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   These pages are our main index for dance. These Dance History Archives pages are updated with added information on a weekly basis so they change often as new and Vintage DANCE History INFORMATION is obtained. If it is not listed here, try searching our site above (green arrow box). We also provide links when available to the best retailers who provide customer feedback, technical data, more information and any pricing that may be related to any products of the dance on this website such as Books, Video's, Magazines, Photo's, Music etc. so you may know it exists for purchase, Most, sadly however are not available.

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D' Hammerschiedsg' sellen German n/a aka: Blacksmiths Apprentice Dance n/a
DC Hand Dance Washington, DC 1950s? n/a East Coast Swing, Pony Swing, Jive
Dabke or Debke Levant n/a n/a Debka Carmiel, Erev Ba, Folk, Tfilati,Middle Eastern Dance, Folkloric, Belly Dance
Dagger Dance n/a n/a film: Natoma (1911) Sabre Dance, Sword Dance, Morris
Daggering Jamaica 1998? nothing new ... aka Freaking or Freak dancing (in USA). Basically imitates sexual acts on dance floor Freak Dance, Freaking
Dallas 2 Step Dallas, TX. c.1970s? (Walk- Walk- Triple- Triple) Dallas Shuffle, Texas Two Step, Country Western dance
Dance-a-la Graphonola USA c.1924 Casson Brothers & Marie Albee Theater
Dance After Husking n/a 1858 n/a Virginia Wheel
Dance of Death Paris? 1424 Cemetery of the Innocents-Paris Dance Macabre, Dance of the Demons, Dance Of The Shadows, Halloween, Totentanz, Plaque
Dance of the Demons USA 1906 n/a Halloween, Dance of Death, Dance Of The Shadows
Dance of the Doves n/a c.1930s n/a Rosita Royce
Dance of the Lovers USA c.1930s A Vaudeville / Burlesque routine. Uses a dummy as a partner and is manipulated by the Dancer. Mitzi McGarry, Burlesque
Dance of the Seven Veils Egypt? n/a Salome (see Salome link for n for now) Salome, Belly Dance, Rope Dance, Burlesque, Striptease, Jessie York, Maude Allen, Joan Sawyer
Dance Of The Shadows New York 1846 ? Fanny Essler ? Joan Sawyer, Dance of Death,
Dancing in the Barn USA c.1800s aka: Kentucky Jubilee / Military Schottische. n/a
Danish Waltz Germany c.1800s? aka: La Badenowitch. Reintroduced by M. Perin in Paris a Waltz Cotillion Quadrille type dance.
Dardanella USA? 1919 ?? Foxtrot
Daronee Armenia n/a worships sun / earth Folk, Alunelul, Toika
Dartmouth Dip USA 1937? A. Murray (Lets Swing It Book) n/a
danse de Canaries Canarie Islands 1552 Diego Pisador click link
Danse du ventre France n/a aka: Belly Dance, Cancan Belly Dance, Cancan, Apache
Danses A' Deaux Europe n/a n/a Branle, Minuet, Adagio, Ballet
Danse au Virlet France c.1700s? Circular Dance n/a
Dansa de Donzellas Portugal c.1570 Eight Girl Dance A Portuguese drama
Danse de St. Guy Lorriane n/a aka: Tarantella Tarantella, St. Vitus, , La Danse de St. Jean, Veith
Dansas dos Espingardeiros, Portugal c.1500s n/a A Portuguese drama
Dansas habladas Portugal c.1600s? aka: Xacaras n/a
Dansas dos Mariyos Portugal c.1500s n/a A Portages drama
Dansas dos Pratos Portugal c.1500s n/a A Portuguese drama
Danzas Spain n/a many types and variations see Spanish Dance for now and below
Danza Antigua de Hermigua Gomera Isl. ancient Warrior Dance Danse de Canaries
