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   These pages are our main index for dance. These Dance History Archives pages are updated with added information on a weekly basis so they change often as new and Vintage DANCE History INFORMATION is obtained. If it is not listed here, try searching our site above (green arrow box). We also provide links when available to the best retailers who provide customer feedback, technical data, more information and any pricing that may be related to any products of the dance on this website such as Books, Video's, Magazines, Photo's, Music etc. so you may know it exists for purchase, Most, sadly however are not available.

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S' escandalari Ibiza, Spain n/a Peasant dance celebrating planting and harvesting Spanish Dance
Saber Dance n/a n/a see sword for now Sword, Military, War, 6/29/1953-Time Mag.
Sacramento Squeeze USA c.1912 Andre and Ethel (Follies Bergere)  
Sacred Dance World ancient World religious dances Catholic, Jewish, Buddhists, Zen, Christian, Monks, etc.
Safety Dance n/a 1980s n/a The Robot, Rock Lobster, Peewee Herman, Electric Slide, The Centipede, The Ant
Sailors Hornpipe Scotland n/a n/a Arkansas Traveler, Highland Fling, Sword, Jig, Reels
Salac Dance Rome? Biblical Numa Pompilius (dance to honor God of War)
Salegy Madagascar n/a Sakalave peoples n/a
Salian Dance Rome B.C. Numa, Sali Priests War, Mythology, Religious
Saltarelle or Saltarello Italy 1500's aka: Alta Danza Court, Tarantella, Galliard, Quaternaria
Salome Dance Italy 40's AD Princess Salome, Dance Of The Seven Veils, Belly, Raks Sharki, Hootchy Cootchy, Maude Allen, Joan Sawyer, Jessie York, Sol Cohen
Salta France? 1700s? Lucretia Borgia dance this aka: Waltz
Samah Asia B.C. n/a Kirkler Samah, Dervish, Turkey
Samba Brazil 1917? Introduced to the USA in 1940 Latin, Salsa, Mambo, Marti Gras
Sammy, the New York 1917 Prof. Claude Alviene (Oakland Tribune (7/17/1917) Military type couples dance. Female wears mans hat.
Sand Dance USA? 1920s? Harriet Brown. a Syncopated Shuffle. No Maps On My Taps [by Sims 1979] aka: Scratchin' the Gravel see Tap, Soft Shoe,
Sand Dune (dance of the) n/a 1918 Norma Brandt n/a
Santley Tango New York 1912 Joseph Santley "When Dreams Come True"
Sapateo de, El n/a c1800s Fanny Essler? n/a
Sarabande Guatemala 1560s Andalusian, aka: Sarabanda, Zarabanda Spanish Dance, Tarraga, Chacona, Zarabanda, Rastro, Sarabanda
Sararo Galicia 1500s Ball Game dance at a Carnival Muyneria, Gallega, Minuet, Cotillion
Sardana Cataluña c.1600s? Catalan Contrapas, Spanish
Saut Basque Basque n/a aka: Mutchíco Zorzico, edo carrica dantza
Sauteuse 1830's? n/a (a kind of waltz) Waltz, Quadrille
Savannah, the USA 1926 Done to a Spanish Foxtrot called the Valencia Modified Charleston, Tango
Savoy Ballroom New York 12/14/1926 Created by Charles Buchanon Roseland, Palomar, Jitterbug, Lindy
Savoy Style Swing New York c.1930s Smoother version done at Savoy Ballroom, NY West Coast Swing, Lindy, Hollywood Style
Scalp Dance America c. 1800s? American Indian American Indian Dance
Scarf Dance ? c.1890s 1920 Scarf dance s/m Foreman Hall, Skirt, Fan, Bubble, Veil
Schäfflertanz Munich 1600s? originated from Bow & Hoop Dance Bow and Hoop,
