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1992 U.S. Open Swing Dance Championships Results

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  • The 1992 United States 'Open' Swing Dance Championships  (US Open)
    Was created by Jack Bridges. have been held every Thanksgiving weekend in California since 1983. 1982 was actually the first year for the USOpen and was held in Las Vegas, Nevada but most consider 1983 the official start date. 1992 Location: Disneyland Hotel, Anaheim, Ca. (Thanksgiviing Weekend)
Original US OPEN LOGO - Click here to go to USOPEN Site
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Young Adult Division (6-12 YEARS)

  1. James Adair & Jessica Cox (CA)
  2. Matt Auclair & Michelle Kile (MO)
  3. Benji Schwimmer & Heidi Groskreutz (CA)N/AN/AN/A

Young Adult Division (13-18 YEARS)

  1. Michael Johnson & Jamie Thomas (NM/CA)
  2. Matt Diebold & Kate Berardino (MO)
  3. Jeff Auclair & Nikki Stebe (MO)
  4. Tim Auclair Kim Seil (MO)
  5. Dean Topkins & Jennifer Groskreutz (CA)

Masters (50+ years)

  1. Don Dressler & Rosalie Dressler (AZ)
  2. Lloyd Lickert & Wanda Vail (CA)
  3. Frank Amatuzio & Corrine Amatuzio (CA)
  4. Olindo Lee Alo & Carol Werkmeister (IL)
  5. Ed Arvizo & Mary Ruth (CA)N/A

Swing dance Teams Division

  1. Starstruck (Dallas, TX) 56.00
  2. Dance West (Washington, DC)
  3. Special EFX (Dallas, TX)
  4. Midnight Cowboys (Bellflower, CA) 53.40
  5. Swinging on a Star (Loomis, CA) 53.20
  6. Sonny Watsons 'Swingshift' (Los Angeles, CA) 53.00
  7. Rio Grande Rockers (Albuquerque, NM) 53.00
  8. Cats and Jammers (Santa Barbara, CA) 53.00
  9. Swing Kids Formation Team (Costa Mesa, CA)
  10. Class Act (Fort Worth, TX)
  11. Swingout Dance Team (San Francisco, CA)
  12. Danscene Dance Team (Costa Mesa, CA)

Classic Division (no lifts, drops etc. or seperated dancing)

  1. Robert Cordoba & Keldee Bjerkness (CA)
  2. Charlie Womble & Jackie McGee (GA)
  3. Michael Cross & Amber Cross (CO)
  4. Atlas Griffith & Melanie Roberts (CA)
  5. Wayne Bott & Sharlot Jansen-Bott (CA)
  6. Phil Trau & Michelle Meyers-Kinkaid (CA)
  7. Ricardo Salazr & Katrina Wong (CA)Manny Viarrial & Deanna Lee (CO)
  8. --

Showcase Division (this is the most difficult Category to master)

  1. Lance Shermoen & Michelle French
  2. Barry Jones & Judy Ford (la Femina) (TX)
  3. Ryan Francois & Sing Lim (UK)
  4. Barry Durand & Dawn Blorstad (MD)
  5. Maxwell Ho & Lori Gaynor (CA/TX)
  6. Jamey & Gale Areais
  7. Dale Roggly & Star Morris (MO)
  8. Mark Slater & Abra Slater (CA)

Invitational Tribute to the Stars' J&J

  1. Phil Trau & Dawn Blorstad-Harris
  2. Dale Rouggly & Dawn Blorstad-Harris
  • Mary Ann Nunez, Sharlot Jansen, Michelle Meyers-Kinkaid, Francis Bostwick, Kelly Buckwalter, Valerie La Femina, Judy Ford, Patricia Michaels, Sherry Lawson, Christene Diehl, Diane Robert
  • Mario Robau, Lance Shermoen, Barry Jones, Barry Durand, Dominic Yin, Randy Albers, Joe Marchione, James Fisk

Cabaret Division (Anything But Swing)

  1. David Savoy & Sharon Savoy (VA)
  2. Miriam & Sandor (Argentina)
  3. Felix Chavez & Karen Lee-Bridge (CA
  4. )Mark Slater & Abra Slater (CA)N/AN/A
  5. n/a

Division Judges

Head Judge Fred Tretta
St. Louis MO. Erman Alderman
Tulsa, OK. Jerry Crim
Dallas, TX. Gray Eargle
Los Angeles, CA. Olga Kallas
Las Vegas, NV. Jack McCann
Corona del Mar, CA. Jack Carey (Alternate)

Specialty Judges



Master of Ceremonies Kenny Wetzel
Contestants Rep. Annie Hirsch
Information Mgr. Mary Ann (Rogers)-Bridges
Contestants Analyst ima codepage-ofstreetswing
DeeJays Pure Energy (Phil Trau Jr.), Kenny Wetzel
Band Sean Duffy's 'Midnight Magic'

Other Awards

Nasde Winner Male N/A
Nasde Winner Female N/A
Favorite Social Dancer N/A
Humanitarian Award N/A
Most Improved Dancer N/A
Location: Disneyland Hotel, Anaheim, Ca. (Thanksgiviing Weekend)