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Beginning, Wednessays, Club PRIVATE LESSONS ♂♀
with Sonny Watson
Call Sonny: 818.606.9402
(Up to Two People)

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"FAQ's" ... (V.S.D.C. 'Frequently Asked Question's' or 'Q&A')

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Q): Will I be the only one who doesn't know how to do this West Coast Swing thing;
A): No. There are many who are there for their first or second time each and every week. When the class starts you'll be asked onto the dance floor. For the first part of the session men and ladies will be separated while we teach you the basic steps. After a short while you'll be partnerd up. Every few minutes we'll rotate you, so not only do you have people to dance with, you get to meet new people who you can dance with later on.

Q): But will the better dancers think that I'm really lame at dancing (cause I am); |top
A): No! but answer me this; two short months from now, when you have the idea and you see someone new show up for the first time, will you think that of them or will you think "Kewl, someone new to dance with at the end of the month" ... no one will think your lame (except yourself ... lol.)

Q): But, I'm so bad I don't even have a partner; |top
A): Unless your married, neither does anyone else. Singles, not couples make up the majority of dancers (yes, there are many married and not married couples who dance as well, but the singles are the majority.)

Q): Do I need to get a Tutu or Ballet shoes or something; |top
A): LOL ... No, regular night club attire is all you need, any leather soled shoes are preferred that don't flop when you walk with Tennis Shoes being the least favorite as they stick. If you would like to get shoes for dance click ( Dance Shoes). Gym/Work out clothes are heavily frowned upon as well. Most importantly; be sure to shower, wear deodorant, and brush your teeth before dancing (avoid Garlic/Onions) …you will be in close contact with others :).

Q): Do I have to pay another fee to stay for the dance after the lesson ? |top
A): No, there is only one charge for the night, wether you stay for one lesson or take both, Just come for the dance or do all three, One charge only. And there is no preregistration required, just show up!

Q): I heard I have to do stretches and splits and stuff ... I don't want to do that stuff; |top
A): LOL ... neither do we and we don't. The hardest thing you will have to do is count up to 8, walk and triple step (three quick little steps) pay attention and show up each week, by the end of the month your dancing.

Q): I'm a single lady (or gentleman) and do not like going to bars! |top
A): We understand and after being in bars for many years we have now secured the American Legion Hall for our weekly dances (plus it's large floor) to control the rift-raft that a bar can have. This is not a "meat-market" and while some do find love, we come to dance, share ideas and steps, exercise, learn new patterns, make new dance friends, make connections, to practice, learn, have fun and don't want to be bothered with all that other stuff or to be patted-down upon entry. Altho there is a full bar, no drunk, yucky men or women will be following you to your car lol. This is the closest we can get to a dance club without building our own private dance hall ... so on Wednesdays, it's not the American Legion, it's our/your own dance club.

Q): I heard 'real men don't dance' but my wife really want's to do this ... Argggh! |top
A): LOL, Yeah, this one is funny. Let them go pat each others Butt ... thrown' a Ball around... I'd rather hold the ladies, especially the one I love. Real men are not too scared to do anything, They know what makes their woman happy and strive to do it. Weak, lazy men made up this line to get out of trying for fear of looking silly, plus the film industry likes to use this tag line. Forget the rumors and myths about dance as 99% are not true ... your gonna have fun, improve your health and make many new friends ... You can stay home and argue about the remote ... or get to dancin' with her ... what are you waiting for?.

Q): If I come with a partner do we have to rotate? |top
No, You do not have to rotate.
However, we encourage people to rotate partners so that everyone has a chance to practice with different partners. Partner dancing is by lead and follow. Those who dance with only one partner compensate for each other way to much or what we call "learning your partner rather than the dance" and don't truly learn to lead and follow correctly. Not rotating can be very bad for your skill growth, confidence and lead and follow skills, plus it can take you much longer to learn. When a student rotates, he or she learns something new from each new partner, regardless of their dance level. It also gives you an opportunity to meet all the other dancers who can be very beneficial to your dance growth, skill and confidence. But, we recognize that different students have different needs and desires, and so rotating partners is not mandatory. If you do choose not to rotate, let the instructor (Sonny) know in advance so he may help with rotations around you.