Schönpart Nürnberg n/a a Carnival Dance n/a
Scottish Espagnole France 1900s aka: Spanish Schottische n/a
Schottische Germany c.1840s? Created by Markowski (Poland) Folk, Country, Square, Friska, Polka, Rheinlander, Mazurka
Schottische Espagnole Paris, France c.1900s aka: Spanish Schottische, Maltese, Double Schottische (most popular), Scotis Espanol and the Seven Steps or Seven Step Polka Spanish Dance, Schottische, Polka,
Schuhplattltanz Bavaria n/a Bavarian Folk Dance Ballet, Folk, Balanchine
Schuhplatteln Germany n/a n/a n/a
Schwertertanz Europe n/a n/a Sword
Schwabentanz Austria c.1800's? 4/4/ & 3/4 mix Waltz,
Scotch Reel Scotland n/a National Dance Virginia Reel, Roger de Coverly, Hornpipe, Jigs, Square Dance
Scratchin' The Gravel n/a 1910's aka: Sand Dance n/a
Scronch, The Kentucky n/a n/a Skronch, Cab Calloway
Siebensprung Germany 1600's? 2/4 time n/a
Sea Sick Dance/ Glide USA 1913 Ragtime Dance Texas Tommy, Bunny Hug, Grizzly Bear, Tiger, Boston Dip, Dallas Dip, Horse Trot etc.
Sefton Waltz n/a 1908 Created By J.B. McKewen Waltz,
Sequence Dancing England n/a Such as square/ round dancing, steps taken in certain definite order such as the Military Two-Step, Veleta, Square Dance etc.
Sequidilla Castile, Spain n/a n/a Spanish Dance, Sevillana
Serious Family Polka New York 1850 Created by M. Frederick at Burtons Theater Polka
Serpentine Dance Paris 1892 Created by Loie Fuller Butterfly Dance, Fan, Bubble, Veil, Skirt, Scarf, Sword, Fire
Seven Years Itch, The USA 1910's? Scratching the Body in Rhythm n/a
Sevillana Andalucía, Spain n/a n/a Spanish Dance, Seguidilla, Flamenco
Sewin' The Rice USA 1910's n/a Ballin The Jack, Eagle Rock, Baltimore Buzz
Shadow Dance New York c.1890's Created By Lydia Thompson Cancan, Jig
Shag, Carolina Myrtle Beach, So. Carolina c.1930's? Unknown West Coast Swing, Push, Supreme Swing, Jitterbug, Whip, East Coast Swing, Lindy
Shag (A. Murray) New York c.1930's Created by Arthur Murray Balboa, Collegiate, Jitterbug, Collegiate Shag
Shag, Collegiate ??? c.1920's College Students? aka: Arthur Murray Shag, Balboa
Shag, New Orleans ??? c.1925 Richard Jones? Collegiate, Swing, Lindy Hop, West Coast
Shag, St. Louis St. Louis 1930s n/a Fast, Charleston Like couples dance
Shame Dance, The USA 1923 n/a Universal
Shake and Quiver Haiti ??? Via slave trade. aka: Shitka, Shimmy Shika, Shimmy, Shimmy-Sha-Wabble, Shake
Shakers, The New Eng.  1770's Sister Anna Lee  Religion, Morris, May Pole 
Shark Swish n/a c.1913 n/a One of the Ragtime dances
Shawl Dance ?Paris? ?c.1839? n/a Scarf Dance, Fan Dance, Ballet, Bayadere
Shika Dance Nigeria n/a n/a Shimmy, Shake and Quiver, Shimmy Sha Wabble, Shake dance
Shim Sham, The See below c.1920s See also: Shim Sham Shimmy Tap, Clog, Jazz, Theater, Act
Shim Sham Shimmy New York? 1937 Leonard Reed Line, Big Apple, Swing, Lindy
Shimmy, The USA 1908 claimed by Gilda Gray,  Mae West in 1918/19 Chemise, Shake, Shake and Quiver, Shimmy Sha Wabble, Shake dance, Bull Frog Hop Song (1908)
Shimmy Grab, The USA? 1910   Shimmy, Shmmie Sha Wabble, Shake Dance, Shiver, Itch, Scratch
Shimmy Sha Wabble Haiti 1911 Pre cursor to the Gilda /West Shimmy Dance, probably from Shika dance Shimmy, Chemise, Shake and Quiver, Shimmy Sha Wabble, Shake dance, Rules and Regulation Song (1911).
