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JAZZ title list (not necessarily dance songs.) List is sortable - Click date, writer or song. [DD# = Edison Diamond Disc #].
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Song Title Writer or Performer Date
A Jazz Holiday W. Benton Overstreet / Walter Melrose 1928
Alexander's Got a Jazz Band Now Chris Schonber
All Star Jazz Band Blues, the
Cecil C. Nixon 1921
All That Jazz [MP3] EllaFitzgerald (Manelli) ~
And All That Jazz ~ ~
At the Jazz Band Ball [MP3] La Rocca and Shields (Sidney Bechet) 1919
Beaucoupe de Jazz Thomas Morris ~
Bluin' the Blues. The Latest Jazz SongCraze Sidney D. Mitchell. Music by H.W. Ragas 1919
Buddy Burton's Jazz [MP3] Buddy Burton, Blythe's Washboard Band 1926
Cocoanut Grove Jazz J.T. Brymn 1917
Dixie Jass Band One Step Original Dixieland Jazz Band 1917
Doctor Jazz [MP3] King Oliver 1927
Don't Jazz Me Rag James Scott 1921
Dr. Jazz [MP3] Jools Holland ~
Ebony Jazz [SM] ~ ~
Freedom Jazz Dance [MP3] Woody Herman ~
Frisco Jazz Band Blues Fred Rich 1921
Hanukkah... and All That Jazz [MP3] JonSimon ~
Harold's House Of Jazz ~ ~
I Wanna to Jazz Some More [MP3] Tom Delaney ~
I Want to Learn to Jazz Dance Gene Buck. Music by Dave Stamper 1918
I'm a Jazz Baby M.K. Jerome 1920
I'm a Jazz Vampire Swanstrom 1920
I'm Gonna Jazz My Way Straight Up thruParadise
Skidmore / Walker 1921
I'm Just Simply Full of Jazz
Sissle and Blake 1919
Jass - Lazy Blues, the Ted Eastwood 1910's?
Jass Band Rag F.S. Butler 1917
Jassamine Albert Gumble 1906
Jassamine Lane Sissle and Blake 1924
Jazz All Your Troubles Away
Sigmund Romberg
Jazz Baby Jerome, M. K. 1893
Jazz Babies Ball Sissle and Blake 1920
Jazz Band Blues James (Slap) White 1917
Jazz Convulsions [MP3] Duke Ellington ~
Jazz Dance Overstreet, W. B.
Jazz Dance, the Eubie Blake & his Jazz One Orch. 1918
Jazz de Lux Earl Fuller's Famous Jazz Band (EdisonDD 6224-C) 1919
Jazz Hoot [MP3] Woody Herman ~
Jazz Hound Rollin, Catherine ~
Jazz Lips Lil Hardin / Louis Armstrong / S. Robbin 1926
Jazz Man Strut [MP3] George Lewis ~
Jazz Me Blues [MP3] Tom Delaney (Bix Beiderbecke, Bechet) 1920
Jazz Nights Ezra Read (1862-1922) 1919
Jazz pizzicato Anderson, Leroy
Jazz Singer Clarke, Grant (Al Jolson) 1927
Jazz Will Eat Itself [MP3] ~ ~
Jazz Vignettes [MP3] Lennie Niehaus ~
Jazzamarimba Dance
Romberg, Sigmund 1919
Jazzapation (1920) E.B. Claypoole 1920
Jazzbo de Luxe Earl Fuller 1918
Jazzbo Jazz Earl Fuller, 1918
Jazzbo Jenkins Shelton Brooks ~
Jazzbo One Step Earl Fuller 1918
Jazzin' Around Earl Fuller 1918
Jazzin' Around Eubie Blake Trio 1917
Jazzin' Babies Blues (Jazzin' baby blues) Richard M. Jones 1922
Jazzin' Baby Blues [MP3] Kid Ory, Richard Jones / L. Armstrong 1922
Jazzin' Baby Blues Alberta Hunter and Eubie Blake 1922
Jazzin' the Cotton Town Blues ~ ~
Jazzing Around [MP3] Earl Fuller ~
Jazzing Blues Frank Beck, Jr. - Edouard Hesselberg 1920
Jazzmania Eleuterio Yribarren American Jazz Band 1925
Jazznochracy Will Hudson ~
Jazzola J. Russell Robinson / Theodore Morse 1920
Jazzology Earnest Cutting 1919
Jazorient Lou Gold 1919
Jazzy [MP3] ~ ~
Jazzy Lady ~ ~
Johnson's "Jass" Blues
Arnold Johnson 1917
Le Jazz D'Alexandre Irving Berlin 1911
Le Hot Jazz Sy Oliver ~
Little Jazz [MP3] Artie Shaw (EllaFitzgerald) ~
Little Jazz Bird
George & Ira Gershwin
Melodious Jazz Sissle and Blake 1920
Mr. Jazz Himself
Irving Berlin 1917
Oh! A New Jazz Hit! Byron Gay 1919
Radio Jazz McPhail, Lindsay
Runnin' Wild (An Ebony Jazz Tune) [SM] Joe Grey & Leo Wood. Music A. HarringtonGibbs 1922
Some Jazz [MP3] S.J. Stocco ~
Stop All That Jazz [MP3] Leon Russell ~
Take Me to the Land of Jazz [MP3] Marty Grosz, Wendling, Pete, Bert Kalmar 1919
That funny jas band from Dixieland Marshall, Henry I. 1916
Those Jzz Band Blues John E. Smith / Leo Friedman 1918
Three Jazz Dance Louis Gruenberg 1934
Triangle Jazz Blues Irwin P. Leclere / Joseph W. Martinez 1917
Wedding of the Shimmie and Jazz, the Johnson, Howard 1919
What Cha Gonna Do When There Ain't NoJazz ~ ~
When I hear that "jaz" bandplay
Eddie Gray 1916
When I Hear That Jazz Band Play
Dave Stamper & Gene Buck 1917
When You Here That Dixieland Jazz BandPlay ~ ~
Worlds Jazz Crazzy (and so Am I,) the William H. Huff, James Blythe 1925

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