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Streetswings Dance History Archives: Fire Dance
Postcard: Artists BJ de Castro

Fire Dance Logo   On the feast of St. John the Baptist in England was to make fires and kindle them at midnight ... a religious ceremony of most remote antiquity, especially among Celtic* nations. It was probably a vestige of the worship of the fire-god "Bel". The people then dance and leap round and over the fire. This midnight dancing is often found among Celtic races.

    On the dance from Portugal* known as "Fogueiras de S. João" was a type of Fire dance where as the dancers would jump thru fire. The Balinese Kechak dance is unique to the Balinese peoples

with its roots in the old Shanghlyng dance (a trance dance). Hundreds of dancers take part in this festive event which uses no Orchestra or Musicians only a choir.

    There are many different types of 'Fire Dancing' done all over the world, even Burlesque dancers used different variations from time to time untill clubs started needing 'fire permits issued from the fire department, which often times are granted, it did slow the use down.

Birth Place

Creation Date


Dance Type

All Birth of Man n/a Ritual

Posters, Lobby Cards etc.

Sheet Music Covers

Music Titles

n/a Ritual Fire Dance Ritual Fire Dance - (de falla)
      Fire Dance (Ormandy) Ritual Fire Dance - Warsaw Philharmonic
        Witches Brew

Night Clubs



Lions Den (Lynne 1963) n/a Africa
            American Indians
            Spain, Cadiz

Films / Movies


Ballets / Stage

Riverdance n/a El Amour Brujo
    Love, The Magician
            Ramayana Epic
            Ritual Fire Dance (Spanish)


            8/1924 - Dance Magazine (Torch Dance)
            8/1924 - Dance Lovers Magazine
            9/20/1948 - Life Magazine
            Fire Dance at Spider Rock - Les Savage (Fiction)

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Dancers, Choreographers etc.


Carol Lynne (1960s)   n/a
Edwesohemaa Yaa Asantewaa (1900's)    
La Argentinita (Ritual)    
La Meri (Ritual)    
Lolita (Burlesque) 1940's    

Books, Magazine Articles on the dance...



Date Published


n/a n/a n/a n/a



Poets / Writers

de Falla, Manual (1876-1946) Bj. de Castro (see photo) Thomas Dorsett
Eugene Ormandy        

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Chant / Chanting Halloween Ramayana Spiritual
Devil Dance Juggler Sarongs Temple
Deities Rituals    



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