Shinto Dance Japan ?? ?? Oriental Fan Dance, Geisha, Maiko
Shishi Mai Japan n/a Traditional Lion Dance w/ Chinese roots Shishi Odori
Shishi Odori Japan n/a Deer Dance Shishi Mai
Shoeing the Mare Cuba ?? dance done within the Rhumba (clip) Rhumba, Latin
Shout Africa c.1800s African Hymns n/a
Shuffle USA 1920s Ragtime Dance n/a
Shufflin' dance UK late 1990's Freestyle 'T-step' shuffle (Mashed Potato,) Running Man, Charleston mix, Apple Jacks. Industrial Dance, Techtonic dance, Mashed Potato, Apple Jacks, Charleston, Running Man
Sicinnis n/a BC? n/a Violent shaking dance
Sicillian (a), La Sicily c.1850s? Pastoral dance,
(6/8 or 12/8 time)
La Tarantella, L'Italienne, Valse Redowa,
Sicilienne Poland c.1700s? Markowski
(difficult, but graceful)
Friska, Schottische, Mazurka, Libonienne, L'Italienne
Silent Dance USA 1928 n/a (Social Dance thru Recorded Music and Headphones)
Silent Dance n/a 1500's Venetian's Weddings
Sir Roger de Coverly England c.1800s see Roger de Coverly n/a
Sirillas Chili n/a (Quellón region) n/a
Siva Dance Samoa c.1880s Samoan? Apia, King Malietoa
Six Step Waltz New York ? Oscar Duryea National Biscuit Company
Six-Eight, The England 1927 n/a n/a
Skating Waltz Paris 1903? Created by Maurice Mouvet as a boy Solo Waltz done to Innamorata song. can be done to any waltz song however.
Skákava Bohemia n/a n/a Mazurka
Skillipoop, the Stratford, Canada 1968 Alan Lund with Chela Matthison and Sylvia Shaffer (at the Stratford Shakespearian Festival "Timon of Athens".) African-Oriental couples stage dance
Skip Dance n/a c.1800s? n/a n/a
Skip Rope
Buffalo, New York 1895 choreographed for Irene Pirson by Horatio N. Grant. (The rope describes two revolutions to each bar. The dancer leaves the floor with a leap or hop every count in the bar, 164 hops and leaps. The rope goes under the feet on 1st and 3rd counts.)
Skirt Dance n/a 1876? Kate Vaughan Serpentine, Veils, Butterfly, Bubble, Fan
Skronch Kentucky n/a n/a Scronch, Cotton Club, Cab Calloway
SLÅNGPOLSKA FRÅN VIKBOLANDET Sweden n/a danced at weddings and Holidays Folk, Russian, Ukrainian, Israeli
Slop, The California n/a American Bandstand Introduction aka:  Maybe West Coast Swing?
Slovak Folk Dance Slovakia ?? Czech/Slovak dances Cardáš, Strasak, Hat dance
Sluefoot, The California? 1954 Daddy Long Legs see Leslie Caron, Fred Astaire, Daddy Long Legs Film
Slow Drag New Orleans c.1890s n/a Fish, Pony, Treemonisha
Slow Rag USA 1910 (Probably mispelling of Slow Drag) Bunny Hug, Turkey Trot,
Smurf, the USA c.1980s? Smurf Cartoon Dance Urkel, Pee Wee Herman Dance, The Pacman
Snake Dance Arizona 1903 ?Hopi Indians?, Hopi, Moki, 2/1911 Nat'l Geographic Mag.
