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Freestyle dancer
The Boogaloo dance origin history title

        The Boogaloo or Shing-A-Ling was a 1960's freestyle Fad dance which kinda caught on with the public thru American Bandstand and gained momentum in the late 1960s. Originally, It was considered a Latin dance because of it's Mambo patterns, but was used in the Blues and Rock and Roll as well. The Boogaloo replaced the popular Latin Pachanga dance in popularity.

    The dance basically means to do simple weird movements with your feet, hips and body (kinda like speaking in tongues, but in dancing .)

It makes sense only to the dancer who is doing it at the moment and a good example is James Brown's Boogaloo. Mr. Brown can be seen in this 1965 clip doing his Boogaloo on the right. The Electric Boogaloo was / is a different dance entirely except that the movement's can be just as ad-lib. This dance eventually turned into Pop and Lock and finally merged with Break Dance. The clip on the left shows the Electric Boogaloo in the early 1980s. More to Come !

Birth Place

Creation Date


Dance Type

Columbia ? 1963 José Calderón (music) Freestyle / Fad

Posters, Lobby Cards etc.

Sheet Music Covers

Music Titles

Boogaloo n/a Baby Likes To Boogaloo
Back Off Boogaloo (Starr)
Beale Street Boogaloo
Boogaloo Down Broadway (Calderón)
Boogaloo, the
Boogaloo Blues, the
Boogaloopa (El Lupe)
Choo Choo Boogaloo [CD] (Kids-Zydeco)
Do The Boo-Ga-Loo (Tom and  Jerrio)
el Watusi
Little Boo Ga Loo (Chubby Checker 1966)
Sock Boogaloo
Watusi Boogaloo
West Coast Boogaloo [CD] (Greyboy Allstar)

Night Clubs



n/a n/a n/a



Ballets / Stage

Breakin' 2 - Electric Boogaloo [DVD] n/a n/a


$ Boogaloo: The Quintessence of
American Popular Music

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Dancers, Choreographers etc.


Breakers Toni Basil n/a
James Brown

Books, Magazine Articles on the dance...



Date Published


n/a n/a n/a n/a

Musicians / Singers



James Brown n/a n/a
"Boogaloo Joe" Jones
Chubby Checker
Don Gardner
El Lupe (w/ Puente)
George Guzman
Harvey Averne
José Calderón
Ray Barreto

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