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Thanksgiving week for us means U.S.Open Swing Dance Championships ... We will be holding our Pre-Party US. OPEN at the Burbank Marriott, Weds, 11/20/2013
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American Swing Dance Championships(A.S.D.C.) Manhattan, NY
Atlanta Swing Dance Championships(Under Construction) Atlanta, GA
Boogie By The BaySwing Dance Convention San Francisco, CA
Boston Tea Party - 3 Day Swing Dance Weekend Boston, MA.
Dallas "D.A.N.C.E." Dallas, TX.
Dallas "Classic" Dallas, Tx.
Dance Marathon Contests Various
Harvet Moon Ball Championships N.Y. & L.A.
Phoenix 4th Of July Swing Dance Convention Scottsdale, AZ.
Sacramento Swing Dance Convention Sacramento, CA.
U.S.OPEN Swing Dance Championships Anaheim, CA.
Virginia State Open Swing Championships Virginia
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