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Featured: New Faces of 1937 Vintage Black and White Dance Poster (1937): Introduced the 'Peckin' Dance - Full length scene!

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Pre 1970's Dance in Film and Movies Alpha List ... Page 2

Film/Movie Title ▼▲DateDance Type Dancers | CastDVDVHSpstrOST
In the Good Old Summertime 1949 - Judy Garland | Liza Minnelli DVD VHS pstr OST
It's Always Fair Weather 1955 Jazz | Tap | Roller Skates Cyd Charisse | Daily | Kelly | Michael Kidd DVD VHS pstr ost
Invitation to the Dance 1956 Jazz | Ballet | Animated | Pantomime Tamara Toumanova | Carol Haney | Gene Kelly DVD VHS pstr ost
Just Around the Corner 1938 Tap Bojangles | Shirley Temple DVD VHS pstr ost
King And I 1956 Ballroom Brynner | Kerr DVD VHS pstr ost
King of Jazz, The 1930 Various Paul Whiteman dvd VHS Pstr ost
Kismet 1955 somewhat Oriental dances Blythe | Grey | Keel DVD VHS pstr OST
Kiss Me Kate 1953 Jazz | Tap K. Grayson | Keel | Ann Miller | Tom Rall | Bob Fosse | Bobby Van DVD VHS pstr OST
La Cucaracha 1934- - - DVD vhs pstr ost
Les Girls 1957 Jazz | Wild Ones Motorcycle scene Gene Kelly | Mitzi Gaynor | DVD VHS pstr ost
Let's Dance 1950 Ballroom | Tap | Piano Dance Scene Fred Astaire | Betty Hutton DVD VHS pstr ost
Let's Go Collegiate 1941 - Gale Storm | Mantan Morleland DVD vhs pstr ost
Little Colonel, the 1935 Tap Bojangles | Shirley Temple DVD VHS pstr ost
Little Miss Broadway 1938 Tap Shirley Temple DVD VHS pstr ost
Littlest Rebel, the 1935 Tap Bojangles | Holt | Shirley Temple DVD VHS Pstr ost
Living in a Big Way 1947 Jazz | Kids dance scene Jimmy Dodd | Gene Kelly | Marie McDonald | Paul Godkin DVD VHS pstr ost
Mambo 1954 Mambo | Ballroom Shelly Winters | Julie Robinson | Katherine Dunham | Silvana Mangano DVD VHS Pstr ost
Manhattan Merry-Go-Round 1937 Swing | Ballet Cab Calloway | Tamara Geva DVD vhs pstr ost
Mary Poppins 1964 Jazz Dick Van Dyke | Julie Andrews DVD VHS Pstr OST
Mississippi Rhythm 1949 Country | Square Dance | Western Mainly Singing! dvd VHS pstr ost
Moon Over Harlem 1939 Has Dancing Bud Harris DVD VHS Pstr ost
Moulin Rouge 1952 - Jose Ferrier | Zsa Zsa Gabor DVD vhs pstr ost
Music Man, The 1962 - - DVD VHS pstr OST
My Fair Lady 1964 - A. Hepburn | Rex Harrison DVD VHS Pstr OST
New Faces 1937 Tap | Peckin' Ann Miller | Three Choclateers | Dorothy Durham | Melissa Mason | Buster West DVD vhs pstr ost
Oklahoma! 1955 deMille | Ballet | Jazz Gordon Mcgrae | Shirley Jones DVD VHS pstr OST
Old Man Rhythm 1935 - Betty Grable | Charles 'Buddy' Kent DVD vhs pstr ost
On the Town 1949 Jazz Ann Miller | Vera Ellen | Gene Kelly DVD VHS Pstr OST
Paint Your Wagon 1969 Jazz Clint Eastwood DVD VHS pstr OST
Paradise in Harlem 1939 Jubilee Pictures Frank Wilson | Edna Mae Harris | Mamie Smith | Lucky Millinder DVD VHS Pstr ost
Pete Kelly's Blues -? 1955 Blues --- Jack Webb | Ella Fitzgerald | Peggy Lee | Jayne Mansfield | Snub Pollard DVD VHS pstr OST
Pie Pie Blackbird 1932 Tap Nicholas Brothers dvd vhs pstr ost
Pirate, the 1948 Jazz | Ballroom | Tap Judy Garland | Gene Kelly | Nicholas Brothers DVD VHS pstr ost
Poor Little Rich Girl 1936 Tap Shirley Temple dvd VHS pstr ost
