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Four Jill's in a Jeep

-- Synopsis: Reenactments of actual USO experiences of its female stars entertaining troops overseas. As with USO type musicals of this period, there are specialty numbers by guest stars which include; Jimmy Dorsey (and his band), Betty Grable, Carmen Miranda, and Alice Faye (in one of her last films.) Phil Silvers shown way too much.

* Basic song and dance routines throughout film. George Tyne and Hollywood Swing dancer Frieda Angela Wyckoff dance the Jitterbug at the Canteen dance. One scene has three guys switching partners with one girl doing the Jitterbug.

Four Jills and a Jeep 1 Four Jills and a Jeep 2 Four Jills and a Jeep 3 Four Jills and a Jeep 4
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1944Twentieth Century Fox William A. Seiter


Country Made:



89 minutes USA English Black and White


Featured Dancer

Featured Dance

Dance Rating

Musical / War / Romancen/aJitterbug Good

Known Dancers


Actors / Actresses

Bess FlowersDon Loper (choreographer) Alice Faye
Betty GrableCharles Henderson (musical director)  Betty Grable
Carmen MirandaEmil Newman (musical director) Carmen Miranda
Frieda Angela Wyckoff Carole Landis
George Tyne Dick Haymes
Martha Raye Eddie Acuff
  George Jessel
  Kay Francis
  John Harvey
  Martha Raye
  Mitzi Mayfair
  Phil Silvers

Dances performed in this film

Special Dance Interest

Jitterbug n/a n/a Jitterbug
    U.S.O. Shows
    Canteen dance
    Partner switching

Some Music Titles in Film

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Crazy Me Alice Faye  
Cuddle Up A Little Closer Carmen Miranda  
How Blue The Night Jimmy Dorsey and Orchestra n/a
How Many Times Do I Have To Tell You?      
I Yi Yi Yi Yi I Like You Very Much      
Mr. Paganini      
Overture 'Over There'      
The Champ      
You Send Me      
You'll Never Know      

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n/a $ Soundtrack Follow The Boys (1944) n/a
    Follow The Boys (1963)  
    Hollywood Canteen  

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Date Published


$ Four Jill's In A Jeep Landis, Carol 1944 Random House


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