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   These pages are our main index for dance. These Dance History Archives pages are updated with added information on a weekly basis so they change often as new and Vintage DANCE History INFORMATION is obtained. If it is not listed here, try searching our site above (green arrow box). We also provide links when available to the best retailers who provide customer feedback, technical data, more information and any pricing that may be related to any products of the dance on this website such as Books, Video's, Magazines, Photo's, Music etc. so you may know it exists for purchase, Most, sadly however are not available.

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Walk Around the South 1860s aka: "General Ruckus" Cake Walk, (aka: Chalk Line Walk), Ring Shout
Walk Back, the USA? 1910 n/a Turkey Trot, Bunny Hug, Lovers Two Step etc
Walkin' The Dog San Francisco 1916 Shelton Brooks. Shelton Brooks, Darktown Strutters Ball, Johnny Fogarty's Dancin' Revue, Shimmie
Waltz Germany 1690 n/a Volta, Viennese, Landler, Weller
Waltz Caprice n/a 1900s n/a Waltz, waltz à deux temps, waltz à trois temps, Boston, Landler Valse
Waltz Clog USA 1920s Pat Rooney Tap, Jazz, Clog
Waltz Minuet USA 1895 (DMOA) Waltz, Minuet
Waltz Oxford n/a 1895 (DMOA) Waltz,
Waltz Two-Step USA 1898 (DMOA) Partners face same direction Waltz, Two Step
Waltze à Cinque Temps Paris? 1840s Perrot (a 5 count waltz) Waltz, waltz à deux temps, waltz à trois temps, Five Step
Walzen Germany 1700 n/a Waltz, Boston, Landler Valse
Walzer Germany 1525 Forerunner of the Waltz Waltz, Boston, Landler Valse
War dances Greece? n/a --See Page-- Pyhrric, Gymnopedia, Sword, Mythology
Washington and Lee Swing USA 1932 A. Murray (Lets Swing It Book - 1937) n/a
Washington Post March USA 1800s ?John Phillip Sousa? Two-Step, Polka, Schottische
Washington Side-Step USA 1700's Imaginary dance of Politicians averting a question they don't want to answer See Best Little Whorehouse in Texas from a dance scene (Clip)
Wave, the France 1908 M. LeFort Cakewalk and Boston Mix
Welsh Folk Dances n/a n/a n/a 1942 - How Green Was My Valley
Wesleyan, The USA 1920 Dance Masters Named it after Catholic church (who didnt like it) ??
West Coast Swing California Mid 1930s Offshoot of the Lindy Hop - Savoy Style. Dean Collins Design. West Coast Swing, Carolina Shag, Rock and Roll Savoy, Lindy, Whip, Country Swing, Jitterbug, Push, Sophisticated Swing, Supreme Swing, Slop, Funky Swing, SWOP, Swag, Swango, Swustle
Western Shuffle n/a 1930s n/a n/a
Western Swing USA 1930s Bob Wills type-non WCS Country Swing, East Coast Swing, New Yorker, Jive, Lindy, Carolina Shag, Jitterbug
Western Swing USA 1930s A. Murray (Lets Swing It Book - 1937) SEE WCS West Coast Swing, Lindy, Push, Country Swing, Carolina Shag, Jitterbug, Whip, Rock and Roll
Westphalia Provence 1200s Pre Waltz Waltz, Boston, Landler Valse
Western Swing  USA 1940s Bob Wills Type dances /Music (non WCS) East Coast, Jive, Cowboy Swing, Country Swing
When You Come Back USA 1918 Basically a Schottische. Done to Cohens song of same name. Yankee Rag, Canteen Canter, Schottische.
Whip, The Houston, TX. 1940s aka: West Coast Swing West Coast Swing, Push, Lindy, Supreme Swing, Carolina Shag, Sophisticated Swing, Jitterbug
Whip Dance C/W Lore 1959? trick Dancing NBC Movie: "Destry"
Whirling Dervish (Doorway) ?Turkey? 1200s Mevlana Celaleddin Rumi (Sema Sect) Alevis, Samah, aka: Turning, Howling, Whirling Dervishes
Whirlwind Waltz USA 1907 Ned Wayburn Apache, Waltz, The Ceballos
Whisper Waltz n/a c.1924 n/a Waltz,
White City Two Step London? 1908 Created by Tom Walton Two Step
White City Waltz London? 1908 Created by Tom Walton Waltz,
Wig Walk n/a c.1953 by Mr.& Mrs. Sidney Prosen see "Tennessee Wig Walk"
Wiggle Worm Dance n/a 1910s Sophie Tucker? Grizzly Bear
Wigglin' Dance USA 1917 Song - Henry Creamer n/a
Wilcox Glide USA c1912 Jane Beers. Named after Ella Wheeler Wilcox (Poet). Dances uses Poses and Scarf. Turkey Trot, Bunny Hug, Grizzly Bear, Tiger, Horse Trot, Shivers, Sea Sick Glide, Boston Dip, Gaby Glide, etc.
Wilson Glide Washington c.1913 ?? Florence C. Dyer
Wildflower Waltz n/a 1926 n/a Waltz, Whirlwind Waltz, Maurice Waltz,
Wilton, the n/a 1908 Created by G. F. Childs Square dance
Windsor Waltz England n/a n/a n/a
Wireless Radio Dance USA? 1920s 1926- Wireless Radio Mag. Headphone dancing!
Wirtschaften Germany? Baroque n/a Waltz, Landler,
Wish Wash Glide USA 1913 Animal Dance, Ragtime Turkey Trot, Bunny Hug, Grizzly Bear, Tiger, Horse Trot, Shivers, Sea Sick Glide, Boston Dip, Gaby Glide, etc.
Wisk, The USA 1960s Hand Held Tassel Twirling Twist, Watusi, Jerk, PJ's Nightclub,
Woodland Nymphs London? 1908 Created by Miss Hancorne-James Childrens display dance
Wooden Shoes Dutch ?? ?? ??
Worlds Fair Walk New York n/a Bernard Sager & Evelyn Hubbell Walking, Flirtation Walk, Ostrich Walk

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