Snake Dance Havana c.16th Cent. Voodoo Priests Naningo, Matar La Culebra
Snake Hips New York c.1920s Earl " Snake Hips " Tucker Connie's Hot Chocolates, Congo Dance
Soft Shoe The South 1910's George Primrose, Barney Fagan
- (See Tap,)
Leonard, Sand Dance, Virginia Essence, Clog, Tap, Buck /Wing, Juba
Soleares Spain n/a origin of the Flamenco Spanish, Flamenco, Alegrias
Son, The Cuba n/a aka:   Rumba Mambo, Cha-cha, Salsa, Latin, Rumba
Sonia Polish Dance Poland? 1924 aka: Polka Polka
Sophisticated Swing California c.1940s Myrna Myron name for West Coast Swing. West Coast Swing, Western Swing, Supreme Swing, Push, Whip, Swop, Swango, Swustle, Swag, Carolina Shag
South Sea Fling n/a c.1944 Efate Dancers n/a
South Sea Hula Dance New York 1922 Gilda Gray n/a
Southern Slide USA 1911   Composer: Jos. A. Burke
Spagnoletta Netherlands c.1600s n/a Pavane, Espunyolet, Spanish
Spanish Dance Spain 550 B.C. (Varies?) Andalusia Flamenco, Sarabande, Spanish Espagnole, Salaterello, Jaleo, Sequidilla, Fandango, Dancing Girls from Cadiz, Jota
Spanish Schottische (Espagnole) Paris, France c.1900s aka: Spanish Schottische, Maltese, Double Schottische (most popular), Scotis Espanol and the Seven Steps or Seven Step Polka Spanish Dance, Schottische
Spanish Waltz USA 1896 (DMOA) Waltz done side by side
Spanish Yorke n/a 1895 (DMOA) Yorker, Yorke, York
Spider Dance NY? c.1800s Lola Montez (Gilbert), done in Louise Glaum 'Sex' Film [1920] Spanish, Lola & Andre'
Spirit of America, the USA 1910s Dance Masters of America. Danced to "Dixie Song". Partly a Cakewalk Cakewalk. Rosevelts Gavotte, Motto Gavotte,
Spongebob, the USA 1990's Hop+Kick-Step<---->Hop+Kick-Step TV Cartoon Show
Spoon Dances Turkey? n/a Anatolia Dinar, Silifke, Bolu, Konya
Spreading Chestnut Tree England n/a Miss Adele England Miss England,
Springar Sweden n/a Swedish and Norwegian Country Dance aka: Springdans, Springleik
Square Dance England? c.1800s n/a Country, Round, Folk
Square-Order Shuffle England 1788 Father Joseph (Shakers) Shakers dance,
St. Louis Shag E. St. Louis c.1930s Kenny Wetzel was a main devotee of this dance. Charleston, St. Louis Hop, Lindy, Shag, WC Swing,
St. Louis Shuffle USA C.1937 A. Murray (Lets Swing It) n/a
St. Vitus Dance Germany 1374 Middle Ages Tarantella, Dance Marathons,
Stag Dance USA 1863 Union Soldiers Ballroom,
Stag Line USA 1937 Single Men Cutting In, Single, Escort
Statue Dance n/a 1840s? Minstrel Shows Pedestal Dance, Jig, Clog, Step Dance, Tap
Step Dance Ireland 400's (see tap for now) Tap, Clog, Jig, Pedestal
Steppin' Chicago, IL 1940's n/a Stepping, Swing, DC Hand Dance, Walk, Offtime
Stevenson Stomp New York 1952 Natl. Dance Masters Ass. Political, Al Smith Hop, Lindy Hop
Stomp-Stomp-Stomp USA 1960 (8/1960 - Ballroom Dance Mag) the Madison
Stop-Time Dance ?? 1920s Fred Stone and Dave Mongomery danced this dance Tap, Vernacular, Minstrel
Stop Trot London 1927 ??  
