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At The Jazz Band Ball

-- Synopsis:
     At the Jazz Band Ball brings together some of the greatest hot music, song, and dance captured at the height of the jazz age and in the early days of sound film (1925-1933). Bessie Smith's only screen performance, a rare clip of the Boswell Sisters harmonizing on a Louis Armstrong classic, and an instrumental from the Dorsey Brothers Band with superb solos from Tommy and Jimmy. Charlie Wellman, Tessie Maize (a featured artist at Frank Sebastian's Cotton Club in Los Angeles) and black-faced performer Ruby Darby.

* Features:
     This film features Bill 'Bojangles' Robinson doing his famous stair dance routine, Duke Ellington's Cotton Club Orchestra featuring a floor show with Freddie Washington, ? The Cotton Club Boys? (maybe,) a dance contest with James Barton, Harlem Lindy Hoppers, 'Shorty George' Snowden and Little Bea dancing to Chick Webb's band in 1929 and Tessie Maize and Ruby Darby dancing in a dance hall. The dancing varies from bad chorus line to totally amazing. This is one of the only a few films you will see the legendary " Shorty George" Snowden do the Breakaway aka: his Charleston / Cakewalk / pre Lindy hop mix. Video and DVD is excellent quality.






1925 - 1932 YAZOO (Film Clips) [DVD] & [VHS]


Country Made:



60 minutes USA English Black and White


Featured Dancer

Featured Dance

Dance Rating

Film Clips 'Shorty George' Snowden Lindy Hop Excellent +

Known Dancers


Well Known Actors / Actresses

Bill 'Bojangles' Robinson Specialty dancers / Self Choreographed James Barton
Cotton Club Boys    
Freddie Washington    
James Barton    
Ruby Darby    
'Shorty George' Snowden    
Tessie Maize and Her Darktown Strutters    

Dances performed in this film   

Special Dance Interest

the Black Bottom Lindy Hop n/a Blackface (Darby, Barton)
the Breakaway Tap dance   Dance Contest
the Cakewalk     Flash Act
the Charleston     Original pre Lindy Hop
Chorus Line dancing     Sebastian's Cotton Club

Some Music Titles in Film

Bands / Musicians / Singers

Posters / Lobby Cards

Alabamy Snow (1930) < Charlie Wellman n/a
Chinatown, My Chinatown / High Society (1931) < Louis Armstrong & His Orchestra    
Duke Steps Out / Black Beauty / Cotton Club Stomp ('29) < Duke Ellington & Orchestra    
Get Out and Get Under the Moon (1929) < Dorsey Brothers Band    
Heebie Jeebies (1931) < Boswell Sisters    
I Cover"the Waterfront / Dinah / Tiger Rag < Louis Armstrong & His Orchestra    
My Ohio Home (1928) < Paul Whiteman & Bix Beiderbecke    
Old Man Blues (1930) < Duke Ellington & Orchestra    
Someday Sweetheart (1930) < (Tessie Maize)    
St. Louis Blues (1930) < Bessie Smith    
Swanee River (1932) < (Bojangles Routine)    
Sweet Georgia Brown (1925) < Ben Bernie and His Orchestra    
Sweet Sue / Tiger Rag (1929) < Chick Webb (Snowden)    
Tell the World He's Mine (1930) < (Ruby Darby)    
Whistle and Blow Your Blues Away / Mandy (1931) < Unknown Band w/ Tap dancers    
Who Is It? Who? / Tommy Christian Stomp (1928) < Tommy Christian and His Orchestra    

Stage versions of the film

Stage Date

Cast Recording(s) Available

Sheet Music Covers

n/a n/a n/a n/a

Books Available on this film ...



Date Published


n/a - - -


also see: Ask Uncle Sol (features Shorty George and Big Bea doing the Lindy Hop)
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