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   These pages are our main index for dance. These Dance History Archives pages are updated with added information on a weekly basis so they change often as new and Vintage DANCE History INFORMATION is obtained. If it is not listed here, try searching our site above (green arrow box). We also provide links when available to the best retailers who provide customer feedback, technical data, more information and any pricing that may be related to any products of the dance on this website such as Books, Video's, Magazines, Photo's, Music etc. so you may know it exists for purchase, Most, sadly however are not available.

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Macarena n/a 1993 (song) dance created in 1996 by a Flamenco teacher. song by Los del Río. Originally had no dance till 1996. Was a type of line dance, aspect of the Virgin Mary in Spain.
Madera Bohemia 1850s  Anna Chadimová-Slezak Pre Polka
Madison, The USA c.1950's (articles: 4/1960, 8/1960, 12/1960 - Ballroom Dance Mag: a Solo and Couples dance, It's Madison Time) Twist, Bop, Frug, Hully Gully, Swim, Jerk
Madrilène, La Spain? 1850s? Spanish style couples dance n/a
Malagueña Andalusia n/a (Mal-a-Gain=Yah), aka: Flamenco, (also a music) Andalusan, Flamenco, Tango, Bolero, Paso Doble
Mambo Haiti/ Cuba c.1930's ?Francisco Grillo? Salsa, Rumba, Son, Latin, Cha-Cha, Danzon, Habanera, Samba
Manila Swing USA c.1980s another name for the Hustle (1-2-3&4-5-6&) Hustle, Disco, Phillapino Swing
Manipuri Manipur, India n/a n/a Hindu Natya, Marwar, Malabar, Madras, Manipur, Kathak, Kathakali, Guru, Tagore, Shan-Kar, Belly
Maori New Zealand n/a Songs, War Dance n/a
Marlborough, the USA 1896 Mr. Mohler Minuet and Mazurka Combo dance
Marimba Waltz n/a 1921 n/a done to Song-After The Ball-1921
Marinera Peruana Peru n/a a Flirtation dance n/a
Marmeins, the   c.1927 Irene, Phyllis and Miriam  
Martinique, The Haiti n/a A set dance, connected to the Giouba dance n/a
Martinique Beguine St. Lucia n/a ballroom dance of the island of St. Lucia and Martinique. n/a
Mary Pickford Waltz New York 1917 n/a Waltz, Mary Pickford
Mashed Potato (e) USA c.1950/60 1960s fad dance, version of the Charleston Fad, Twist, Frug, Hully Gully, Swim, Madison, Watusi, Monkey, Jerk
Mason ?Cuba? n/a n/a ??
Matelot Holland n/a Dutch sailors dance, wooden shoes, arms interlaced behind backs. Sailors Hornpipe, clogs, Matelotte
Mattichiche, La n/a 1905? ?Derminy & Morley? aka: Maxixe,
Mattachins n/a c.1500's aka: Matassins Sword Dance, Court Ballets,
Maurice Glide USA 1910s Maurice Mouvet Maurice Walk, Castle Walk, Tango various Glides
Maurice's Step Dance New York 1910's Maurice Mouvet Chasseurs Foxtrot, Maxixe, Apache
Maurice Walk New York 1912 Mouvet and Walton One Step, Cakewalk, Skip, Hop, Dips, Glides, Tango
Maxixe Brazil 1912 Del Rio and Luis Introduced at the Palais de danse. aka: Brazilian Tango Parisian, Brazilian, Bre'siliene, Mattichiche, Zemba, Habanara, Tango, Samba
Maxixe Argentine New York 1914? Joan Sawyer Maxixe, Bre'siliene, Mattichiche, Tango
Maxixe Bre'siliene New York? 1914? n/a Maxixe, Castles, Mouvet
Maxina Britain? 1917 Madame Low Hurndall dance won 1st Place British Teachers of Dance
May Dance Swiss 1907? n/a Klapdanse, Chicken Dance
May Pole Dance England 1763 Moors, John Tiller (said to have created modern maypole) Versailles, Carnival, Robin Hood, May Day Dance, Morris Dance
Mayfair Cotillion n/a 1908 Created by G.F. Childs Cotillion, billed as A New Square dance
Mazurka Mazovie, Poland 1500's Markowsky Polacco, Holubiec, Minuet, Polka, Polonaise, Waltz, Russian
Measure n/a n/a Court/Stately Dance n/a
Melange n/a 1928 n/a Apache, Maxixe
Meloneras Daimiel, Spain n/a Variation of Sequilillas Manchengas, by two or four couples Sequilillas Manchengas, Spanish Dance
Mento Jamaica n/a Native dances resembling the Rumba Rumba
Merenconga USA 1960s aka:  Pachanga, Merengue, Conga, Mambo, Cha Cha
Merengue Hispanola c.1800s (different stories see page) tambora, güiro, Urpa, Walk, King, Salsa, Latin, Mambo
Merry Go Round Dance New York 1937 Veloz & Yolanda Cobra Tango, Yolanda Tango
Merry Widow Waltz n/a n/a Maurice Mouvet said to be invented by Georgie Mahrer Waltz
Mesemba Spain? c.1890s n/a Samba, Zemba Queca, Lundu
Metropole, Le n/a c.1870s H. Fletcher Rivers Waltz
Mexican Hat Dance [SM] Mexico ?1910s? aka: El Jarabe Taptio. 1950 Dutchess of Idaho Film, Anchors Aweigh. [Clip] Mixers, Conga, Hokey Pokey, Bunny Hop,
Mexican Shuffle [SM] n/a 1948 n/a n/a
Mexican Twist, That
USA 1911 Composer: Walter Donovan
Mexiconga ??? 1930s Ann Miller, George White Scandals of 1939 Conga,
Military Glide USA 1910? n/a Sousa, March,
Military March n/a n/a note: done in Movie-Pin Up Girl Military Glide, Sousa, March
Military Schottische n/a 1800s aka: Kentucky Jubilee and Dancing in the Barn Schottische
Military Three Ohio 1917 ? F. S. Laux ?  
