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Flying Down To Rio
Flying Down To Rio (Astaire and Rogers first film together)
" " Ginger says to Fred: We'll show 'em a thing or three" ... They did indeed.

-- Synopsis: Aviator and band leader Roger Bond is forever getting his group fired for flirting with the lady guests. When he falls for Brazilian beauty Belinha de Rezende (Del Rio) it appears to be for real, even though she is already engaged. His Yankee Clippers band is hired to open the new Hotel Atlantico in Rio and Roger offers to fly Belinha part way home. After a mechanical breakdown and forced landing, Roger is confident and makes his move, but Belinha plays hard to get. This dated and corny romantic triangle film that was a surprise to RKO as audiences went to see the stars Gene Raymond and the gorgeous Dolores Del Rio but fell in love with two, new bit part dancers named Fred Astaire (as Fred Ayres) and 22 year old Ginger Rogers (as Honey Hayes) instead.

* Fred and Ginger do what was to become a legendary and trademark style and Ginger's witty dialogue plus they introduce us to the Carioca dance (a dance with foreheads touching) at where else but the Carioca Casino in this film which was loved by all as well as their Tango routine. This film made stars of the two together.   Etta Moten Sings and some Brazillian dancers take the stage. There is also a bevy of girls dancing on the wings of a plane for the finale. If you're a Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers fan, this movie is a " must have. Thi is a pre-code film that shows a lot of see thru outfits but still by today's standards.

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1933Thornton Freeland




RKOEnglish Black and White

Country Made:



USA 00:00 minutes n/a

Featured Dancer

Featured Dance

Films Dance Rating  

Astaire and RogersThe Carioca Very Good

Known Dancer(s)


Actors / Actresses

Fred Astaire Hermes Pann/a
Ginger Rogers  

Dances performed in this Film 

Films special dance interest

Carioca, Then/aThe Carioca
Tango Fred and Gingers First Film

Some Music Titles in Film

Bands / Musicians / Singers

Cast Recordings / Soundtracks

Carioca, the Delores Del Rio$ Flying Down To Rio (ST)
Flying Down To RioEtta Moten 
I Like MusicFred Astaire  
Music Makes MeGinger Rogers  
Orchids in the MoonlightMovita 

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n/an/aFlying Down To Rio

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