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Assassination Tango

"No one is more dangerous than the man who lives two lives"

Synopsis: John J. (Duvall) plays an aging hit man sent to Argentina to kill General Rojas (Nessier). While delayed, John meets an Argentinean girl named Manuela (Pedraza), who helps him to learn authentic style Tango.

* Features: Robert Duvall's real life fascination with tango finds its expression in this labor of love, a film he wrote, directed, and stars in. Not many people know that Robert Duvall is an avid dancer and hobbyist. West Coast Swing and especially the dance he loves the most 'Argentine Tango' are his favorite dances long before this film was made.

Assassination Tango Screen ShotAssassination Tango Screen ShotAssassination Tango Screen ShotAssassination Tango Screen ShotAssassination Tango Screen Shot

More Film Information below




Availability: YES!

2002MG.M. (Am. Zoetrope)Robert Duvall (also Writer) DVD | VHS | Download


Country Made:



114 MinutesArgentinaEnglish / SpanishColor


Featured Dancer:

Featured Dance:

Dance Rating:

Thriller / DanceRobert DuvallArgentine Tango Very, Very Good

Known Dancers:

Choreographers / Directors:

Actors / Actresses:

Alicia Beatriz Sampayo (Bllrm Dancer)n/aDelfina (Manuelita)
Armando Orzuza (Manuela's Partner)  Elvio Nessier (General Humberto Rojas)
Dario Dorzi (Ballroom Dancer)  Frank Cassavetes (Jo Jo)
Estela Arcos (Ballroom Teacher)  Frank Gio (Frankie)
Géraldine Rojas (Pirucha)  Géraldine Rojas (Pirucha)
Javier Rodriguez (Pirucha 1 Partner)

Video Clip / Trailer

James Keane (Whitey)
Jorge Dispari (Tango Instructor)Julio Oscar Mechoso (Orlando)
Luciana Pedrazza (Manuela)Katherine Micheaux Miller (Jenny)
Orlando Paiva (Paiva)Kathy Baker (Maggie)
Pablo Verón (Pirucha final partner)Luciana Pedrazza (Manuela)
Renee Victor (Stella)María del Carmen Romero (La Turca)
Robert Duvall (John J)María Nieves (Tia Maria)
 Michael Corrente (Cop)
 Natalia Lobo (Prostitute)
   Raúl Outeda (Tony Manas)
   Renee Victor (Stella)
   Robert Duvall (John J. Anderson)
   Ruben Blades (Miguel)
   Susana Lanteri (General's Wife)

Known Dances done in Film:

Special Dance Interest:

Similar Films:

Argentine Tango  Argentine Tango* Tango
     * Tango Lesson

Music Titles In Film:

Musicians / Singers:

Soundtracks Available:

Sheet Music Covers:

Bahia Blanca (Di Sarli)n/aAssassination Tango [CD OST]n/a
Building the Bullet (Bacalov)      
Compadreando (D'Agostino)      
El Cielo En Tus Ojos (Di Sarli)      
El Yacare (D'Agostino)      
En Un Beso La Vida (Sarli)      
First Kill - (Bacalov)    

Film Posters:

La Cachila (Sarli )    $ Assassination Tango
Landing in Argentina (Bacalov)      
Racing Club (Gobbi)      
Second Kill - (Bacalov)      
Seduction - (Bacalov)      
Tres Esquinas (D'Agostino)      
Una Emocion (Tanturi)      

Stage Versions of Film:

Stage Versions Date:

Cast Recordings:


Books / Magazines on this film:

Title: Author: Date: Publisher:

Other / Notes:


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