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   These pages are our main index for dance. These Dance History Archives pages are updated with added information on a weekly basis so they change often as new and Vintage DANCE History INFORMATION is obtained. If it is not listed here, try searching our site above (green arrow box). We also provide links when available to the best retailers who provide customer feedback, technical data, more information and any pricing that may be related to any products of the dance on this website such as Books, Video's, Magazines, Photo's, Music etc. so you may know it exists for purchase, Most, sadly however are not available.

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Rabbit Dance Germany 1914 n/a Bunny Hug
Rabbit Hop USA 1917? n/a n/a
Racenitza for three Bulgaria n/a n/a n/a
Racket, the USA 1911 n/a Gallop
Racquet n/a 1888 aka: Newport, Knickerbocker Waltz, Galop
Raftero, The Hollywood 1930s Carole Lombard and George Raft (Paramount's Bolero Movie), Bolero
Rag (time) Dance USA 1906-08 a "Shuffling, Syncopated unnamed "Negro Dance" song. Grizzly Bear, Texas Tommy, Bunny Hug, One Step, Turkey Trot
Rag Doll Dance USA C.1890s performed - 1893- Kirmess Opera House danced by Miss Austin
Raggedy Ann n/a 1924 a Foxtrot Dance n/a
Rag Time Waltz USA 1913 Basically used ragtime dance patterns in the Hesitatio and Boston Waltz. Hesitation Waltz, Boston Waltz
Rak Bavaria n/a n/a Animal
Raks Sharki (Sharqi) India B.C. aka: Dance Oriental / Belly Dance. (One of the worlds oldest dances) Belly Dance, Oriental Dance, Raks Farruh, Oryantal Tansi, Raks I Shahane, Erotic dance, Middle East, Egypt
Rastro Spain? 1600s? n/a Jacara, Piva, Sarabande, Tarraga
"Recreational Dance(r)" n/a 1938 Term coined by John Martin-1938, aka: Poor Social Dancer. Ballroom, Folk, Swing, Country, Latin
(a different meaning than Social)
Redowa So. Germany 1820s aka: redjovet (Bohemian dance), Introduced to Paris 1845 Waltz, Polka, Mazurka
Redowa Schottische n/a 1871 E. W. Masters aka: Five Step Schottische, New Schottische
Reel O' Tulloch Tulloch, Scotland n/a The original Reel (see reels) Highland Fling, Reels, Sailors Hornpipe, Jig, Strathspey
Reels Tulloch, Scotland 16th? aka: Jiggety Reels. Scottish and Irish folk dance. Jig, Wing, Round, Reel O Tulloch, Virginia reel, Buck, Clog, Square, Hornpipe, Strathspey
Reigen Germany n/a Folk Roundelay (Round) type dance Roundelay, Hora, Khorovod, Hay, Reye
Renaissance Dances European c.1550-1650 consisted of many dances and people Thoinot Arbeau, Fabrito Caroso, Cesare Negri, Swords, Fans, Branles, Pavane, Minuet
Reno Glide Reno, NV. USA c1912 a spoof on "Easy Divorces" in Reno, NV. Texas Tommie, Horse Trot, Banana Peel Glide, Gaby Glide, Gilda Glide, Sea Sick Glide etc
Retro Swing California c.1995 Basically just double Time East Coast Swing, using Kicks and a Flick Step (INSTEAD of a Rock Step) from the 1950's. There is a scene in 'I Love Lucy' with Lucy & Arthur Walsh doing this basic style/step ie: Kick-Step, Kick Step, Flick Step! aka: East Coast Swing, Jump Swing, Double Time Swing, Neo Swing, Jitterbug
Revolutionary Rhythm USA 1913 Introduced in the Film Illusion with Nancy Carrol n/a
Reye, The n/a M.Ages Chaucerian, aka: Hay Hay, Roundelay
