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Sheet Music Title




Sabre Dance (Andrew Sisters) Aram Khachaturian, Allan Roberts Sabre Dance, 1942
Sabre Dance (Gayne Ballet) Aram Khachaturian Sabre Dance, 1942
Sabre Dance Boogie Louis F. Bush & Aram Khachaturian Sabre Dance, Boogie Woogie 1948
Sabre Dance Disco ~ Sabre Dance 1983
Saint Louis Blues Mambo Richard Maltby Mambo 1954
Sal-O-May (Salome) Bartley Costello and Robert Stolz Salome Dance, Oriental, Foxtrot 1920
Salome (Waltz Oriental) Archibald Joyce Salome Dance, Waltz 1919
Sambo's Double Shuffle Phil B. Perry Shuffle 1883
Sand Dunes (Brandt) Byron Gay the Sand Dunes 1910's
Scandal Walk (George White's) George Gershwin & Arthur Jackson Scandal Walk 1920
Scarf Dance (1) ~ Scarf Dance 1906
Scarf Dance (2) ~ Scarf Dance 1915
Scarf Dance (3) Scene De Ballet Cécile Chaminade Scarf Dance 1918
Scottish Samba Tommy Connor and Johnny Reine Samba, Latin 1949
Scramble Rag Louis Mentel Buck Dance 1913
Second Mazurka Benjamin Godard Mazurka 1884
Shag, The Benny Goodman Shag 1939
Shimmee Blues Harry DeCosta Shimmie 1919
Shimmee Baby Arthur Jackson and George White Shimmie 1919
Shimmy Moon Jack Frost and F. Henri Klickmann Shimmie 1920
Shine Boogie Arthur Zepp Boogie Woogie ~
Shoe Fly Rollin Howard Shoe Fly. Minstrel 1869
Shooting Star Galop George W. Papillon Galop ~
Siboney (Danzon Cubana) Ernesto Lecuona Danzon, Rumba 1929
Siga La Farra ~ Tango ~
Silver Fox ~ Foxtrot ~
Silver Slipper Barn Dance ~ Barn, Square, Country ~
Skeleton Dance ~ Skeleton Dance ~
Slow Waltz and Calypso Anthony Foster Calypso, Waltz ~
Snake Hips .. A Jungle Jazz ~ Snake Hips, Tucker ~
Society Hesitation Waltz ~ Hesitation, Waltz ~
Soft Shoe, the Roy Jordan and Sid Bass Tap, Soft Shoe 1951
Soft Shoe Song ~ Soft Shoe, Tap ~
Some Baby ~ Turkey Trot, One and Two Step ~
Sophisticated Swing ~ Swing, WCS ~
Sorella ~ Maxixe ~
South Carlina Tickle Adam Geibel Cakewalk, Tickle 1898
Southern Jamboree ~ Shuffle ~
Spanish Dancer, The ~ Spanish Dance, Negri ~
Spread Yo' Stuff Al Bernard Foxtrot 1921
Steeple Chase, the Harry J. Lincoln Horsetrot, Galop, March 1910
Stompin' At The Savoy ~ Swing, Lindy, Savoy Ballroom ~
Stop That Bearcat Sadie ~ Grizzly Bear ~
Strut Miss Lizzie Creamer & Layton Strut, Cakewalk 1921
Sugar Cane Barn Dance ~ Barn, Square, Country 1894
Sunflower Slow Drag ~ Slow Drag ~
Sunflower Slow Drag (2) ~ Slow Drag ~
Swing Along (Cook) ~ Swing ~
Swing Along With Lindy ~ Lindy, Swing ~
Swing Me Will. H. Stevens Swing 1895
Swing Me Higher Alf. E. Rick and Maurice Scott Swing 1907
Syncopated Boogie Boo ~ Boogie Woogie ~
Syncopation Kibbey, Violet dance, Music 1915
Syncopated Walk Irving Berlin Syncopated Walk 1914
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