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Pro DJ CD Players, Single Dual, Rackmount or Table top.


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Notes: If your new to DJing

1) Always use THE BEST Cables. You may have the best equipment, but it's only as good as your cables.
2) Microphones can be tricky as well, a heavy Mic is usually great, a light mic is bad. Carry a extra Microphone as well.
3) Dual CD players keep your dancers dancing rather than waiting for you to play the next song.
4) A Cheap, portable CD player (with enuff actual cd's to play 3 hours if using a laptop) is a good thing to have as a backup for a dual that breaks down and becomes a single CD player or worse-? as well as an extra AMP, extra Mic etc.
5) Wire Splitters/crimpers, extra various type wire and various connectors as well as Duct tape are a must.
6) BPM Counter's and Pitch Control are a must but not necessary at first.
7) A Laptop and MP3's with huge hard disk space are becoming very popular for storing your music such as MP3 formats, it saves space and makes it much easier to carry your full music collection. (IPODs work as well, but look unprofessional for paid gigs)
8) WATCH THE FLOOR, IF NO ONE IS DANCING, change the music style till you find something that starts filling the floor. You may think the music is great but!!!
9) Make a few CD's with various music selections and always carry them ... Hip Hop, Rap, Disco, Trance/House, Rave, Latin/Salsa/Mambo/Cha-Cha/Rumba/Casino/Bachata, Country, Swing, Line Dance, Oldies, Pop, Blues, Rock, Jazz, Party songs (Bunny Hop, chicken song etc) etc. Example: The host says they want such and such music only, you bring all that music and leave the other at home. You get there and 1/4 way through people start making requests for certain music... aghh, sorry didn't bring it, at least you have something to play (and they definitely will make requests). If using a laptop this may be moot.
10) Make a couple CD's with Holiday, Anniversary, Birthday, Bar Mitzvah music as well and always carry them.
11) Make a CD with some dinner and easy listening type music and carry it also.
12) Some songs that usually work well at mixed events (i.e. dance weddings, non salsa), that have dancers and non dancers present: Mony Mony, White Wedding, Low Rider, Brick House, Rock around the Clock, The Twist, Oye Como Va, Get This Party Started (Pink), The Locomotion, Bad Girls, Butterfly, etc. (Just a start)
13) Always try to play requests if possible. The best way to get out of a request you know will go over badly is smile, look for the song and say "Sorry, I don't have that one, how about this one and make a suggestion" or "cool song, If I have it I will play it." Never let them look in your collection for songs for various reasons, keep the music out of reach (unless you know them or they are the one paying your fee and only then).
14) Always use Duck Tape over cables on the floor 'completely.' Never have a cable sticking out somewhere. Don't have cool looking but offensive sticker on you equipment, someone will get bent out of shape.
15) Keep drinks, etc. away from equipment
16) Don't Drink Alcohol or -? while working, remember, YOU ARE NOT PART OF THE PARTY, even if offered!!!
17) If doing general DJ work, Look at our Dance Music Lists (at top) for some suggestions on 'Couple dance' music and carry a few home made CD's of those as well. "Tip jars" work OK now and then.
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