Rheinlander Bavaria 1850s aka: Schottische Polka Tremblante, Hungarian Waltz
Rhumba (Rumba) Cuba 1913 Son dance of Cuba. US - Quinn and Sawyer Rumba, Mambo, Son, Samba, Cha-cha, Night Club 2 step
Richmond, The France? 1700s Dance Master - Issac n/a
Rigaudon (Rigadon) Marseilles, France 1485 Dance Master Rigaud (Non Contact/ Traveling dance). Passipied, Bouree', Montagnarde, Jig, Rigoletto, Jean Baptiste Lully
Rigadoon Royal France 1710 Dance Master Issac n/a
Rigoletto France? n/a n/a Passipied, Bouree, Montagnarde, Jig, Rigaudon, Jean Baptiste Lully
Ring Shout, the West Africa 1700s? Origin of many elements of other dances derived from the ring shout dance. Derived of the Kabba Ring Dance, Circle Dance, Walkaround, Juba Dance, Spirtual dance, Holy
Ritz, The USA 1924 n/a Flapper Walk, Camel Walk, French Tango
Ritz Carlton n/a 1937 n/a became a Waltz Step
Robot, the n/a 1970s 1980s Freestyle Fad Dance Cabbage Patch, Peewee Dance, Electric Slide, The Centipede, Rock Lobster
Rock & Roll (swing) USA 1950's Swing renamed Swing, Lindy, West Coast, Jitterbug, Retro, Push, Whip etc., (Also means "freestyle /solo dancing)
Rock and Roll ( (freestyle)) USA 1960's meaning "Freestyle" when the Twist came into play. Twist, Lindy, Jitterbug, Watusi, Frug etc.
Rock and Roll (German) Germany 1950's Two Types: Acrobatic and Classic Style. Jive, East Coast, Charleston,
aka: European Rock & Roll
Rock Dancing USA 1890'S Italian Ballet Dance on instep Ballet
Rock Lobster USA 1980'S 1980s Freestyle Fad Dance Cabbage Patch, Peewee Dance, Electric Slide, TheCentipede, the Robot
Rocker, the London 1919 n/a A Waltz, Hesitation
Roegarze France n/a Folk Dance, Renaissance Period Folk, Court Dance
Sir Roger de Coverly England 1650 named after Addisons "Sir Roger de Coverly", (became Virginia Reel) Virginia Reel, Old Paul Jones, Arkansas Traveler, Virginia Essence
Romaiika Greece 1803? Heroic Suliote Women of Greece Sacred dance of Greece
Romaine or Romanesque Italy n/a aka: Gaillard Cing-Pas, Romanesca, Galliard, Gagliarde,
Rondeña Malaga, Spain 1500s? n/a Jaleo, Fandango
Rondeau Gascon, The France? 1700s Dance Master Issac King Henry, Flute-Flagolete, (Outdoor dance by Torches)
Rondo, The England n/a originally a "Round dance" Folk, Square, Round dance
Ronrico, the USA 1937 Ramon and Renita Billed as the New Rhumba, (Universal Newsreel 1937). combined Cuban and Puerto Rican rhythms.
Rope Dance n/a n/a Basically jump rope to music n/a
Rouergoise Rouergue, France n/a (a precise and elegant dance) n/a
Round (Dances) Bohemia n/a a form of couples group dancing, may Sing! Ronde, Rondo, Square, Quadrilles, Courant
Roundel (ay) n/a M. Ages Folk couple circle dances, couples join hands. Khorovod, Hora, Reigen, Hay
Royal, the France 1700s Dance Master "Issac" n/a
Royal Galliarde France 1710s Dance Master "Issac" n/a
Royal Portuguese France 1700s Dance Master "Issac" n/a
Rumba Cuba 1913-40? The" Son dance" of Cuba. Quinn and Sawyer Rhumba, Mambo, Son, Samba, Cha-cha
Rustemul So. Romania n/a (Stamping & Quick Syncopation's) Joc De Legana, Alunelul, Folk
Ruth & Simon n/a 1800s Fancy dance? n/a
Rye Waltz n/a 1890s n/a Waltz, Polka, Valse, Walzer, Volta

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