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Dancing Lady VHS

Dancing Lady

" She Lives to Dance and Dances to Live"

-- Synopsis: Crawford and Gable star in this backstage movie about Janie Barlow (Crawford) who is an aspiring talented dancer who wants a chance to make it big. Her passion for dance is so strong that she will dance anything and anywhere even striptease in a burlesque house. A rich Playboy named Tod Newton (Tone) discovers her at a burlesque house and helps her get a job in a real Broadway musical but plots against her when his wooing her doesn't sail and 'Patch' (Gable) the stage manager comes to her rescue. The Three Stooges are also in this film making appearences usually while Crawford rehearses.

* Busby Berkley-esque musical numbers. Fred Astaire's official movie debut and dances two routines with Joan Crawford to the songs " Heigh Ho, The Gang's All Here" and " Let's Go Bavarian" which was reported as " most graceful and charming" as the finale. Clark Gable even does a little hoofing.


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Dancing Lady Lobby Card
Dancing Lady Lobby Card
Dancing Lady Mini Poster
Fred and Joan in Highland Number
Fred and Joan Dancing
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1933 English [DVD | VHS]




M.G.M. Black and White Musical / Comedy


Country Made:


94 minutes USA Robert Z. Leonard

Featured Dancer

Featured Dance

Films Dance Rating

Joan Crawford Ballroom Tap Vey Good

Known Dancers


Actors / Actresess

Clark Gable Eddie Prinz (Choreographer) Arthur Jarrett (Art Jarrett)
Fred Astaire   Sammy Lee (Choreographer) Clark Gable (Patch)
Joan Crawford   Eve Arden
Robert Lees   Franchot Tone (Tod Newton) 
Shirley Aaronson   Fred Astaire (Himself)
and Chorus Girls   Gloria Foy (Vivian)
    Grant Mitchell (Jasper)
    Joan Crawford (Janie)
    Lynn Bari (Screen Debut)
    May Robson (Dolly)
    Maynard Holmes (Jasper Jr.)
    Nelson Eddy (Screen Debut)
    Robert Benchley (Ward King)
    Sterling Holloway (Pinky)
    Ted Healy (Steve)
    Three Stooges
    Winnie Lightner (Rosette)

Dances performed in this Film 

Films special dance interest

Ballroom n/a Astaire's First Film
Tap   Astaire and Crawford

Music Titles in Film

Bands / Musicians / Singers

Sheet Music Covers

Alabama Swing Fred Astaire n/a
Dancing Lady (cut from film) Joan Crawford  
Every Thing I Have Is Yours  Nelson Eddy  
Heigh-Ho, the Gang's All Here     
Hey Young Fella, Close Your Umbrella    
Hold Your Man    
Isn't It Romantic    
Let's Go Bavarian     
My Dancing Lady    
That's The Rhythm of the Day    

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Stage versions of the film

Cast Recordings / Soundtracks 

n/a n/a n/a

Books Available on this film ...

Title Author Date Publisher
n/a n/a n/a n/a
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