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1994 U.S. Open Swing Dance Championships Results

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  • The 1994 United States 'Open' Swing Dance Championships  (US Open)
    Was created by Jack Bridges. have been held every Thanksgiving weekend in California since 1983. 1982 was actually the first year for the USOpen and was held in Las Vegas, Nevada but most consider 1983 the official start date. 1991 Location: Disneyland Hotel, Anaheim, Ca. (Thanksgiviing Weekend)
Original US OPEN LOGO - Click here to go to USOPEN Site
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Juniors - Young America Division (7-12 years)

  1. James Adair & Jessica Cox (CA)
  2. Benji Schwimmer & Heidi Groskreutz (CA)
  3. Spencer Smith & Blake Selby
  4. Phillip & Alicia Yochum
  5. Blake Hodges & Randi-Lynn Straight (CA)
  6. Matthew Sloan & Holly Hodges

Young Adult Division (13-17 years)

  1. Matt Auclair & Megan McKechan (St. Louis MO/IL) 'Stuff Like That There' routine
  2. Tim Auclair & Kate Berardino (St. Louis MO) 'Baby I'm a Star' routine
  3. Jason Colacino & Sarah Vann (San Francisco & Fresno CA) 'Need A Hero' routine
  4. Stephen Johnson & Rachel White (MO) 'Tossin' and Turnin'
  5. Michael Kile & Kelly Morris (MO) 'Jump Shout' routine
  6. Scott Sparks & Amanda Sparks (MO) 'Don't Roll Those Bloodshot at Me' routine

Masters (14-17 years)

  1. Don & Rosalie Dressler  (AZ)
  2. Jerry Basofin & Kathleen Sauser
  3. Bob & Beverly Budzynski
  4. Jim & Connie Malatchi
  5. Lee Alo & Carol Werkmeister
  6. Ron Andrews & Terri Ellis (CA)
  7. Robert Kincaid & Diane Durossette (CA)
  8. John Hudson & Gloria Cotchonis (CA)
  9. Danny Gallichio & Joanie Plotke
  10. Paul Westmoreland & Elaine Alexander (CA)

Swing dance Teams Division

  1. Barry & Dawn's 'Dance West' (D.C.)
  2. Sonny Watson's 'SwingShift' (CA) 'Lion Sleeps Tonight'
  3. Martin Parker's 'Strictly Swing' (CA)'
  4. Lynn Vogen Dancers' (CA)'
  5. Dance Manhattan' (NY)
  6. Enio Cordoba's 'Let's Dance L.A.' (CA)
  7. Buddy Schwimmer's 'Jump Start' (CA)n/a

Strictly Swing Division (aka Streetswing, Just Dance)

  1. Christopher Joe & Beata Howe (CA)
  2. Ricardo Cortez & Lisa Cortez (CA)
  3. Mark Endo & Kimberly Nelson (CA)
  4. Michael Coburn & Terri Horiuchi (CA)
  5. Paul Bergio & Nancy Stanley (CA)
  6. Ed Arviso & Carol Arviso (CA)
  7. Steve Salazar & Marie Salazar (CA)
  8. David Preston & Marilyn Preston (AZ)

Classic Division (no lifts, drops etc. or seperated dancing)

  1. Robert Cordoba & Melanie Roberts (CA) Nuthin but Luv/Are You Ready routine
  2. Eddie Vedolla & Blair Johnson (CA) 'Proud Mary' routine
  3. Charlie Womble & Jackie McGee (CA) 'Red Beans & Rice' routine
  4. Manny Viarrial & Jeanne Tucker (AZ) 'Lady Luck' routine
  5. Mark Scheuffele & Laura Smith (CA) "Good Rockin' Daddy routine
  6. Robert Royston & Laureen Baldovi (CA)
  7. Michael Cross & Amber Cross (CO) 'No More Doggin' routine
  8. Ken Roesel & Jennifer Cheadle (MD) 'I Want to Thank You Baby' routine

Showcase Division (this is the most difficult Category to master)

  1. Barry Jones & Kellese Douglas (TX) Baby I'm Burnin' routine
  2. Barry Durand & Dawn Blorstad (MD) 'She's a Flame Thrower' routine
  3. n/a
  4. Avner Uzan & Debbie Ramsey (CA) 'Stuff Like That There' routine
  5. Marcus Koch & Barbara Kaufer (CA) 'Rip It Up' routine
  6. Jim Desmond & Mary Murphy (CA) 'Jailhouse Rock' routine
  7. John Festa & Maria Torres (NY) 'Nuthin' But Love' routine
  8. Sonny Watson & Kris Hagerty (CA) 'Sharks in the Water' routine
  9. n/a
  10. n/a

Cabaret Division I (Solo & Couples, Anything But Swing)

  1. David & Sharon Savoy
  2. David Appel & Tracy Appel
  3. Kenny Gonzalez & Maria Torres
  4. Enio Cordoba & Terryl Jones
  5. Rhett Powers & M. Cochren
  6. Mark Slater & Abra Slater
  7. Andre Gosselin & Jennifer Salinardo
  8. Jesse Foster & Lisa Proctor

Cabaret Division II (Groups, Anything But Swing)

  1. Double Trouble
  2. Dance Attack
  3. Sudden Impact
  4. Mike & Amber Cross
  5. Fred & Ginger

Division Judges

Head Judge Fred Tretta
California Mechelle Bogard
N/A Jane Egan
Missouri Sherry Lawson
California Martin Parker
Florida Hans Windmueller

Specialty Judges

Alternate Jack Carey
Alternate Judy Ford-LaFamenia
Scrutineers Craig Hutchinson
Scrutineers Carlito Rofoli


Master of Ceremonies Kenny Wetzel
Contestants Rep. Annie Hirsch
Information Mgr. Jeff Kletsky (computer)
Contestants Analyst Ima Code-ofstreetswing
DeeJays Kenny Wetzel

Other Awards

Nasde Winner Male n/a
Nasde Winner Female n/a
Favorite Social Dancer n/a
Humanitarian Award n/a
Most Improved Dancer n/a
Location: Disneyland Hotel, Anaheim, Ca. (Thanksgiviing Weekend)