Q): I've heard I may have to ask someone to dance. I've never had to ask anyone to dance, they need to ask me !!! |top
A) Beauty is in the eye of the beholder ! ... If your new and don't get asked to dance ... then get to askin'. Everyone who dances learns to ask others to dance sooner or later and the sooner the better. If your nervous about asking ... we all understand as we all are at times too and that's one way the classes can help by letting you meet people first. The fastest way to make it known that you want to dance is to start asking people, period. If you think your too attractive, hip or cool to ask others, then 'you' may have a problem with-in the dance community.

The great part about this is "Couples or Touch Dancing" is based on your dancing, not your looks which may exist in a Meat-Market or Pick-up joint that we were all used to prior to taking up dancing and the best part is you will dance with all types of folks over time, such as: ... Tall, Short, Cool, Fat, Thin, Handsome, Young folks, Ugly, Beautiful, Boring, Exciting, Sexy, Plain, Welders, various Races and Religions, Old folks, Funny, Gays, Writers, Straight, Atheist's, Waitresses, Doctors, Ditch-diggers, Students, Lawyers, Models, Waiters, Teachers, Auto-Mechanics, Actors and Actresses, Burger Flippers, Fire and Policemen/women, the Employed, Scientists, the Un-employed, Artists, Nurses, Engineers and even the handicapped (wheelchairs can be a problem however)... etc. Everyone of these people can become great friends over time. We just have fun with and enjoy meeting, mingling and dancing WCS with all God's peoples and personalities, all are welcome.

Q): What type of music will I hear? |top
A): Everything! You'll hear quality music by our DJ representing several genres including Pop tunes, Blues, Rhythm & Blues, Jazz, Soul, Disco, Techno and Latin. Occasionally some older music like Oldies but Goodies, a Big Band or two and occasionally a bit of Country. While our main emphasis is on West Coast Swing and the current music played at dance events, our music also may allow for Hustle, Cha-Cha, Rumba, Tango, Night Club 2 Step and Lindy/East Coast Swing. Music requests are considered as well.

Q): Are private lessons available? |top
A): Yes. Initial learning through private lessons can be accelerated, making group lessons easier to adjust to and speed up the process of getting on the floor sooner. Private lessons are always good to help accelerate your learning and fine-tune your skills. However they are separately booked and held at a local dance studio, not at the club's weekly dance. See Sonny for more Information.

Q): What if there's bad weather? |top
A): We have only had to cancel a dance once (since 1985) due to electrical outage caused by weather, however in the event of severe weather it will be posted on the upper right on the home page of this website as well as facebook. So if you don't see anything there, were good :).

Q): Can I bring my own food or drinks ... (I have certain issues.) |top
A): Sorry, No. ... and this can be a serious issue ... but the bartender will gladly get you anything you may need, even bottled water and at very reasonable prices I might add (you should tip the bartender as there is no waiters/waitresses.). There are Chips and Candy as well as Coffee, Soda's, Juices etc. plus the usual alcoholic spirts and wines as well.

By law (ABC) You can not "ENTER OR EXIT with" any type of drink or drink container ... (not even water) into a Hall/ Bar/Club that has an active serving bar (this is not a dance studio.) Food is not allowed in by the halls' own rules, but you may eat it outside. If you are caught bringing in any type of "drink container" regardless of the type "They" will ask you to throw it away, Remove it, or worse yet ... may ask you to leave depending on your reaction or continuous abuse, as they do have the final say and we don't want that.

We do understand that you may have special needs, However, If you have certain medical or financial issues that will encourage this type of action, you will have to leave your food or drink in your vehicle to be able to have access to it, or sadly, no longer attend our function if that is not possible. It's easy enough to enter and exit the hall to your vehicle. Please remember ... don't drink alcohol and drive, Open Alcohol containers or drinking alcohol in the Hall's parking lot is also in violation of the law.

Q): "Do I need to be a member of the American Legion or V.S.D.C. Swing Club?" |top
A): No, Never. You will never be solicited about it either. But it does have its benefits. Ask the door lady for more information.

      Note: Our members suggested we have special nights that feature "Potlucks" where you can create a favorite dish to share. This has become very popular within our dance community, as many dancers have some wonderful recipes/dishes they are proud to share, as well as their cooking skills with the others who may be cooking challenged (like many single men and women, altho some cook extremely well :). These tend to open the communication lines with other dancers you may not know yet, but whatever the reason, we love these nights. However, you do not need to bring anything to enjoy a potluck night.

Are you dance etiquette challenged ... [You may want to read this].

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