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(Vintage to Modern Swing Dance Scenes, Clips!)
Tap Dance in Films List!

Information on The Who, What, Where, When of Vintage Tap Dance and related Films or Scenes in Cinema, Musicals, Movies, Cartoons, Trailers etc. Watch the 'Full Movie' or Clip/Trailer if Available, or get the DVD to add to your Library for better quality. Note: Actors/Performers may be listed instead of dancers if no info on dancers. (Some Films/Clips can be found in the Category links below as well if not listed here.)

Cabin In The Sky DVD: (Lindy Hop) Hellzapoppin' DVD: (Lindy Hop, West Coast, Conga) A Day At The Races DVD: (Lindy Hop) Rock Around The Clock DVD: (Vintage West Coast Swing) Swing Kids DVD Jammin' the Blues DVD: (Lindy Hop, Collegiate Shag) Don't Knock The Rock DVD: (Jitterbug,, East Coast Swing) Living It Up! DVD: (Vintage West Coast Swing) The Big Apple DVD: (Big Apple)

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Film Title Studio Dance(s) Dancer 1 Dancer 2 Dancer 3 Information Viewing Length Date
A Star Is BornA Star Is Born DVD Warner Bros. Black Bottom | Jazz | Tap Judy Garland Nolie Miller Don McKay More-Info Watch Clip 176 Mins. 1954
Always A Bridesmaid Universal Vintage Swing Dance | Tap Dean Collins & Jewel McGowen Jivin' Jacks & Jills ---- More-Info Watch Clip 061 Mins. 1943
At The Jazz Band BallAt The Jazz Band Ball DVD Yazoo Video! Lindy Hop | Tap Shorty George James Barton Bojangles & more More-Info Watch 060 Mins. 1932
Babes In ArmsBabes In Arms DVD M.G.M. Lindy Hop | Tap Lawrence "Lolly" Wise Maxie Dorf Judy Garland | Mickey Rooney More-Info Trailer 094 Mins. 1939
Babes On BroadwayBabes On Broadway DVD MGM Lindy Hop | Tap Maxie Dorf Gumm Sisters Maxine Flores More-Info Trailer 118 Mins. 1941
Benny Goodman StoryBenny Goodman Story DVD Universal Tap | Lindy Hop Gil & Nikki Brady Pat Eggars & Darlene Lind Lou Southern | Lenny Smith More-Info Trailer 116 Mins. 1955
Best Things in Life are FreeBest Things in Life are Free DVD Paramount Black Bottom | Tap Barrie Chase | Dan Dailey | Juliet Prowse Jacques d'Amboise | Francesca Bellini | Steffi Sidney Sheree North | Larri Thomas .More-Info Watch Clip 106 Mins. 1956
Boarding House BluesBoarding House Blues DVD All American Tap Berry Bros Crip Heard Stump & Stumpy More-Info Watch Free 090 Mins. 1948
Broadway SerenadeBroadway Serenade DVD MGM Vintage Swing Dance | Tap Helen Seamon Jeanette MacDonald Roy Lester .More-Info Trailer 114 Mins. 1939
Burlesque in HarlemBurlesque in Harlem DVD Alpha Home Ent. Burlesque | Tap Gertrude "Baby" Banks | Slip & Slide Princess D'Orsey | Tarza Young | Hucklebuck Jones Taylorettes, the | Louella Owens More-Info Watch Free 056 Mins. 1949
Dance, Girl, DanceDance, Girl, Dance DVD RKO Ballet | Hula | Tap | Tap and Kick Line Lucille Ball Vivian Faye Maureen O'Hara More-Info Watch Clip 90 Mins. 1940
Dancing Feet -? Ballroom | Eccentric | Rent Party | Tap | Taxi Dance Nick Condos | Jane Slater | Edward J. Nugent Kathryn Dale | Jackie Morrow Ruth Fanchon & Sonny Lamont | Joan Marsh .More-Info Watch Clip 070 Mins. 1936