Red Shoes 1948 Ballet | Jazz Leonide Massine | Moira Shearer | Ludmilla Tcherina DVD VHS pstr ost
Roberta 1935 Tap Fred Astaire | Dunne | Ginger Rogers DVD VHS pstr ost
Roman Scandals 1933 - Eddie Cantor | Goldwyn Girls (Lucille Ball, Paulette Goodard) | Grace Poggi | Aileen Riggin DVD VHS pstr ost
Rosalie 1937 Jazz | Tap Eleanor Powell | Ray Bolger | George Boyce | Harry Masters | Dave White DVD VHS pstr ost
Roxie Hart 1942 Jazz | Tap | Black Bottom Ginger Rogers DVD VHS pstr ost
Royal Wedding 1951 Ballroom | Tap Fred Astaire | Jane Powell | Bea Allen | Ricki Ricardi DVD VHS pstr OST
Salome 1923 Salome Dance(s) Alla Nazimova DVD vhs pstr ost
Salome 1953 Salome Dance | 7 Veils | Belly Dance Rita Hayworth DVD VHS Pstr ost
Second Chorus 1940 Ballroom | Tap Fred Astaire | Paulette Goddard | Hermes Pan | June Preston | Mary Stewart DVD VHS pstr ost
See You in My Dreams, I'll 1951 Some Dance Doris Day | Danny Thomas | DVD VHS pstr OST
Sensations of 1945 1944 Tap | Acrobatic | Pinball Machine dance Eleanor Powell | Calloway | Johnson Bros. | Sophie Tucker dvd vhs pstr ost
Seven Brides for Seven Brothers 1954 Ballet | Jazz | Folk D'Ambrose | Jane Powell | Keel DVD VHS pstr OST
SEX 1920 Spider Dance, plus others Louise Glaum DVD vhs pstr ost
Shall We Dance 1937 Ballroom | Tap Fred Astaire | Ginger Rogers DVD VHS Pstr OST
Sheik, the 1921 - Rudolph Valentino DVD vhs pstr ost
Ship Ahoy 1942 Jazz | Tap | Swing Eleanor Powell | F. Sinatra | Stafford | Red Skelton | Stump and Stumpy | Hal Rand DVD VHS pstr ost
Show Boat 1936 Jazz Irene Dunne | the Champions DVD VHS pstr OST
Silk Stockings 1957 Ballroom | Tap Fred Astaire | Cyd Charisse | Tybee Brascia | Bruce Hoy DVD VHS pstr OST
Singing in The Rain 1952 Jazz Gene Kelly | Donald O'Connor | Debbie Reynolds DVD VHS Pstr OST
Sky's the Limit, The 1943 Tap | Bar Counter Top Dance Fred Astaire | Joan Leslie dvd VHS pstr ost
Small Town Girl 1953 Jazz | Tap Ann Miller dvd VHS pstr ost
Song of the Islands 1942 Hawaiian (Hula) Betty Grable dvd VHS pstr ost
South Pacific! 1958 - Gaynor | Kerr DVD VHS pstr OST
Sound of Music, The 1965 - Julie Andrews DVD VHS pstr OST
Square Dance Katy 1950 Country | Square Dance | Western - dvd VHS Pstr ost
Square Dance Jubilee 1949 Country | Square Dance | Western Johnny Downs | Elder Lovelies | Spade Cooley DVD VHS Pstr ost
Stars and Stripes Forever 1952 - Clifton Webb | George Chakiris | Rene de Haven | Ward Ellis | Bill Foster | Lusita Triana DVD VHS pstr ost
State Fair 1945 - Jeanne Crain DVD VHS pstr OST
Stormy Weather   Jazz | Tap Lena Horne | Bojangles | Nicholas Bros. | Katherine Dunham | Talley Beatty | Vivian Dandridge | Jeni Le Gon | DVD vhs pstr ost
Story of Vernon and Irene Castle 1938 Ballroom | Foxtrot | Tango Fred Astaire | Ginger Rogers DVD VHS pstr ost
Stowaway 1936 - Shirley Temple DVD VHS pstr ost
Sweet Charity 1966 Jazz Ben Vereen | Doby | Quick | Paula Kelly | Chita Rivera | Shirley MacLaine DVD VHS pstr OST
Swing in the Saddle 1944 - - dvd VHS Pstr ost
Swing Time 1936 Ballroom | Tap Fred Astaire | Ginger Rogers DVD VHS Pstr ost
Swing Your Partners 1943 Country | Square | Western - dvd VHS pstr ost
