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Featured: New Faces of 1937 Vintage Black and White Dance Poster (1937): Introduced the 'Peckin' Dance - Full length scene!

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Pre 1970's Dance in Film and Movies Alpha List ... Page 1

Film/Movie Title ▼▲DateDance Type Dancers | CastDVDVHSpstrOST
42nd Street 1933 Jazz | Chorus Bebe Daniels | Warner Baxter | Ruby Keeler | Ginger Rogers DVD vhs pstr ost
Affair in Trinidad 1952 Two Scenes Rita Hayworth DVD VHS pstr ost
Alexanders Ragtime Band 1938 - Ameche | Faye DVD VHS pstr ost
All American Co-Ed. 1941 - Francis Langford DVD VHS pstr ost
Anchors Aweigh 1945 Jazz | Mexican Hat Dance Jerry the mouse! | Gene Kelly | F. Sinatra DVD VHS Pstr OST
An American in Paris 1951 Jazz | Ballet | Tap

Gene Kelly | Leslie Caron | AIP Ballet | Dick Humphreys | Robert Aimes | Ernie Flatt | Patricia Hall

April in Paris 1952 Ballroom Doris Day | Ray Bolger DVD VHS pstr ost
Argentine Nights 1940 - Andrew Sisters Debut, the | Lolita Gonzales dvd vhs pstr ost
Band Wagon, The 1953 Ballet | Jazz | Tap Fred Astaire | Buchanan | Cyd Charisse | Fabray DVD VHS pstr OST
Barkley's of Broadway 1949 Ballroom | Tap Fred Astaire | Ginger Rogers DVD VHS Pstr ost
Belle of New York 1952 Ballroom | Tap Fred Astaire | Vera Ellen DVD VHS pstr OST
Big Broadcast of 1938 1938 Jazz | Ballroom Bob Hope | W.C. Fields DVD VHS pstr ost
Birth of The Blues 1941 - Bing Crosby DVD VHS pstr OST
Black and Tan 1929 Jazz | Flash | Tap Five Hot Shots | Fredi Washington | Cotton Club Chorus Girls dvd VHS pstr ost
Born To Dance 1936 Jazz | Tap Buddy Ebsen | Eleanor Powell | Stewart dvd VHS pstr ost
Brigadoon 1954 Scottish dancing | Wedding Dance | Jazz Cyd Charisse | Gene Kelly | Van Johnson DVD VHS pstr OST
Broadway Melody of 1936 1936 Ballroom | Jazz | Tap Eleanor Powell DVD VHS pstr OST
Broadway Melody of 1938 1937 Ballroom | Jazz | Tap Buddy Ebsen | Judy Garland | Eleanor Powell | Taylor DVD VHS pstr OST
Broadway Melody of 1940 1940 Tap Fred Astaire | Eleanor Powell | George Murphy DVD VHS Pstr ost
Bundle of Blues 1933 Eccentric Bessie Dudley and Florence Hill dvd vhs pstr ost
Bye, Bye Birdie! 1963 Jazz | Swing | Twist Janet Leigh DVD VHS pstr OST
Cabaret! 1972 Jazz Liza Minnelli DVD vhs pstr ost
Call Me Madam 1953 - Vera Ellen | Donald O'Connor DVD vhs pstr ost
Can-Can 1960 Apache dance | Can-Can Shirley MacLaine | Juliet Prowse | Sinatra DVD VHS Pstr ost
Carefree 1938 Ballroom | Tap | the Yam Fred Astaire | Ginger Rogers DVD VHS pstr ost
Carolina Blues 1944 Tap Ann Miller | 4 Step Bros | Harold Nicholas DVD vhs pstr ost
Collegiate, the 1936 - - dvd vhs pstr ost
Country Music Hoedown 1955 TV: Lawrence Welk Show - dvd VHS pstr ost
Country Music on Broadway 1964 Country | Square dance | Western - dvd VHS Pstr ost
Cover Girl 1944 Ballroom | Jazz Rita Hayworth |Gene Kelly DVD VHS pstr ost
Cowboy Blues 1946 Country | Square | Western - dvd VHS Pstr ost
Cowboy Canteen 1944 Western, Mainly singing - dvd VHS pstr ost
Curly Top 1935 Tap Shirley Temple DVD VHS pstr ost
Daddy Long Legs 1955 Tap | Collegiate | Sluefoot Fred Astaire | Leslie Caron DVD VHS pstr ost
Dames 1935 Jazz | Tap Dick Powell DVD VHS pstr ost
Damn Yankees 1958 Jazz | Tap Gene Kelly | Debbie Reynolds | Gwen Verdon DVD VHS pstr OST
Damsel in Distress, A 1937 - Fred Astaire | Joan Fontaine DVD VHS pstr ost
Dancing Lady 1933 Tap | Ethnic | Ballroom Fred Astaire | Joan Crawford DVD VHS Pstr ost
Dancing Mothers 1926 - Clara Bow DVD VHS pstr ost
Dancing Pirate, the 1936 - Charles Collins DVD vhs pstr ost
Don't Knock the Twist 1961 Twist Chubby Checker DVD vhs Pstr ost
Down Argentine Way 1940 Latin | Swing Dean Collins | Betty Grable | Jewel McGowen | Carmen Miranda | Ceaser Romero DVD VHS Pstr ost
Dimples 1936 - Shirley Temple DVD VHS pstr ost