Stork Hop n/a 1912 Danced by Many Couples Together imitating the Long Legged flight of a Stork. Fox Dance, Goat Bound, Grizzly Bear, Bunny Hug etc.
Strasak Slavokia ?? ?? Cardáš, Hat dance
Strassburger Paris 1770 n/a Mozart, Landler, Strassbourgeoise
Strathspey Scotland (Straph / Vale Spey river) 1750 National dance of Scotland. Basically a slow reel. Highland Fling, Highland Schottische, Hornpipe,
Slower than Reels
Stroll, The USA c.1913 Albert Newman - (from Hesitation Boston, became fad in 1960s) Hesitation Boston (Waltz), Fad, Twist, Frug,
Strollypso USA c.1960s Jackie Dee Stroll, Calypso
Strophe Crete B.C. Thesus Strophe, Anti-strophe, and the Stationary, Mythology
Strut, The USA 1900? Uncle Tom's Cabin [1903], Hallelujah [1929], Music Box Revue? Paul Whiteman, Cakewalk
Strut, The Champion USA c.1940s? See Marge and Gower Champion Cakewalk, Charleston, Jitterbug - mix
Stumbling Steps, the USA 1922 Donald Kerr & Elfie Weston Walking Dance for Dummies :)
Sturlungasaga Sweden? n/a n/a Strophe, Faroe
Styrienne n/a n/a Fanny Essler Cachucha, Varsovienne, Tarantella
Subway Glide c.1914 n/a n/a Ragtime Dance, Glide
Sugar Foot No. Carolina c.1930s Pre-cursor to the AM Shag, although was name of a few patterns as well. Shag, Flea Hop, Balboa, Jitterbug, Break Away, West Coast, 1923 -Sugar Foot Stomp-s/m
Sugar Step London 1927 ?? ??
Supreme Swing Oklahoma ? Named by Jerry Crim West Coast Swing, Push, Whip, Sophisticated, Western Swing, Carolina Shag, Rock & Roll
Surfer Stomp USA 1960's Side, Cross, Side, Stomp - repeat (solo or couple) Fad, NC2, Twist, Disco
Suzy - Q USA 1937 n/a Big Apple, Truckin', Lindy Hop, Shim Sham
Swallow Bavaria n/a n/a Animal
Swedish Ring Dance ?Sweden? ?? ?? ??
Swing Dance USA 1914-present Folk Dance (Swing Dance is an Umbrella Term for all forms of swing. See listed) Balboa, Big Apple, Boogie Woogie, Bop, BreakAway, Carolina Shag, Ceroc, Champion Strut, Flying Lindy, DC Hand Dance, East Coast Swing Hollywood Style, Hustle, Jitterbug, Jive, Jitterbug-Jive, Leroc, Lindy Hop, Mooch, the, New Yorker, Pony Swing, Push, Rock & Roll, Savoy Style, Shag (collegiate), Shag (St Louis), Shim Sham, Sophisticated Swing, Steppin, Supreme Swing, Suzy Q, Swag, Swango, Swop, Swustle, Texas Tommy, Truckin, West Coast Swing, Whip, and others.
Swing Trot New York 1947 Fred Astaire Foxtrot
Swing Waltz n/a 1937 n/a Waltz
Swingeroo, the Georgia 1937 A Truckin' Manuever. Elbows interlocked and Truck in a circle Truckin, Joe Louis Truck, Swing dance, Lindy Hop
Swop Dance Hollywood, CA 7/2006 Coined by group Outkast. Means medium tempo Old Skool (SW)ing (128-148 bpm) and Hip-h(OP) mixture or SW-OP from film Idlewild. West Coast Swing, Hip-Hop, Push, Whip, Shag, Lindy
Sword Dance Rome n/a Spartans and Romans, Later Scotland (1058) Mattachins, Highland Fling, Matassins, Gillie Callum, Moresque, Mooris

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