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vintage Cachucha dancer
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Cachucha Dance history origins and information details Title         Related to the Fandango, the Cachucha [Kah-choo-cha] which means 'small boat or cap' in Spanish. It is a Spanish solo dance, better done by a lady than a male which is danced to the Andalusian national song. The Cachucha solo is admirably calculated to accompany the medley of music peculiar to this dance; which is sometimes gracefully calm, sometimes sprightly, and sometimes impassioned hip swinging dance using castanets.

   Cachucha; this word was not to be found in any old dictionary of the Spanish language. It is customary to apply this word to a fair, a bird, a little cap, a fan and, in short, to any thing that is graceful or pretty. In the language of the Andalusian Gittanos, the word Cachucha signifies gold. In a still more elevated style, Cachucha means that part of the quiver in which Cupid puts his darts. Sagitta capsula in pharetra.

   The Cachucha was first created in Cuba in 1803 but is considered a Spanish dance. The Cachucha was danced in the U.S. at the White House, Fanny was so overwhelming that the Congress decided it would not convene when she was dancing. Fanny Essler (1810-1884, Vienna) introduced the Cachucha to the public in the ballet's 'The Lady of the Lake' (1812) and later in "Le Diable boiteux" (the Lame Devil) in 1836 which it found it's popularity. The Cachucha is erroneously spelled Catchucha at times. (Dancer in top video is Gabriela Komleva from Leningrad - II el Diablo).

   Celeste Keppler (1820s) made this dance known to the masses but it took Fanny Essler to really make this dance popular during her time. The word Cachucha means a term of endearment or a certain kind of cap. Castanets are also used in this dance. Some traces of the Cachucha are to be found in the Sevillanas of Spain (through Essler). It seems expressly designed to display the elegance's of posture and attitude. The Cachucha is danced by but one person, either man or woman.

   The SEGUIDILLAS TALEADAS, This dance is a species of the Bolero, mingled with Some measures of the Cachucha.

   The Andalusian Tango became very popular and was mainly danced by women, with women, with an occasional Gaucho (cowboy) thrown in here and there. The Andalusan was the forerunner of the Argentine Tango. The Cachucha is another Andalusan dance.


Birth Place

Creation Date


Dance Type

Cuba 1803 Manuel Garci'a Spanish

Posters, Lobby Cards

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Music Titles ...

n/a 1840 - La Cachucha1 (Essler) Andalucia (1928)
      1840 - La Cachucha2 (Essler) Cachucha (1840, 41 & 45) Essler
      1856 - Tis the last rose of summer Cachucha Galop op 97 [MP3] (Strauss)
            el Sunganbelo (1813)
            Cachucha Bacana, la
            Cachucha and Valse Sentimentale (1832) Celeste
            Dance A Cachucha

Night Clubs



Plaza des Armas (Spain) Bowery Theatre (1839-Lee) Andalusa
            Seville, Spain

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Ballets / Stage

1980 - The Cachucha [DVD] (Zorns) n/a 1812 - Lady of the Lake (Essler)
1981 - The Cachucha (Barbieri)       1836 - Il Diavolo Zoppo (Essler)
        1836 - Le Diable Boiteux di Coralli
        The Gondoliers (Gilbert & Sullivan)
        The Limping Devil


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Dancers, Choreographers etc.


1827 - Celine Celeste 1840s - Madame Vestris Andrew Jackson
1827 - Pauline Duvernay 1843 - Demoiselle Bierey Martin van Buren
1836 - Fanny Essler Catherine Horta-Hayden  
1839 - Mary Ann Lee 2000 - Yulia Makhalina  

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Andalouse Cachumbas Essler Romantic Period
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  • The ESPAGNOLE A VALSE CACHUCHA dance Instructions:
    (Composed by R. Renausy, of the Imperial Academy of Music, Paris). Coupé with left foot by gent. Sauté on right foot, jeté on left foot, Sauté on same foot, right foot in the rear, ensemblé, Glissé left foot, follow with right foot and Coupé with right foot. Sauté left foot, right foot in the air. Pas de Basque with right foot, Coupé with right foot, Sauté on left foot. Repeat the Pas de Basque and Coupé, ending with a Sauté to recommence again. For the lady the directions are the same only reversing the feet.
Quote: "Mi Cachucha por la mar A todos vientos camina, Pero nunca va mejor Que cuando va de bolina."