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   These pages are our main index for dance. These Dance History Archives pages are updated with added information on a weekly basis so they change often as new and Vintage DANCE History INFORMATION is obtained. If it is not listed here, try searching our site above (green arrow box). We also provide links when available to the best retailers who provide customer feedback, technical data, more information and any pricing that may be related to any products of the dance on this website such as Books, Video's, Magazines, Photo's, Music etc. so you may know it exists for purchase, Most, sadly however are not available.

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Gaby Glide New York 1911   Ned Wayburn & Gaby Deslys Winter Garden, Two Step, Gilda Glide, Jazzbo Glide, Aeroplane Glide
Gaditanian Rome BC n/a n/a
Gagliarde Rome, Italy 1480 See Galliard n/a
Gaiety, the New York 1889 George T. Wilson American Society of Professors of Dancing
Gallega Madrid, Spain n/a n/a Sararo, Muyñeira, (Galicians)
Galliard France 1480's later changed to Romansesca by R. Omanesca. Cinq-Pas, Tordian, Gagliarde, Gallarde, Romaine, Romanesque, Romanesca
Galop / Gallop Hungary 1800-50 n/a Polka, Gallopade, Redowa
Gambuh Bali Ancient most anicent of the Balinese dances n/a
Gammaldans Sweden old? aka: Hambo Gangar, Hambo, hambopolkett, Polska,
Gangar Sweden/ Norway n/a A Country Dance Gammaldans,
Gargouillade Paris 1740's Marie Lyonnois (Mrs. Julius Borah) - dancer best described as in trying to stir a cauldron with the point of one's foot.
Gato Argentina n/a Two Couples - Fast Waltz type dance Waltz, Tango,
Gaumba Africa n/a a story from Panji Bamboula, Chica, Calenda, Counjaille, Juba
Guapacha Cuba c1963 Cuban Cha Cha Cha Cha
Gavotte Pay de Gap - France 1588-? French Folk / Court Dance Pavlova, Pays de Gap, La Danse Classique, Pavane, Bouree, Court, Ballet
Gavotte Motto   1910 Prof. Henry Doring n/a
Geechie Ring Shouts African- Americans n/a n/a Religious
Georgetown, the USA C.1930 From Georgetown University. (One Long Step and Three Short Steps) Collegiate Dance
Georgia Bo-Bo USA 1911 Perry Bradford same as Georgia Grind but more risque movement
Georgia Grind USA 1915 Composer: Ford. T. Dabney
Baltimore Buzz, Ballin The Jack, Buzzin the Bee
Geranos Delos (Greek Mythology) n/a Theseus Pyrrihic, War
German, The Germany 1809 aka: The CotillionWaltz, grew out of the Harvest dance. Waltz, Cotillion, Tour de Valse
Gibao Spain 1560 same as Pie De Jibao Spanish, Court, Pe' de Chibao, Sarabande, Chacone, Jibao
Gibson Glide     Preston Gibson (with Mrs Rowland)  
Giga Italy? 1800s? n/a Girometta, Lombardina, Monferrina
Gigolo, The Paris 1926 M. Darion (danced with Mlle. Nadine). Creators were American, created dance while in Paris. George Raft, Valentino, Tango, Rod La Rocque, Kinkajou, Dixie Stomp, Lindbergh Glide, Stop Trot
Gigue France 1600's sometimes crossed over as a canaries dance Sarabanda, Piva,  Hornpipe, Giga, Jig, Tap, Buck, Pigeon Wing, Forlane, Canaries
Gilda Glide New York n/a Ned Wayburn or Arthur Murray? In honor of Gilda Gray Bolero, Tango, Rumba, Gilda Gray, Gaby Glide, Aeroplane Glide, Jazzbo Glide
Gimpelgampel n/a 1800s? n/a n/a
Giouba Africa 1825 Made popular in the USA by Henry "Master Juba" Lane Jig, Reel, Minstrel, African Step Dance, The Martinique
Girdle Dance New York 1940s Gypsy Beulah Burlesque, Leon & Eddies
Girl From Havana USA 1914? The Sunshine Girl (The Castles) n/a
Girometta Italy? 1800s? n/a Giga, Lombardina, Monferrina
Gittana (Gitana) Spain n/a n/a Spanish Dance, La Gitano, La Gitana
Glide Polka USA? 1880's A treatise on the elements of dancing: Brown, R. E. Aeroplane Glide, Gaby Glide, Jazzbo Glide, Gilda Glide
Glissade Redowa n/a c.1879 American Society of Professors of Dancing see Redowa, Polka
Goat Bound USA 1912 n/a Stork Hop, Bunny Hug, Fox Dance etc
Gobbler Glide USA C.1912 n/a Ragtime dance
Gofenanz Germany 1800s? n/a Court,
Golden West, the USA 1914 D.M.O.A. Pan American Glide
Golliwog, the n/a 1920s? $Vaudeville Videos vol6 performed by the L.I.M.E. Trio
Goose Dance England n/a aka: Goosey Dancing n/a
Gopak Ukraine n/a n/a Hopak, Ballet, Folk
Gopis Dance India n/a n/a Krishna
Gorlitza Poland 1850 2/4 time-Couples, Basically a Waltz. Waltz, Polka, Mazurka, Sissone
Goshen Glue USA? 1912 Shag, Swing Type Dance Swing, Big Apple
Gotham Gobble n/a n/a n/a ?
Grab Dance USA 1922 Dorothy Dickson and Carl Hyson aka: Mon Homme (Ladies lead thsi dance)
Graduation Ball USA 1920'S? n/a danced by Barbara Fallis, Fouettes,
Grape Juice Wallow USA c1912 Uriel Davis. dedicated to Secretary of State Bryan a combination of the Fish Walk, Horsetrot, Sea Sick Glide.
Grapevine Dance USA 1912 Animal / Ragtime Dance Turkey Trot, Bunny Hug, Grizzly Bear, Tiger, Wish Wash Glide, Boston Dip, etc
Greek Nat Waltz n/a 1800s? National Dance? see: Greek Waltz
Greek Waltz Greece? 1800s? National Dance? n/a
Grinding USA 1996 n/a aka: Freak Dancing, extreme Dirty Dance, Simulated mating
Grizzly Bear Chicago 1909 Possibly San Francisco? Bunny Hug, Texas Tommy, Turkey Trot, Maxixe, Two-step, Apache, Tango
Grossvater Germany n/a n/a a version in the 1st act-Nutcracker
Grunt Dance USA 1958 American Bandstand Fad Dance
Guajira Cuba n/a Cuban Country Dance, 3/4 or 6/8 derived from the Andalusian Spanish Dance
Guaracha Cuba or Spain 1880s Theater dance, 3/8. Danced by one person, accompanied by guitar. Some say precursor to the Cha-Cha. (Popular in Puerto Rico) Spanish
Gun Dance n/a 1800's The Wild West n/a
Gypsy Dance (Gipsy) ?Spain? n/a Some Dances: Agir Roman, Bir Sari Yilan, Kaba Roman, kampana, karsilama, Mastika, Romanian, sirto, roman, sulukule, Tulum. Flamenco or Spanish, La Meri, Kaba, Pomagi, Maciro, Rosario & Antonio,

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