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   These pages are our main index for dance. These Dance History Archives pages are updated with added information on a weekly basis so they change often as new and Vintage DANCE History INFORMATION is obtained. If it is not listed here, try searching our site above (green arrow box). We also provide links when available to the best retailers who provide customer feedback, technical data, more information and any pricing that may be related to any products of the dance on this website such as Books, Video's, Magazines, Photo's, Music etc. so you may know it exists for purchase, Most, sadly however are not available.

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Habanera Havana, Cuba c.1800s? n/a Spanish, Tango, Salsa, Latin, Andalusan
Half and Half New York 1912 Vernon Castle Hesitation, Maxixe, Cinquante-Cinquante
Half Step Pueblo, CO. 1917 M.E. Madden Mixture of the Highland Fling and One Step in quick time. (8/28/1917 Lima Daily News)
Half Time Waltz New York 1910 n/a Variation of the Hesitation Waltz
Halling Sweden n/a Swedish and Norwegian Country Dance n/a
Hambo Sweden n/a Swedish 3/4 time dance Folk, gammaldans, Hambopolkett, Polka, Polska, Round, Schottische,
Hambone USA 1952 Sammy McGrier. (Red Saunders Music) Pattin' Juba, Giouba
Hammer & Tack USA c.1921? n/a Ballin' The Jack, Eagle Rock, Turkey Trot, Apache
Hamster Dance Internet 1998? Animated Hamsters dancing to theme song on Internet Dubya Dance, Baby dance, Cow Dance
Hand Dancing Washington DC c.1950s 6ct: Kick Ball Chg, Sailor Shuffle, Sailor Shuffle Jitterbug, Fast Dance, DC Hand, Lindy Hop, East Coast Swing, West Coast Swing
Hand Jive USA c.1950s n/a 10/1958-Compact Magazine: Instructions, Grease
Harlem Glide Harlem 1910 n/a n/a
Harlem River Quiver Harlem n/a Cotton Club Girls n/a
Harlem Shake, the Harlem, N.Y. 1981 Originally called the albee in Harlem, Supposedly started be Al B. Became mainstream in 2001 when G-Dep featured the Harlem shake in his music video "Let's Get It." the Albee (AL.B.), Eskista, Pop and Lock, Shoulder Shake, Shimmy, isolations
Harvard, The New Orleans 1880s? Prof. Vegas Waltz-Galop, The long slide is called the Harvard with the lady always making the Harvard forward.
Harvard Caprice USA 1896 (DMOA) n/a
Hasapiko Constantinople Byzantine aka: Makellarikos, Butcher's Dance Ballo, Naftiko, Syrtaki, Zorba, Syrto
Hautes Danse England c.1350-1600 See: Basses Danse Basse, Galiarde, Courante
Hay, The n/a Mdl. Ages aka: Reye Roundelay, Reye
Haymakers' Jig n/a 1800s? n/a Gigue, Clog, Tap, Reel, Hornpipe
Havana Rhumba Cuba 1914? n/a Rumba, Latin, Sousa, Salsa
Heebie Jeebies UK 1927 Floyd DuPont Intr.. by Miss Josephine Bradley & D.Wellesley-Smith. (Pop again in 1950s). The Creep
Heel & Toe America? 1880s aka:Bohemian Collegiate, Mayme Gehue (Topsy and Eva)
Hen Scratch Bavaria n/a n/a Animal
Hesitation Waltz USA c.1880's Albert Newman, Maurice Mouvet Waltz, Half Time Waltz, Boston, Viennese, Valse, Volta
High School Gallop USA n/a n/a n/a
High Yaller USA n/a n/a n/a
Highland Fling Scotland n/a Scottish Highlands Sword Dance, Victory, Scotch Lassies dance, 1894 - Highland Dance Movie,
Highland Schottische n/a n/a aka: Balmoral Highland Fling, Schottische, Balmoral, Quadrilles, Contredanse
Hike With Ike USA n/a n/a n/a
Hindu Dance Indonesia 1500 B.C. n/a Kathak, Nrtta, Nrtya, Natya, Marwari, Mari-Puri
Hindu Love Dance Indonesia? n/a n/a see 1/10/1949 Life Mag.
