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   These pages are our main index for dance. These Dance History Archives pages are updated with added information on a weekly basis so they change often as new and Vintage DANCE History INFORMATION is obtained. If it is not listed here, try searching our site above (green arrow box). We also provide links when available to the best retailers who provide customer feedback, technical data, more information and any pricing that may be related to any products of the dance on this website such as Books, Video's, Magazines, Photo's, Music etc. so you may know it exists for purchase, Most, sadly however are not available.

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Valse Germany 1800 "La Valse a deux temps" Waltz, Boston, Landler
Valse Belvedere London? 1908 Created by Charles Gardner n/a
Valse Chaloupe Paris   Created by Art Students of the Latin Quarter in Paris and danced at the Montmarte Basically just a Lively Tango with the Luncheon Lurch
Valses chilotes Chili n/a n/a Valse
Valse Deshabille n/a 1902 Created by Miss Karina Burlesque, Edison Silent Films
Valse a Deaux Temps n/a 1830s see: Boston, Valse, Waltz, Volta, Gallop Waltz, Boston, Landler, Valse, Gallop
Valse L' American Paris 1866 n/a Waltz, Boston, Landler, Valse
Valse Maurice New York 1918-? Maurice and Walton Waltz, Boston, Landler
Valse Viennese, the London? 1908 Created by Mme. Adele Collier Waltz, Valse, a Novelty dance
Vampire Dance, The USA 1913 Alice Eis & Bert French 1913 "the Vampire-Movie" was a Ballroom specialty
Varities Parisienne, Les Paris c.1800s Professor J. Végas, Society of Professors of Dancing (New Orleans) Quadrille
Varsity Drag, The New York 1920's Donald Tomkins, Good News Play Slow Drag, Collegiate, Zelma O'neil
Varsouviene Warsaw 1850 in Honor of Mt. Vesuvius Little Foot Dance, Schottische
Viejitos, Dance of the Mexico n/q Childrens Masked dance in respect of the old. Oaxaca, Dance of the Hortelanos, Astucia, Urpa
Veith Germany n/a aka: Tarantella Tarantella, St. Vitus, Danse de St. Guy, La Danse de St. Jean
Veleta n/a n/a Created by Arthur Morris, Sequence Dance Military Two-Step, Square, Cuckoo Veleta, Territorial 2- Step
Venado (Dance of the) Guatemala 1920s n/a Snake Dance, Mask Dance
Venus, the usa? c.1914 Dance Masters of America n/a
Verdiales Málaga, Spain n/a Folk Dance Spanish Dance
Vernacular Dance USA 1860's

A homegrown dance, usually Afro-American in form or style. Vernacular dance sometimes has a Creator, sometime not. Primaraily American Negro dances rather than American-Indian, Irish, French, Russian or English, but sometimes ethnic in nature.

Lindy Hop, Jazz, Tap, Mooch, Truckin, Slow Drag, Snake Hips, Shimmy, Black Bottom, etc.
Vestal, Persian Persia? 1890's? n/a Foreman Hall
Vidinsko Horo NO. Bulgaria n/a Vlach Peoples Vlasko,
Vikivaka Iceland n/a n/a Faroe, Hringbrot
Villanelle Italy? 1580 Name Vilano Means Peasant, 3/4 Jig, Round, Country
Villanélla Italy n/a see above Jig, Round, Country
Villão Portugal 1500s n/a Baixa, Fado, Mouresca
Villeika n/a n/a n/a n/a
Viper's Drag USA 1930 Cab Calloway Slow Drag,
Virginia Essence USA 1800's? forerunner of the Soft Shoe routine (Billy Kersands, Greenlee - Drayton), Tap, Clog
Virginia Reel (s) England 1830-1890 Sir Roger DeCoverly Dance After the Husking
Viennese Waltz Vienna 1776 "Martins-Una Cosa Rara" Waltz, Boston, Landler Valse, Volta, Ballroom, Langaus
Virelai France 1800s? n/a Firlefei, Hoppaldei ?
Vlasko Bulgaria n/a Traditional Dance of the Vlachs Vidinsko Horo
Volta Italy 1556 n/a Waltz, Boston, Landler, Valse, Volte, Walzen, Waller
Volte France 1600s n/a Waltz, Boston, Volta,Landler, Valse
Vogue Harlem & Paris France 1987 Drag Queens, Vogue Magazine Picture Posing style dance, see film 1990 - Paris Is Burning, Madonna Song

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