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Boy! What A Girl !

-- Synopsis:
     Tim Moore (Kingfish on TV's " Amos 'n' Andy") as a female impersonator who is hired by two smooth-talking producers to pose as a financial backer for their fledgling revue. But when their scheme backfires, Moore is forced to show off his cross-dressing skills on the Great White Way. Madness and mayhem mix with jam sessions at a Harlem roof party where legendary drummer Gene Krupa performs a surprise drum solo.

* Film Features:
     The dancing takes place in a living room, much like a rent party. The International

Jitterbugs,  aka: Harlemaniacs, aka Whitey's Lindy Hoppers appear in this film dancing their famous Lindy Hop. These dancers are not the usual Whitey's Lindy Hoppers. First dancer might be Shorty George Snowden (looks a lot like him.) There are a lot of fast and good tricks (Air Steps) in this video as well as some very good swing-outs plus some Partner Charleston.

Boy What a Girl Frame1 Boy What a Girl Frame2 Boy What a Girl Frame3 Boy What a Girl Frame4

More Film Information below





1946 Gotham Distribution Arthur H. Leonard DVD


Country Made:



70 minutes USA English Black and White


Featured Dancer

Featured Dance

Dance Rating

Musical Comedy International Jitterbugs Lindy Hop Excellent

Known Dancers


Actors / Actresses

International Jitterbugs (Harlemaniacs) None (Specialty dancers) Alan Jackson
    Betti Mays
    Duke Williams
    Sheila Guyse
    Tim Moore

Dances performed in this film   

Special Dance Interest

the Lindy Hop n/a n/a Whitey's Lindy Hoppers
the Charleston     Rent Party
Air Steps      

Some Music Titles in Film

Bands / Musicians / Singers

Posters / Lobby Cards

n/a Big Sid Catlett and his band Buck Privates
  Deek Watson and The Brown Dots    
  Gene Krupa    
  Slam Stewart Trio    

Stage versions of the film

Stage Date

Cast Recordings

Sheet Music Covers

n/a n/a n/a n/a

Books Available on this film ...

Title Author Date Published Publisher
n/a n/a - -


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