Milonga Spain/ Arg. c.1800's Argentine country dance and music style Tango, Music, Habanera, Andalusan
Mime Greece 600 B.C. Dorian Centers of Pelponnesus Pantomime, Mute, Act, Phlyakes
Miners Dance UK 1800s intricate Group Dance done with Hand Held Sword, Sticks or Batons Sword, Baton, Stick, Morris
Minuet Poitu , FR. 16-1875 Pe'Cour? aka: Menuet, Stately, Court, Round
Minuet Tango USA 1913 Albert Newman A Tango-non ragtime, 2/4
Mitote Santa Cruz 5/3/?? Montezuma ordered Cortez to dance, Superbly dressed, danced from Night to morning. Cascaron
Mizpirotza Basque c1600s? n/a n/a
Mobile Buck USA 1830s  Common Buck, evolved into the Time Step Minstrel Shows, Buck Dance, Tap
Moderation, the USA 1910S Rowley Downs Dance Mixture
Modern Dance Europe 19th Century Francois Delsarte, Emile Jacques-Dalcroze, Isadora Duncan- (USA) Jazz, Ballet, Interpretive
Modern Jazz USA c.1930's (see Modern Dance for now) Jazz, Tap, Ballet
Money Musk New England? 1776 written by Daneil Dow Hornpipe, Gigue, Reels, Highland Fling, Breakdown, Strathspey, Muine Music (also a song title)
Monferrina Piedmont c.1800s? n/a Giga, Lombardina, Tarantella
Monfredo n/a c.1800s? n/a n/a
Monkey, The USA 1963 (Major Lance's Popular Song Monkey Time) 1960s Fad dances, Twist, Frug, Watusi, Mule, etc.
Monkey Glide, the USA 1910's n/a n/a
Monkey Hunch USA c.1917 n/a Ballin The Jack, Buzzin' the Bee, etc., James P. Johnson
Modinha Brazil n/a derived from Portuguese songs and dances n/a
Mon Homme USA 1922 Dorothy Dickson and Carl Hyson aka: Grab Dance (Ladies lead this dance)
Mooch, the USA 1920s Animule Ball by Jelly Roll Morton mentions the Mooch, Said originally to be a Zulu Dance. The Sugar, Shag, Breakaway, Lindy Hop, Swing, Charleston etc.
Mooch and Sugar, the USA 1910s Pre Swing Dance Texas Tommy, Breakaway, Lindy Hop
Morris Dances Spain/ English 1360's John Of Gaunt - Introduced to England. aka: Moresque, Morisca, Square, Robin Hood, Country, Contra, Bean, May Pole
Mosquito Dance Australia? n/a maybe Aborignes?, native americans, Mashpee and Aquinnah, Wbanaki, Samoans seems to be many versions of this dance Composer Béla Bartók. Scratch dance, Heebee Jeebies, Mosquito Macarena
Mosquito Macarena USA 1990S? Childrens dance Mosquito Dance, Macarena
Mosquito SLAP Dance Hawaii 1940's? (Samoans - choreographed slapping rids the male dancers of imaginary pests with high stepping athleticism) aka: siva fa'ataupati
Motovidlo Czech n/a (name means winder or windlass) Allewander, Allemande, Reel
Mount Vernon USA? 1932 Ballroom Dance Washington and Lee, Montclair
Mouse, the USA 1960's Soupy Sales (say 'do the mouse': make a face, with thumbs in ears)
Mule, The USA 1966 Killer Joe Piro (vodka ad) Jerk, Watusi, Twist, Mule Walk, etc
Mule Walk Washington 1913 created by Jane Allen - Part Turkey Trot, Horsetrot, and Tango. Music starts then goes into a Waltz and Evreyone stops dancing until the original song starts again (stubborn as a Mule idea - wont dance waltz) The Mule, James P. Johnson, John Roache , The Jungles Casino
Mumbo Jumbo, the Hawaii? 1911 Introduced by Prince Cupid (Jonah Cubio Kalanialole) in Wash. D.C. aka: Americanized Hula Hula
Mutchíco Basque n/a aka: Saut Basque edo carrica dantza
Musette France 1400s? n/a Piva, Hornpipe, Gigue, Sarabanda, Chacona
Mysetta Waltz n/a 1960s? (4/1967-Ballroom dancing Times Mag.) Waltz
Mysore India n/a Similar to the May Pole dance. See May Pole for now

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