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Beginning, Wednessays, Club  PRIVATE LESSONS ♂♀
with Sonny Watson
Call Sonny: 818.606.9402
(Up to Two People)

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This RETRO SWING DVD combines "Beginning and Beyond the Basics" together on one Tape. 

                               (Steps Below may be called something else in your area)
A) 4 Basic Timings of " East Coast Swing" explanation and demonstration. (below).
B) 1) "Single Rhythm", 2) "Double Rhythm", 3) "Triple Rhythm", 4) "Delayed Single Rhythm".
C) Plus the Pulse!, Music breakdown of "Up" and "Down" Beats.
D) Single Retro Basic and Retro Kicks basic explanation and demonstration and how it relates to ECS.
Patterns / Steps
-1) Closed Basic
-2) Release
-3) Open Basic
-4) Return Basic
-5) Open & Closed Rotating Basic
-6) Under Arm Turn
-7) Three Man's Passes
-8) Closed and Open Tuck Turns
-9) The Rope Turns
10) Break-A-Way 6 Count Basic
11) Cradle or Cuddle Basic
12) Reverse Cradle Basic
13) Double Spins
14) The Bow Tie
1) Basic Closed Charleston
2) Back Charleston
3) Cross Over Charleston
4) Ladies Turning Charleston
5) Turning Charleston (Both turn)
6) Call Sign Charleston (Charlie)
7) Charleston Freeze
8) Free Charleston
9) Same and Opposite Foot Charleston
Charleston and Shag Kicks
1) Buffalo Shuffle Basic
2) Charleston Kicks
3) Hand To Hand Charleston
4) and More...
Companion Dances explained and broke down
-1) The Mess Around
-2) Spank The Baby
-3) Shorty George ( Boogie Walks)
-4) Apple Jacks
-5) Truckin'
-6) Rusty Dusty (Dusty Dusty)
-7) Fall Off The Log
-8) Boogie Backs
-9) The Suzi-Q
10) Stomp Off
       This VHS video tape will definately get you started. Tips, Technique, Style, Lead & Follow, Counts, Rhythms, Execution and more is also covered on this tape. Most Steps are broken down Male then Female with different camera angles to insure clarity and understanding. These tapes are not your normal $19.95 videos that only show five or six patterns... it is jam packed with material that will make you popular on the floor, However , it is not being given away... You won't be disapointed!.
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