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Sheet Music Title




Pa Que Sepas Pedro P. Gauna & Carlos R. Vasallo Tango 1964
Palais Glide Harry Weston Palais Glide, Glide 1938
Palais Granny Glide Roy King & Freddy Grant Palais Glide, Glide 1938
Pan Americana (Stars In Eyes) Mort Green film 1945
Papa Loves Mambo Al Hoffman & Dick Manning Mambo, Salsa, Latin 1954
Papa Piccolino Rastelli & Panzeri, Piccolino ? 1952
Parisienne (Walk) Nat Vincent & Herman Paley Parisienne Walk 1916
Parisienne Dance Lew Brown & Albert Von Tilzer Parisienne 1912
Parque da Estrella J. Gugliotti Maxixe 1913?
Patria George Graff Jr. Irene Castle 1918
Peaceful Henry Harry Kelly Slow Drag 1901
Pensicola Mooch Dabney and Cook the Mooch, Ziegfeld Follies 1910
Persian Maxixe E. Nazareth ? Maxixe, Delrio and Luis 1910's
Piccolino, the Irving Berlin Piccolino, the 1935
Pidgeon Walk James V. Monaco Pidgeon Walk 1914
Pillow Dance Anna Garla Pillow Dance, Cotillion, Schottische 1908
Plantation Galop Charles Coote Plantation Dance, Galop 1856/7
Plucky Lindy Lou Zoeller and Fred Bernhard Lindy 1927
Plymouth Rock Fred Van Eps Plymouth Rock, the 1946
Polar Bear Polka Albert W. Berg Polka, Grizzly Bear 1880's
Polish Dance Franz Xaver Scharwenka Polish Dance 1911
Poppa Piccolino (Papaveri E Papere) Rastelli and Panzeri Piccolino 1952
Puro Cuento A. Alonso and F. Ruiz Paris Tango 1930
Pussyfoot Prance Slap White Pussyfoot Prance 1912
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