DixianaDixiana DVD -? Tap | (Musical 1840's) Bebe Daniels Bojangles ---- .More-Info Watch Free 100 Mins. 1930
EvergreenEvergreen DVD Gaumont Charleston | Tap Buddy Bradley Jessie Matthews Sonnie Hale .More-Info Watch Clip 094 Mins. 1934
Everybody SingEverybody Sing DVD MGM Lindy Hop? | Black Face | Tap Judy Garland Fanny Brice Billie Burke More-Info Watch 91 Mins. 1938
Follow The BoysFollow The Boys DVD Universal Flamenco | Swing | Tap Bob Ashley | Lenny Smith | Lou Southern | Robert Ashley | Nickolai Carmen Amaya | George Raft | Donald O'Connor | Peggy Ryan Vera Zorina | Jeanette MacDonald | Clair Freeman More-Info Watch 122 Mins. 1944
George White ScandalsGeorge White Scandals DVD RKO Rumba | Swing | Jazz | Tap Dean Collins | Leo Borden Showgirls | Gene Krupa | Allen Cooke | Vonn Hamilton Chili Williams | Shelby Bacon | Edwin Davis More-Info Watch Clip 095 Mins. 1945
Get Hep to LoveGet Hep to Love DVD Universal Jitterbug | Tap Donald O'Connor | Peggy Ryan | Jane Frazee Jivin' Jacks & Jills | Tommy Rall, Dorothy Babb, Joe Geil Jane & Jean McNab, Dolores Mitchell, Ronald Stanton More-Info Watch Clip 71 Mins. 1942
Give Out SistersGive Out Sisters DVD Universal Jitterbug | Tap Jivin' Jacks & Jills Peggy Ryan | Donald O'Connor Dan Dailey More-Info Watch 065 Mins. 1942
Harlem Mania Vitaphone Tap Dance Alphonse Kennedy Norman Thomas Quintette Stanley Brown | Freddie Crump Earl Shanks (Singer) Watch Free 008 Mins. 1929
Here Come The WavesHere Come The Waves DVD Paramount Blackface routine | Jitterbug | Tap Betty Huton Guy Zanette Joel Friend More-Info Trailer 99 Mins. 1944
High SchoolHigh School DVD Fox Jitterbug | Tap Jane Withers Joe E. Brown Jr. Step Brothers | Helene Stanley .More-Info Watch Free 74 Mins. 1940
I Dood ItI Dood It DVD MGM Jitterbug | Tap Buck & Bubbles Eleanor Powell Kids: Dick Humphries & Marilyn Kay More-Info Watch Clip 097 Mins. 1943
IreneIrene DVD RKO Lindy Hop | Tap Anna Neagle | Ray Miland Dandridge Sisters | Radio City Rockettes Mildred Boyd | Avanelle Harris | More-Info Watch Clip 100 Mins. 1940
It's A Great LifeIt's A Great Life DVD MGM Hoosier Hop | Tap Ann Dvorak Rosetta Duncan Vivian Duncan .More-Info Watch Clip 93 Mins. 1929
Jivin' in BebopJivin' in Bebop DVD Alexander Prod. Belly Dance | Expressionist | Lindy Hop | Tap Ralph Brown | Audrey A. Armstrong Ray Sneed Sahji | Hubba Hubba Girls More-Info Watch Free 058 Mins. 1946
Johnny DoughboyJohnny Doughboy DVD Republic Vintage Swing Dance | Tap | Clog Dean Collins Jewel McGowen Dickie Love .More-Info Watch Free 64 Mins. 1942
New Faces of 1937New Faces of 1937 DVD RKO *Peckin' Scene | Peckin' | Lindy Hop | Tap Three Chocolateers | Eddie Rio & Brothers | Loria Brothers Ann Miller | Carol Adams | Mildred Boyd Dorothea Durham | Melissa Mason | Buster West .More-Info Watch Clip 100 Mins. 1942
Private BuckarooPrivate Buckaroo DVD Universal Jitterbug | Tap Jivin' Jacks & Jills Donald O'Connor & Peggy Ryan ---- .More-Info Watch 068 Mins. 1942
Radio City Revels R.K.O. Lindy Hop | Tap Tiny Bunch | Dot Johnson |Frankie Manning Jewel McGowen | Ann Miller | Eddy Davis George Greenridge | Whitey's Lindy Hoppers | Melissa Mason More-Info Watch Clip 90 Mins. 1937
