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Chicago DVD Cover(Miramax)

Chicago, The Musical

" With the right song and dance, you can get away with murder "

Synopsis: The original was named 'Roxie Hart' starring Ginger Rogers but this is an adaptation of Bob Fosse's 1975 Broadway musical version. René e Zellweger and Catherine Zeta-Jones are beautifully matched as Jazz Age vixens set in the 1920's when crimes of passion result in celebrity headlines, nightclub sensation Velma Kelly (Zeta-Jones) and spotlight-seeking Roxie Hart (Zellweger) both find themselves sharing space on Chicago's famed Murderess Row!

* Typical Song, Dance, Act film. Richard Gere gleefully sheds his customary cool to do some Tap

Dancin'. The 'Cell Block Tango scene was the best dance scene in the entire film. Zellweger dances well and is very cute in her roll, However hot & sexy Catherine-Zeta Jones does some great dancing in the opening cabaret type scene. This is a fun film overall and can be very intoxicating at times.
Winner of six Academy Awards(R) (2003) including Best Picture

Chicago Screen Shot (Jones)Chicago Screen Shot (Zellweger) Chicago Screen Shot (Gere)Chicago Screen Shot
More Film Information below




Availability: YES!

8/19/2002MiramaxRob Marshall[DVD | VHS | BlueRay ]


Country Made:



113 MinutesU.S.A.EnglishColor


Featured Dancer:

Featured Dance:

Dance Rating:

Comedy / Musical / DanceCatherine-Zeta Jones (Hot)Cell Block Tango SceneVery Good (PG-13)

noinfo Choreographers / Directors:

noinfo Actors / Actresses:

Bob Fosse (Original Choreography)Catherine Zeta-Jones
Rob Marshall (Choreographer)Cliff Saunders (Stage MGR)
Denise Faye (assistant choreographer)Colm Feore (Harrison)
Decker Ladouceur (acrobat coach: Cirque Sublime)Dominic West (Fred Casely)
Cynthia Onrubia (Associate Choreographer, tap)John C. Reilly (Amos Hart)
Joey Pizzi (associate choreographer)Lucy Liu (Kitty Baxter)
Queen Latifah (Matron Mama Morton)
René e Zellweger (Roxie Hart)
Richard Gere (Billy Flynn)
Roman Podhora (Sergeant Fogarty)
Steve Behal (Prison Clerk)
Taye Diggs (Band leader)

noinfo Known Dancers:

Catherine Zeta-JonesRené e Zellweger (Jazz)
Karen AndrewRhonda Roberts
Karen HolnessRichard Gere (Tap)
Karine Plantadit-BageotRobert Montano
Kelsey ChaceRobyn Wong
Ken Ard (Wilbur)Roxane Barlow
Leigh TorlageScott Fowler
Lisa FergusonScott Wise (Ezekial)
Marc Calamia (Hunyaks Husband)Sean Palmer
Mary Ann LambSebastian Lacause (Lipschitz)
Melanie A. GageSheri Godfrey
Melissa FlerangileTara Nicole Hughes
Michelle GalatiTed Banfalvi
Michelle JohnstonTheresa Coombe
Natalie WillesTroy Liddell
Paul BeckerVicky Lambert

noinfo Known Dances done in Film:

noinfo Similar Films:

Jazz* A Chorus Line DVD* High School Musical
Tango* All That Jazz DVD* Mame DVD
Tap* Auntie Mame DVD* Moulin Rouge DVD
 * Chicago DVD* Rent
 * Dream Girls* Roxy Hart DVD
 * Fosse! DVD* Sweet Charity DVD
 * Grease* Victor Victoria DVD

noinfo Special Dance Interest:

* Gypsy DVD* West Side Story DVD
Fosse Choreography  

noinfo Music Titles In Film:

noinfo Musicians / Singers:

noinfo Sheet Music Covers:

** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **After Midnight [MP3] (Danny Elfman)Catherine-Zeta Jonesn/a
** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **All I Care About [MP3]Christine Baranski 
** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **And All That Jazz [MP3]Cleve Asbury

noinfo Film Posters:

** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **Cell Block Tango [MP3]John C. Riley$ Chicago 2003
** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **Class [MP3]René e Zellweger 
** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **Funny Honey [MP3]Richard Gere 
** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **I Can't Co It Alone [MP3]Queen Latifah [CB Tango MP3] 
** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **Love Is a Crime [MP3] (Anastacia)Shaun Amyot 
** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **Mister Cellophane [MP3]Susan Misner 
** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **Nowadays [MP3]Taye Diggs 

noinfo Soundtracks

** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **Roxie [MP3]$ Chicago (2003) OST 
** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **We Both Reached for the Gun [MP3]  
** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **When You're Good to Mama [MP3]  

noinfo Stage Versions of Film:

noinfo Stage Versions Date:

noinfo Cast Recordings:

Chicago ... The Musical1996$ Chicago (1996) The Musical

noinfo Books / Magazines on this film:

noinfo Title:noinfo Author:noinfo Date:noinfo Publisher:

noinfo Other / Notes:

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