Dixiana 1930 Tap | (Musical set in 1840's) Bojangles | Bebe Daniels DVD vhs Pstr ost
Down To Earth (Xanadu) 1947 Jazz Rita Hayworth dvd VHS pstr ost
Du Barry Was a Lady 1943 - Lucille Ball | Gene Kelly | Red Skelton DVD VHS pstr OST
Easter Parade 1948 Ballroom | Tap (Stepping Out with my Baby song) Fred Astaire | Judy Garland | Ann Miller DVD VHS pstr OST
Eternal Waltz, the 1954 Strauss - dvd vhs pstr ost
Fiddler On The Roof, the 1971 - - DVD vhs pstr ost
Finian's Rainbow 1968 - Fred Astaire | Clark | Steele DVD VHS pstr OST
Five Pennies 1959 Jazz Louis Armstrong | Danny Kaye DVD VHS pstr OST
Flying Down to Rio 1933 Ballroom | Tap | the Carioca Fred Astaire | Del Rio | Ginger Rogers DVD VHS Pstr OST
Follow the Fleet 1936 Ballroom | Tap Fred Astaire DVD VHS pstr ost
Footlight Serenade 1942 Jazz | Ballroom Betty Grable | Hermes Pan DVD VHS pstr ost
For Me And My Gal 1942 Jazz | Ballin' The Jack Judy Garland | Gene Kelly DVD VHS pstr OST
Funny Face 1957 Ballroom | Tap Fred Astaire | Hepburn DVD VHS Pstr ost
Funny Girl (Fanny Brice) 1968 - Streisand | Sharif DVD VHS Pstr OST
Gay Divorcée 1934 Ballroom | Tap | the Continental Fred Astaire | Lucille Ball | Betty Grable | Ginger Rogers DVD VHS pstr ost
Glorifying the American Girl 1929 -Jazz | Bubble Dance | Chorus Billy Burke | 75 Chorus dancers | Mary Eaton | Texas Guinan | Desha Delteil | Florence Ziegfeld Jr. DVD vhs pstr ost
Gold Diggers of 1933 1933 Shadow Waltz | Tap Ginger Rogers | Dick Powell | Ruby Keeler | Joan Blondell DVD VHS pstr OST
Gold Diggers of 1935 1935 - Dick Powell DVD VHS Pstr ost
Goldwyn Follies, the 1938 - Edgar Bergen DVD VHS pstr ost
Great Waltz, the 1938 Waltz Luise Rainer DVD VHS pstr ost
Great Waltz, The 1955 Waltz Mia Slavenska DVD VHS pstr ost
Guys and Dolls 1955 Jazz Frank Sinatra | Larry Duran | Matt Mattox DVD vhs pstr ost
Gypsy! 1962 Tap | Burlesque Natalie Wood | Rosalind Russell DVD vhs pstr ost
Jazz on a Summers Day 1958 - Louis Armstrong DVD VHS pstr ost
Hallelujah     Nina Mae McKinney DVD vhs pstr ost
Han's Christian Anderson 1952 - Danny Kaye dvd VHS pstr ost
Happy Go Lovely 1951 - Vera Ellen | Cesar Romero DVD VHS pstr ost
Harlem 1930 Cotton Club Pathe News Reel dvd vhs pstr ost
Harlem Is Heaven 1932 Tap Bojangles dvd vhs pstr ost
Harvey Girls, the 1946 - Judy Garland DVD VHS pstr OST
Hello Dolly! 1969 General dance scenes Streisand DVD VHS pstr OST
Hellzapoppin' 1941 Swing | Lindy Hop Dean Collins (w/ Martha Raye) and Whitey's Lindy Hoppers | Olsen and Johnson DVD vhs pstr OST
Hit the Deck 1955 Jazz | Tap Ann Miller | Debbie Reynolds | Tamblyn DVD VHS pstr OST
Hoedown 1949 Country | Square | Western - DVD VHS pstr ost
Holiday Inn 1942 Tap Fred Astaire | Crosby | M. Reynolds DVD VHS pstr OST
Hollywood Barn Dance 1947 Country | Square | Western - dvd VHS Pstr ost
Honolulu 1939 Hawaiian Jazz | Tap Eleanor Powell DVD VHS pstr ost

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Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers DVD collection The Band Wagon DVD The Barkleys of Broadway DVD Born to Dance and Lady Be Good double DVD pack The Broadway Melody OF 1929 DVD Broadway Melody of 1936 and 1938 Double DVD package Broadway Melody of 1940 DVD Bye Bye Birdie DVD cover Can-Can DVD (has the Can-Can and Apache dance) Carmen Jones (Featuring Dorothy Dandridge) DVD Don't Knock The Rock DVD (Featuring Bill Haley) WCS Twist Around the Clock and Don't Knock the Twist double feature DVD Down Argentine Way (Dean Collins is in the film) Carmen Miranda Funny Lady DVD (Barbara Streisand) Goldwyn Follies DVD Cover The Great Waltz DVD Hello Dolly DVD (Featuring Barbara Streisand) Hellzapoppin' DVD (Whitey's Lindy Hoppers and Dean Collins) Hoe Down DVD with Eddie Arnold

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