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Cabin In The Sky

-- Synopsis:
    Hollywood's first all-black film since The Green Pastures which became a Musical Comedy Sensation! Petunia Jackson (Ethel Waters) has been struggling to get her husband Joe (Eddie Anderson) to give up gambling and lead a righteous life who is torn between the love of his good wife Petunia and the wiles of good-time bad girl Georgia Brown (Lena Horne.) Petunia appears to have finally succeeded, but when a relapse puts his life in danger he finds heaven and hell battling for his soul. There are good songs with Lena Horne, Ethel Waters, Duke Ellington and Louis Armstrong. Overall a very good film for all.

* Features:
Ethel Waters does a little Shimmy dance for which she was known for. Buck and Bubbles do a little acting. Archie Savage does an excellent Lindy Hop scene along with just about the whole cast to the Duke's Music. Leon James does his " Poke" (of Moke and Poke) character. The Lindy Hop scene is one of the best on film from the awesome "Pimp Walks and Fish Tail" entrance to the aerials on the swing-out.

Cabin in the Sky Lindy Hop swing scene Cabin in the sky outdoor scene Cabin In The Sky screen shot of Dewey as the devil Cabin in the sky with Lena Horne

More Film Information below





1943 Metro Goldwyn-Meyer / Warner Home Vincente Minnelli [DVD | VHS]


Country Made:



98 minutes USA English Black and White / Color


Featured Dancer

Featured Dance

Dance Rating

Musical Comedy / Fantasy Archie Savage Lindy Hop Excellent

Known Dancers

Choreographer, Musical Director

Actors / Actresses

Archie Savage George E. Stoll Bill Bailey
Bill Bailey   Busby Berkley (Shine Sequence) Butterfly McQueen
Buck and Bubbles   Ethel Waters
Carmencita Romero   Eddie 'Rochester' Anderson
Earl " Snakehips" Tucker   Lena Horne
Ethel Waters   Mantan Moreland
Lena Horne   Rex Ingram
Leon James    
Ruby Dandridge    

Dances performed in this film   

Special Dance Interest

the Lindy Hop n/a n/a Zoot Suits
the Shimmy     Cool Lindy Choreography.
Tap dance     Zoot Suit

Some Music Titles in Film

Bands | Musicians | Singers

Posters / Lobby Cards

Cabin in the Sky < Ethel Waters Cabin in the Sky
Dat Suits Me < Butterfly McQueen    
Down At John Henry's < Duke Ellington    
Going Up < Duke Ellington    
Happiness Is a Thing Called Joe < Ethel Waters    
Honey in the Honeycomb < Lena Horne    
Li'l Black Sheep < Ethel Waters    
Shine < Bubbles    
Old Ship Zion < Hall Johnson Choir    
Taking a Chance on Love (Bailey) < Ethel Waters    
  Cab Calloway    
  Louis Armstrong (acting role)    
  Johnny Hodges    
  Lawrence Brown    
... plus many more Roger Edens    

Stage versions of the film

Cast Recording | Soundtrack

Similar Films

Sheet Music Covers

Cabin In The Sky $ Soundtrack n/a n/a
  $ Cast Recording    

Books Available on this film ...

Title Author Date Published Publisher
n/a n/a - -



Cabin In The Sky Poster Cabin In The Sky PosterCabin In The Sky PosterCabin In The Sky PosterCabin In The Sky Poster
Cabin In The Sky PosterCabin In The Sky PosterCabin In The Sky PosterCabin In The Sky Poster
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