Hip-Hop USA 1982- n/a Rap, Robot, Break, Jazz, Street, Pop & Lock
Hitchy Koo n/a 1959 Gladys Forrester Burlesque, Strip, Hootchy Kootchy
Hoe-down USA c.1840s Minstrel The Jam, Lindy Hop, Barn Dance
Hoffman Glide New York 1914? Probably Ned Wayburn Gaby Deslys, Gertrude Hoffman
Hokey-Pokey n/a 1950 n/a Children's Song, Mixer dance, Bunny Hop, The Creep, Monster Mash
Honolulu Glide UK 1915 Robert Hale Hula, Gilda Glide, Gaby Glide, Jazzbo Glide
Hoop Dance New York 1912 Adelaide & Hughes, Ned Wayburn Hoop Whirl, Waltz, Astaire
Philadelphia 1876 Philadelphia Cent. Fair
aka: Hoochi-Coochi
Belly, Salome, Burlesque, Turkish, Kathak, Oriental (Basically a term to mean any sexy type dance at fairs, carnivals etc.)
Hootchy-Ma-Cootch USA n/a Jelly Roll Morton's term for the Congo Grind Morton's: Animule Ball,
Hop, The USA c.1900s College's Lindy Hop, Al Smith Hop, Kangaroo Hop
Hop-A-Do USA c.1960s The Kids Twist
Hopak Ukraine n/a n/a Gopak, Ballet, Folk
Hoppaldei France? c.1800s? Couple dance Virelai, Firlefei, Hoppelrei,
Hora Lantore, Romania n/a Nat'l. Romanian and Israel Palestinian dance Round Dance, Carmen Sylva, sm:hora staccato, Lantore, Qn. Elizabeth, Wedding, Balkan ring dance
Horn Pipe (Sailors) Ireland n/a aka: Pas de Matelot Clog, Tap, Buck & Wing, Piva, Jack Tar Musette, Gigue, Tambourin, Jig
Horon Black Sea n/a ?Sailors?, Maybe farmers Rahat Horon, comfortable Horon, Romaiika
Horovod Russia n/a (ruthenium costumed) n/a
Horse Ballets Rome & Arabia n/a n/a Ballet, Court, Stately
Horse Trot Boston 1911? Uriel Davis. Introduced in Boston at a Ball in Copley-Plaza given by Hamilton Fish Jr. a High stepping Cakewalk type One Step. The High Kicks made it Difficult for the ladies. Turkey Trot, Texas Tommy, Grizzly Bear, Bunny Hug, Reno Glide etc
Hot Rod Hop USA ?/1955 Hot Rod Magazine (mag has instructions - I need a copy :)
Hovetanz Germany? c.1800s? n/a Court dance
Hringbrot Iceland n/a n/a Vikivaka
Hucklebuck n/a n/a The girls would get down on their back and the guy would stand over top of them. Dirty Dance, Freak Dancin', Paul Williams (song)
Hug Me Close USA 1912 n/a n/a
Hukilau Hawaii 1949 Don Wallace Hawaiin dance, Ballroom Hula
Hungarian Valse Hungary 1829 Rossini in his Guillaume Tell (William Tell). Waltz, see Valse
Hungroise, La n/a 1800's n/a n/a
Hula Dance Hawaii 1830's Hawaiin dance, Hawaiin dance, Polymesian dance, Tahition dance, Hula-Hula, Hukilau
Hula-Hula n/a n/a also see Hukilau Martha Raye, Gilda Gray
Hullas Sandwich Isl. n/a n/a Oriental Dance, Mime
Hupfauf Germany c.1400s? After Dance Landler, Piva, Ballo, Quaternaria
Hurdy Gurdy France? c.1850s n/a Can Can, Burlesque, Prostitution, Striptease, Hootchy Hootchi - Cootchi
Hustle Florida 1968 n/a Disco, Line, Sling, Rope
Huayñitos Bolivia n/a Couples dance, Jumps and Stunts n/a
Harvard Hesitation Boston 1937 n/a Waltz, Hesitation Waltz, Boston
Hop ???? 1930-1989 Hops were also known as
dances / parties.
swing Hop, Buzzard Hop, Lindy Hop, Al Smith Hop, Waltz Hop, Jig Hop, Byrd Hop
Hymenaea Greece n/a n/a Bracelet, Pyrrhic, Bacchanalia, Labyrinth
Hymenia n/a ancient performed at marriage festivals by young men and girls crowned with flowers. Pyrrhic, War, Bacchus, Sacred, Mediatorial, Military, Social, Gymnopedia, Domestic, Funeral

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