White lures a beautiful young aspiring actress Honey Walter's (Faye) to star his next show, " George White's 1935 Scandals." The show opens with White and his crew just completing their successful " 1934 Scandals," and then he travels along with his gal to a music hall show, where Honey is performing along with her sweetheart Eddy Taylor (Dunn.) White persuades Honey that she has what it takes to star his next big revue; she agrees and suddenly they all find themselves singing and dancing on Broadway. This film was produced while Mr. Whites real 1934 Broadway show was just wrappinmg up, the two are not connected however. There's plenty of singing and dancing in this film.

* Bill " Bojangles" Robinson does some hoofing. Eleanor Powell does some great Tap dancing in this film.

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193520th Century FoxGeorge White / Harry LachmanNot Available


Country Made:



83 minutes USA English Black and White


Featured Dancer

Featured Dance

Dance Rating

MusicalBill " Bojangles" RobinsonTapVery Good

Known Dancers


Actors / Actresses

Allen MathewsGeorge White (Dance Numbers)Alice Faye
Bill " Bojangles" RobinsonLouis De Francesco (Musical Director) Arline Judge
Bob Crosby Cliff Edwards
Bud Sterling Donald Kerr
Byron Poindexter (w/ Lucille) Emma Dunn
Dan Wyler Fred Santley
Donald Brown Fuzzy Knight
Donald Kerr George White
Ed Stanbridge James Dunn
Eleanor Powell  Jayne Wyman
Frank Edmunds Jed Prouty
Jack DeShan Josephine Campbell
Jack Irwin Lois Eckert
James Gonzalez Lyda Roberti
James Notaro Lynn Bari
Jimmy Blair Ned Sparks
Lucille Nicholson (w/ Bud) Virginia Carroll
Mae & Dee Gohlke (a sister act) ... and more
Paul Castle  
Perk Lazelle  
Tom Thompson  

Dances performed in this film

Special Dance Interest

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According to the Moonlight n/a n/a
Hunkadola, the      
It's an Old Southern Custom      
Side By Side   

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