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Dance History Archives - Dance Index List 'A'

   These pages are our main index for dance. These Dance History Archives pages are updated with added information on a weekly basis so they change often as new and Vintage DANCE History INFORMATION is obtained. If it is not listed here, try searching our site above (green arrow box). We also provide links when available to the best retailers who provide customer feedback, technical data, more information and any pricing that may be related to any products of the dance on this website such as Books, Video's, Magazines, Photo's, Music etc. so you may know it exists for purchase, Most, sadly however are not available.

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a La Mode Paris? c.1850s? n/a n/a
Abstract Dance n/a 1909 Fokine? Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Absolute, Pure
Adagio Dance Italy c.1800s? n/a Ballet, Swing, Hustle, Allegro
Adiyaman S/E Anatolia 7th Cent Dance by M/F Halay, Elazig
Aeroplane Waltz NY 1910s Joan Sawyer Waltz, Aeroplane Whirl, Hesitation Waltz, Aviation Waltz, Three In One
Aggravation Waltz USA c.1927 demo by Ludwig and Fanny Mae Bell n/a
Al Smith Hop New York c.1920s? n/a Lindy Hop, Dewey Dip, St. Louis Hop, Campus Hop
Alabama Scare Crow USA c. 1915 Novelty dance ??
Albee, the Harlem 1981 Created by AL B. See Harlem Shake
Alcatraz Peru n/a Couples Mating dance Folk, Hungarian, Cotillion, Torch
Alegrías Cádiz n/a Jota turned flamenco Jota, Aragon, Spanish, Flamenco
Alma, the n/a 1908 Created by Mrs. Tom Walton A New Round Dance
Allemande Alsac / Germany c.1600s aka: Almain or Allemande française Contradanse, Basse, Folia, Louis XIV, Cachucha
Allewander Swiss c.1700s aka: Allemande Alliwander, Allemande
Alligator Glide USA C.1921 Supposedly going to replace the Camel Walk n/a
Alme n/a 1800s national dance of ??? n/a
Alta Danza Spain c.1500s aka: Saltarello Saltarello, Basse Dance, Piva, Galliard
Alunelul Romania n/a (little Hazelnut) Rustemul, Joc De Legana, Folk
American Clown Dance New York 1927 GM Clasky Tin Soldier Dance, Applevilles Sis Hopkins, Astor Bell Hop Dance
American Gavotte n/a c.1880s J.P. Brookes Gavotte
American Polka n/a n/a n/a Polka
American Sailor USA c. 1915 Novelty dance ??
American Tango USA n/a Arranged for the Ball-room by M. Markowski Andalusa Tango, International Tango, Argentine Tango, Habanera, Milonga, Spanish, Cuban, Argentina
American Waltz America n/a n/a See Boston
Amsterdam USA 1890's Allen Dodsworth Waltz, Peabody
Andalusan Tango Spain c.1800s n/a Females Only
Andre and Bonnie USA C.1940S Dance Novelty: 3 dancers, 2 pose as Mannequins who come to life novelty dance act
Angle Worm Wiggle n/a 19?? aka Wiggly Worm n/a
Anglaise (Angloise) Europe c.1680s aka: English Country Dance English Country Dances, Contradanse, Baroque, Francis de Lauze, John Playford
Angrismene n/a 1800s? (the angry maiden)
aka: la Fachèe
Couples danced with Handkerchief
Anitra's Dance Norway n/a n/a Ibsen Peer Grant, Grieg Hagerup
Antlers Galop n/a c.1880s C. Dugin Galop
Apache Dance Paris 1900- n/a Les Apaches, Cancan, Danse du Venture
Apajune n/a n/a National Dance n/a
Apple Jack USA 1919 Composer: Chas. L. Johnson
Suzy-Q, Shorty George, Swing, Lindy Hop, Tap
Applevilles Sis Hopkins
Eccentric Dance
New York 1927 GM Clasky Tin Soldier Dance, Astor Bell Hop Dance
Apollo Dance Greece 1848 Charles La Picq Terpischore, Apollon Musagete, Two-Steps, March
Archers Dance Lancaster, California? 1926 Mrs. Fischer Students in The Rose of Tokio  
Argentine Tango Buenos Aires n/a n/a n/a
Ariñ ariñ Bilbao, Spain ancient Couples Pilgrimage dance, Basque County Spanish dance
Arizona Hike n/a c.1920s n/a Need Info on this one!
Arkadsky Russia c. 1915 Russian dance Troika,
Arkansas Traveler Connecticut Valley c.1700s n/a Buck & Wing, Juba, Clog, Old Paul Jones, Virginia Reel, Square Dance, Barn Dance
Armed Dance
(Enoplian dance)
Greek? BC Goddess Rhea Pyrrhic, Buffon, Moorish, Sword, Military, Lacedemon, War Dance
Ashland Polka n/a c.1880s C.A. Cart Polka
Astor Bell Hop Novelty Dance New York C. 1915 GM Claskey n/a
Astronomic Dance Egypt B.C. Astronomy dance dance with music to the harmony of the stars
Aunt Jemima Slide ?Mississippi? 1914 Karl Johnson Swing, Fox-trot, Lindy, Break away, Jitterbug
Aviation Waltz, The ?? 1918 See Lunette Sisters Waltz, Aeroplane Whirl, Hesitation Waltz,
Azalea, The St. Louis 1883 Mathias J. Koncen n/a

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