Symphony in Black 1933 Snake Hips Snake Hips Tucker | Bessie Dudley dvd vhs pstr ost
Take Me Out To The Ball Game 1949 Jazz Gene Kelly | Frank Sinatra DVD VHS pstr ost
Tango Bar 1935 Tango Carlos Gardel | Rosita Moreno DVD vhs pstr ost
Jolson Story, the 1946 Jazz Larry Parks DVD VHS pstr OST
The Loves of Carmen 1948 Rita's Gypsy dances Rita Hayworth DVD VHS pstr ost
The Story of Jazz - - Louis Armstrong | others dvd VHS pstr ost
This is the Army 1943 Jazz | Swing George Murphy | Ronald Regan DVD VHS pstr OST
Three Little Words 1950 Jazz Red Skelton | Fred Astaire | Vera Ellen | Debbie Reynolds | DVD VHS pstr OST
Thousands Cheer 1944 Gene's Mop Dance Scene Judy Garland | Katherine Grayson | Gene Kelly | Lena Horne | Eleanor Powell DVD VHS pstr OST
Tonight and Every Night 1945 - Rita Hayworth | Janet Blair DVD VHS pstr ost
Top Hat! 1935 Ballroom | Tap Fred Astaire | Ginger Rogers DVD VHS Pstr OST
Unsinkable Molly Brown 1964 - Debbie Reynolds | Gwen Verdon DVD VHS pstr OST
Up in Arms 1944 Jazz Doris Day | Danny Kaye | Virginia Mayo DVD VHS pstr ost
West Point Story 1950 Jazz | Tap Doris Day | James Cagney | Virginia Mayo DVD VHS pstr ost
West Side Story 1961 Jazz Natalie Wood DVD VHS Pstr OST
Wonder Man 1945 Chorus Girls | Acrobatic Danny Kaye | Vera Ellen | Virginia Mayo | Barbara Le Rene | Albert Ruiz | Willard Van Simmons DVD VHS pstr ost
Words and Music 1948 - June Allyson | Vera Ellen | Judy Garland | Gene Kelly | Lena Horne | Mickey Rooney DVD VHS pstr ost
Yankee Doodle Dandy 1942 Jazz James Cagney DVD VHS pstr OST
Yes Sir, Mr. Bones 1951 Minstrelsy | Buck and Wing | Tap | Blackface | Soft Shoe | Sand Dance Scatman Caruthers | Bones DVD vhs pstr ost
Yolanda and the Thief 1945 Tap | Tumblers Fred Astaire | Lucille Bremer | Matt Mattox DVD VHS pstr OST
You'll Never Get Rich 1941 Ballroom | Boogie Barcarolle | Cakewalk | Rumba | Tap Fred Astaire | Rita Hayworth DVD VHS pstr ost
You Were Never Lovelier 1942 Ballroom | Tap (Shorty George #) Fred Astaire | Rita Hayworth DVD VHS pstr ost
Young Girls of Rochefort 1968 Ballet | Jazz George Chakiris | Gene Kelly | DVD VHS pstr ost
Ziegfeld Follies 1946 - Fred Astaire | Judy Garland | Gene Kelly | Skelton DVD VHS Pstr OST
Ziegfeld Girl 1941 Calypso Turner | Hedy Lamarr |Judy Garland | Stewart DVD VHS pstr OST
Zorba the Greek 1964 Greek | Folk Anthony Quinn (really good movie!) DVD VHS pstr ost

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Mary Poppins DVDThe King and I DVD (Yul Bryner) Kiss Me Kate DVD The Collegiate DVD The Loves of Carmen DVD (Rita Hayworth) Paint Your Wagon DVD Roberta DVD (Astaire/Rogers) Salome DVD (Rita Hayworth 1953) Salome DVD (Silent featuring Alla Nazimova) Seven Brides for Seven Brothers DVD Top Hat with Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers DVD SEX (1920 Silent) with Louise Gluam Singing in The Rain DVD The Sound Of Music DVD The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle dvd. Swing Time (Astaire and Rogers) DVD. West Side Story (Natalie Wood) Yankee Doodle Dandy DVD (James Cagney) Ziegfeld Follies DVD Zorba the Greek DVD (Really, really great movie and dance)

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