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Sheet Music Title




Cakewalk in the Sky Ben Harney Cakewalk, March 1899
Caledonian Glide Charles Kinkel Glide, (Caledonian) 1883
California Sunshine Harry Jentes Trot 1913
Calypso-Land Various Calypso ~
Camara Tango Juan Gonzalez Tango 1920
Camel Trot Edith Trueblood ~ 1920
Camel Walk Sam Rosenbaum & Jos. M. Verges Walk (Camel) 1916
Camel Walk J. Tim Brymn Walk (Camel 1925
Camp Polka Charles D'Albert Polka 1853
Can Can (Porters) Cole Porter Can Can 1953
Can Can (Offenbach) Jacques Offenbach Can Can 1858
Captain "Lindy" of the U.S.A. Axel W.E. Austin Swing 1927
Caravanne Oriental Sonthes Military Orchestra March 1866
Carioca Vincent Yeomans Carioca 1933
Castle Argentine Tango Paul A. Rubens Tango 1912
Castle Combination Waltz Trot James Reese Europe & For T. Dabney Waltz Trot 1914
Castle House Rag James Reese Europe Castle Walk, 1914
Castle Innovation (Esmeralda) C. Mesqulta Waltz 191?
Castle Lame Duck Waltz James R. Europe & Ford T. Dabney Waltz 1914
Castle Maxixe James R. Europe & Ford T. Dabney Maxixe 1914
Castle of Dreams Harry Tierner & Joseph McCarthy Castle Walk?, Irene Castle 1919
Castle Perfect Trot James R. Europe & Ford T. Dabney One Step 1914
Castle Society Dance Folio James Reese Europe Castles 1914
Castle Tango Argentino Arthur N. Green Tango 1918
Castle Valse Classique Ford T. Dabney Hesitation (Valse) 1914
Castle Walk James Reese Europe & Ford T. Dabney Castle Walk, Foxtrot, 1914
Celebrated Barn Dance Henry S. Sawyer Barn, Square, Country ~
Cha Digo Con El Negro Juan Rezzoi Tango 1915
Champagne Waltz, the (A. Murray) Con Conrad, Ben Oakland, Milton Drake Waltz (Champagne) 1936
Chanticleer Albert Gumble Dance 1910
Charleston, the (Original) Cecil Mack and Jimmy Johnson Charleston 1923
Charlie Chaplin Walk R. Barton Walk (Chaplin) 1915
Che Mi Amigo Valverde-Herpin Tango 1913
Chevy Chase Foxtrot J. Hubert 'Eubie' Blake Foxtrot 1914
Chicago ... That Toddlin' Town Fred Fisher Toddle, the 1922
Chicago, That Toddlin' Town (2) Fred Fisher (& Eddie Elkins Orch) Toddle 1922
Chicken Reel Joseph M. Daly Reel 1910
Chili Con Carni Elmer B. Griffith Two-Step 1911
Chubby Calls The Twist ~ Twist 1960's
Clarendon Glide Lancers H. Moeslein Glide (Clarendon), Lancers 1885
Clorindy (Darktown is Out Tonight) Will Marion Cakewalk 1898
Clog Dance, the (Hanson's) Howard Hanson Clog 1922
Cockade City ~ Quickstep 1852
Cocoanut Dance Andrew Hermann Cocoanut Dance 1891
Colored Aristocracy Gus W. Bernard Cakewalk 1899
Collegiate, the (Jaffey) Jaffey Collegiate 1925
Comin' Thru The Rye Dressler Square Dance 1851
Congratulations Valse James Reese Europe Lame Duck, Valse 1914
Continental, the Con Conrad and Herbert Magidson Continental, the 1934
Continental Walk, the John Berry and Don Covay Walk (Continental) 1961
Coodena, the Harry Wood Coodena, the 1924
Coon Wedding A. S. McKenzie Cakewalk 1899
Cootie Tickle, the (Over Here...) Abe Olman Shimmie 1919
Cowboy's Polka Jack Patton Polka 1944
Creep, The Carl Homan Creep 1950's
Cuba Plantation Dance Chas. H. Wilson dance 1855
Cuban Cakewalk J. T. Brym Cakewalk 1901
Cuban Swing Jose Carletto and da Paula Bana Rumba 1937
Cubanola Glide Harry Von Tilzer Glide (Cubanola) 1909
Cute Little Wigglin' Dance Creamer & Layton Ragtime Novelty Dance 1917
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