Danza de Damas y Galanes Galicia, Spain n/a Religious Dance Danza del Paloteo y el Cordón a La Virgen de La Piedad
Danza de los Diablos Huete (Cuenca), Spain ancient aka: Devil Dance. (Group dance using sticks to chase devil away) Spanish Dance, Danzas
Danza del Paloteo y el Cordón a La Virgen de La Piedad Toledo, Spain n/a 8 girls and 1 male, uses Castanets, whips, Canes March, Danza de Damas y Galanes
Danza Prima Asturias, Spain n/a n/a see Spanish Dance
Danzón Matanza, Cuba 1879 ?Miguel Failde (1852-1921) ,? (descendant of the contradanza in 1800's) Contradanza, Charangas, Danza, Son, Cha, Rumba, Mambo
Dardenella n/a n/a n/a Buddha Song, Foxtrot
Davy's Foxtrot New York 1914 Uriel Davys Foxtrot, One Step, Two Step
Debka Carmiel Israel 1990s Carmiel Festival Erev Ba, Folk, Tfilati, Dabke
Delfoy Detroit? 1940s kak: Dip, 1/2 time jitterbug n/a
Denngozo Maxixe n/a 1914 Ernesto Nazareth Maxixe, Brazilian, Mattchachi
Detroit Ballroom n/a c.1970s? n/a Cha Cha, African-American
Dew Drops USA c.1880s? n/a n/a
Dewey Dip, The Chicago 1940s Nat. Ass. Dance Masters Al Smith Hop, Lindy Hop
Diaphaneous Dip USA? c.1912   Foxtrot, One Step, Two Step, Grizzly Bear, Bunny Hug
Dig It! USA 1941 Fred Astaire & Paulette Goodard 11/5/1940 - Look Magazine
Dirty Dancing USA 1950 & 1980 n/a Mambo
Dirty Dig, The USA c.1920-30's n/a Running
Disco Dance Paris c.1950-90? n/a n/a
Disco Fox France c.1980s? n/a Hustle, Disco, Ceroq, Jive, Leroq, Foxtrot
Disco Two-Step New York 1960s Buddy Schwimmer aka: Nightclub Two Step, NC2, Rumba
Dixie Stomp, The Chicago 8/22/1927 Tom H. Sheehy (Charleston and Black Bottom Mixture, a point step can replace the stomp for the ballroom) Foxtrot, Kinkajou, Charleston, Black Bottom, Lindbergh Glide, Yankee Prance. demo by H.J Ryan
Do the Freddie Ca.? 1965 Freddie & The Dreamers Fad, Twist, Frug, Swim, Jerk, Watusi
Dog Walk USA c.1910s Ragtime Dance Walkin the Dog, Grizzly Bear, Bunny Hug
Doin' The Boom Boom USA 1929 Movie- Why Leave Home n/a
Doin' the Chamberlain New York 1936 1936 - "Streets Of Paris" Goose-step
Doin' The Eddie Cantor New York 1920s n/a n/a
Doin' the King Kong Harlem c.1930s Plantation Club n/a
Doin' the Raccoon USA c.1920s? n/a Collegiate
Doin' The Socialite USA 1939 from "the Boyfriend" n/a
Dolce, the (dream waltz) London? 1908 Created by Arthur Morris Veleta, Territorial 2 Step
Dominicana, The Dom. Republic? 1947 n/a La Bota
Domino, the USA 1961 1960's Fad dance (2/1961 - Ballroom Dance Mag.))e Twist etc
Dopey, Doin The New York 1938 Lucille Marsh Disney, Silver Screen Canteen-N.Y.
Dorothy Waltz London 1914 Dorothy Dickson & Carl Hyson Waltz
Double Shuffle Speed Swing USA c.1930-90 n/a see West Coast for now
Dougie Dance (do the) Dallas, TX 1998 Doug E. Fresh, Lil Will, Montae Ray Talbert (M-Bone) Breakdance, Hip Hop, Poppin', Jerkin', Shimmy, Freestyle dance
Dove, The Bavaria n/a n/a n/a
Draft-A-Way, the n/a c.1940s? Cecil Berdun n/a
Dragon Dance n/a c.1920s? Chenko & Mlle. Elexa (see 2/1926 Theater Mag)
Dream Waltz n/a c.1960s? (4/1968-Ballroom Dancing Times Mag.) Waltz, Mysetta Waltz,
Drehar, The Germany 1525 (Forerunner of the Waltz) aka: Volta. Walzer, Waltz, Boston, Landler, Valse
Drum Dance n/a c.1940s Desi Arnez La Conga,
Duck trot, The New York 1950 Cab Calloway Dance Fads?
Dune Dance USA n/a n/a $ Film of Dune Dance

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