Reveille With Beverly Columbia Jitterbug | Tap Ann Miller Ella Mae Morse Betty Roche .More-Info Watch Free 078 Mins. 1943
Rock A Bye BabyRock A Bye Baby DVD Vista Vision Shim Sham Jerry Lewis Marilyn Maxwell Dickie Humphreys More-Info Watch Free 103 Mins. 1958
Rock 'n' Roll Review Studio Films Tap Honey Coles & Cholly Atkins Willie Bryant Rock Music More-Info Watch Free 37:12 Mins. 1955
Sepia CinderellaSepia Cinderella DVD Herald Pic. Mainly Music | Tap Tondaleyo Leonard and Zolo Apus and Estellita More-Info Watch Free 070 Mins. 1947
Sensations of 1945Sensations of 1945 DVD United Jitterbug | Tap Dean Collins & Jewel McGowen Johnny & Jenny Duncan Bertha Lee | Irene Thomas| Eleanor Powell More-Info Watch Clip 086 Mins. 1944
Springtime in the RockiesSpringtime in the Rockies DVD Fox Vintage Swing | Latin | Tap Dean Collins & Jewel McGowen Betty Grable Cesar Romero More-Info Watch Free 092 Mins. 1942
Stage Door CanteenStage Door Canteen DVD United Jitterbug |Tap Irene Thomas | Arthur Walsh | Jack Arkin Ray Bolger | George Raft Gypsy Rose Lee More-Info Watch 132 Mins. 1943
Start Cheering Columbia Arthur Murray Shag | Tap | Big Apple | Cutaway Arthur Murray Shag Dancers Lawrence 'Lolly' Wise Maxie Dorf & Mary McCasslin More Info Watch Free 077 Mins. 1938
Stormy WeatherStormy Weather DVD Fox Cakewalk | Lindy Hop | Sand Dance | Tap Nicholas Brothers | Neva Peoples Bojangles | Lena Horne | Vivian Dandridge Katherine Dunham and Troupe | Jeni Le Gon Zoot Suits Watch Clip 078 Mins. 1943
Straight to Heaven Million Dollar Prod. Jazz Tap | Lindy Hop Millie & Bubbles Nina Mae McKinney ---- Three Peppers Trio Watch Clip 055 Mins. 1939
Summer StockSummer Stock DVD M.G.M. Vintage Swing Dance | East Coast Swing | Tap Dick Humphreys Gene Kelly | Judy Garland Lennie Smith .More-Info Watch Clip 108 Mins. 1950
Swing!Swing! DVD Oscar Micheaux Harlem Jazz | Tap | Two-Step Consuelo Harris Cora Green Tyler Twins .More-Info Watch Free 069 Mins. 1938
Swing FeverSwing Fever DVD M.G.M. Tap | Vintage Swing Dance Lenny Smith & Jean Phelps-Veloz & Donald Gallagher | Johnny Duncan |Jay Eaton Ava Gardner | Lena Horne | Merrill Abbott Dancers More-Info Watch Free 079 Mins. 1943
Time Out For Rhythm Columbia Tap | Conga | Latin Ann Miller | Sal Haines | Eddie Searles Don Ackerman | George Ford | Alex Romero | Trudy Marson Three Stooges | Ward Arnold | Sheila Darcy .More-Info Watch Free 075 Mins. 1941
True to the Army Universal Jitterbug | Tap Conrad Wiedell & Ann Miller Jim & Russell Mercer | Dean Collins (Black Shorts) Jivin' Jacks & Jills .More-Info Watch Clip 77 Mins. 1942
Varsity ShowVarsity Show DVD Warner Brothers Ballroom | Sand Dance | Tap Buck & Bubbles Betty & Tommy Wonder Lee Dixon | Eleanor Bayley .More-Info Watch Clip 120 Mins. 1937
Where's My Man To-Night Sack Apache Dance | BlackFace | Boogie Backs | Contortionist | Harlem Jazz | Jitterbug | Latin | Tap Emmet Jackson ---- ---- aka: Marching On! | Bikini's Watch Free 083 Mins. 1943
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