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   These pages are our main index for dance. These Dance History Archives pages are updated with added information on a weekly basis so they change often as new and Vintage DANCE History INFORMATION is obtained. If it is not listed here, try searching our site above (green arrow box). We also provide links when available to the best retailers who provide customer feedback, technical data, more information and any pricing that may be related to any products of the dance on this website such as Books, Video's, Magazines, Photo's, Music etc. so you may know it exists for purchase, Most, sadly however are not available.

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Jaleo de Jerez Xeres, Spain n/a n/a Spanish Dance, Fandango, Jota, Bolero
Jalisco, the Jalisco n/a Male dancer places his hat on ground, female dances around it, if she touches hat, she accepted his love. Spanish Dance, Jose Greco
Jam, The America 1840s Minstrel Shows Hoe-down, Barn Dance, Swing, Lindy
Jarabo Tipatio Mexico City 1900s? n/a Mexican Hat Dance, Spanish, Folk
Jarana Yucatán, Mexico n/a aka: Merry Chatter Folk Dance
Java Dance India 200 AD Seven Widaharis Chaya-Nataka, Hindu, Mime, Folk
Jazz, The Pittsburgh? 1917 Miss Francis White? Novelty dance
Jazz Dance USA 1920's n/a Ballet, Modern, Tap
Jazzarimbo USA 1910s Ragtime Dance Bunny Hug, Grizzly Bear, Turkey Trot
Jazzbo Glide USA 1900s Simple Couples Step snapping Fingers mentioned in Bradfords Bullfrog Hop in 1908
Jelly Glide USA? 1913 n/a Bunny Hug, Grizzly Bear etc.
Jelly Roll USA 1915 Dancing The Jelly Roll n/a
Jibao, Pie De Spain 1560 Also known as Gibao Sarabande, Chacone, Spanish, Court
Jig Ireland 1580's-1880 aka: Gigue Gigue, Clog, Reels, Giga Tap, Buck, Slop, Jiggs
Jig Walk Sound Sample by The Savoy Orpheans Jig Walk USA 1930S Rock/Step-Kick/Step-Kick-Step (Mainly done in Closed Position) Swing, Shag, Balboa Variation
Jimmy Creepers USA 1954 John Bull Fad
Jitterbug USA 1934-95 (Umbrella term for Swing Dances/ Dancers) West Coast Swing, Lindy, Push, Whip New Yorker, East Coast, Jive
Jitter-Jive USA 1930s Astaire & Leslie Jitterbug, East Coast, Jive
Jiu Jitsu Waltz USA 1910's? Mademoiselle Dazie did this dance in the 1907 Zigfeld Follies Jiu Jitsu Dance, Dazie, Zeigfeld Follies
Jive Europe/USA 1940's on n/a East Coast, Le roc, Ce roc, Swing, Euro Rock & Roll, Boogie Woogie
Joanelle USA 1914 Joan Sawyer Waltz??Minuet, Corps de ballet
Joc De Legana Romania n/a aka: Dance of the Cradle Rustemul, Alunelul, Folk
Joe Louis Truck USA 1930's Don Redman wrote the song which was just the Truckin' Dance Truckin', Swing Dance, Lindy Hop, Jitterbug, L'Africain
Jonah's Band USA 1910s? Similaritys to the Juba Dance, Circle dance ??
Jota Aragon, Valencia, Spain 1700s (National Dance) Spanish Dance
Ju-Jitsu Waltz USA 1907 Mlle. Dazie & Tokio Waltz
Juba, Pattin' USA 1845 Master Juba William Henry Lane, Jig, Clog, Tap, Buck & Wing
Jump Swing Ihaca, NY ? c.2000? Originally (and still known as) East Coast Swing (with kicks) then later as Retro Swing! (see Retro/ Neo Swing) ... More of a Musical style than a dance. aka: East Coast Swing, Retro Swing, Double Time Swing, Neo-Swing, Jitterbug. [Link]
Junkman Rag, the USA 191? Maurice Mouvet ??

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