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Streetswings Dance History Archives: Dance Timeline
Bacchanalia dance photo (Dance Timeline page)
      These "Timeline" dates are approximate and not verified dates, just the earliest dates I have found on the listed dance subjects at the moment (these dates are not: "when was or became popular dates," unless stated.) Check actual dance page for more up-to-date timelines/dates. This page is constantly being updated. Other events in time are included to give an "idea of the Timeline around the dance's creation, or describe something that affected dancing, these are in light yellow.

    Note: CE stands for "Common Era." It is a relatively new term that is experiencing some increased usage and is eventually expected to replace AD. BCE stands for "Before the common era." It is eventually expected to replace BC. (However, until it becomes widely used and understood, I am generally using the old way.)

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Time | Date

Dance Type | Event | Notes etc.

1500 BCE Natya
pre 700** Greek writer "Homer" writes the Iliad
776 BC ** Greece holds mid-summer religious festivals at Olympia (Singing, Dancing, Competitions, Oratories, etc.)
600 BC** Dionysus worship begins in Greece (believers worshipped, ate and danced together, later men objected to women dancing together).
500 BC Mime (AKA: Pantomime)
550 BC Spanish Dance
441 BC** Euripides, (first choreographer), incorporates dance into his plays.
186 BC Bacchanalia
2-6 BC** Approximate birth date of Yeshua of Nazareth (Jesus Christ).
9th AD Farandole
40's AD Salome
200 AD Java Dance
500 AD Raks Sharki (Belly dance)
500 AD** Middle Ages Begin: European historical period between roughly AD 500 to 1450 (aka Dark Ages)
500-800 AD ** the Dark Ages begin: (aka Middle Ages)
527 AD** A dancing girl named Theodora (d.548)* married Emperor Justinian becoming the Byzantine "Empress.
860 AD ** Shiva Appears as the Lord of Dance (Nataraja)
900 AD ** Christian Church holds dance performances on Easter Sunday services
900 AD Cramignon
1100's Espringall
1100's Sarabande (AKA: Zarabande)
1200's Westphalia - (Waltz Type dance)
1360's Moresca (AKA: Moorish dance)
1387** Geoffrey Chaucer writes 'The Canterbury Tales' which adds bawdiness to stage and dance.
1374 St. Vitus Dance (see Tarentella)
1400's Ahselroten (Shimmy type dance - Germany)
1400's Basse Dance
1400's May Pole Dance (Modern version 1880's)
1425 Calata (AKA: Calate, Calado)
1445 Le Branle
1448 Ballet (First actual "ballet")
1450** Middle Ages end: European historical period between roughly AD 500 to 1450
1450** Moveable Type Face is invented, and the Latin Bible is printed by 1455, dance treatise can now be printed enmasse.
1450** Renaissance period begins: (c. 1450-1600)
1455 Conjé
1463 Dance of Death appears
1463 Torch Dance
1470 Ballo (see ballet, Court dance)
1480 Cinq-Pas (AKA Galliarde)
1480 Gagliarde
1480 Galliarde (AKA: Cinq-Pas, Romain, Romanesca)
1485 Rigaudon
1489** Ballet becomes publicly known
1500 Passe-Pied
1500's Alta Danza (AKA: Saltarello, also see Spanish Dance )
1500's Batugue
1500's Chacola
1500's Dansas dos Espingardeiros
1500's Danses dos Mariyos
1500's Danses dos Pratos
1500's Fulafranz
1500's Saltarello (AKA: Alta Danza, Passo Brabante, Pas de Brabant, Breban, Quadernaria)
1500's Mazurka (AKA: Mazourka, Mazur, Masur, Masurek)
1500's Trotto
1508 Pavane (AKA: Padovana, Passemesa, Peacock Dance)
1515 Courante (similar to the Corrente)
1520s Clog (AKA: Des Sabots)
1530's Tordion
1525 German Dreher (AKA: Walzer)
1546 Padovana
1546 Passemesa (AKA: Pavane)
1549 Tiroir
1550's Hautes Danses
1550's Minuet
1550's Passe-Mezzo
1552 Canaries, Danse de
1556 Volta, the or Valzer (original not the French version)
1560 Chacona (Guatemalan)
1560 Firlefanz
1560s** Term Peasant Dance appears
1560's Pie de Jibao
1560'S Sarabande
1565 Bourrée d'Auvergne
1565 Foliá
1569 Bergamasca
1570 Cushion Dance (AKA: Joan Sanderson dance)
1570s Danse de Donzellas
1576** First "Dance Theater" opens in London
1580 Fuhrungen
1580 Gavotte (AKA: La Danse Classique)
1580 Weller or Spinner (a Waltz)
1588 Romanesca (AKA: Galliarde)
1588 The book Orchesographie by Thoinot Arbeau is written and starts 'dance technique'
1590 Nizzarda (similarities to Waltz)
1597** Opera Begins (Jacopo Peri's 'Dafne')
1600 Espata Dansa
1600 Espunolet
1600 La Volte (French)
1600** Renaissance period ends: (c. 1450-1600)
1600's Allemande
1600's Baixia
1600's Carica
1600's Chaconne (Spanish)
1600's Corrente (Similar to Courante)
1600's Dansas Habladas
1600's Entrée Grave
1600's Espagnole
1600's Espanoleta
1600's Gigue (AKA: Jig, Giga)
1600's Schäfflertanz
1607** May 14, 1607 -- Settlers arrive at Jamestown, VA.
1608 Pavanilla Italiana
1619** First African-Americans land on American soil to be sold as slaves -- Jamestown, VA.
1620** The Mayflower landing of the Pilgrims in Plymouth, MA 11/9/1620 (aka: Plymouth Rock)
1635 the Academie Francaise was founded
1650's Les Contredanses - French (AKA: Contredanse Francaise, Contredance, Contra Danza, English Country Dance, anglaise or Angloise)
1650 Roger de Coverly
1661 ** Louis XIV establishes Académie Royale de Danse
1670 Bocane
1670 Walzen or Walzer (AKA: Waltz)
1670's ** Pierre Beauchamps defines five foot position
1680 Lundu
1681 ** La Fontaine, the first woman to dance professionally in a Ballet.
1690 Ländler
1692** Hysteria grips the village of Salem, Massachusetts, as witchcraft suspects are arrested and imprisoned (May 1692.) Ordeal finally ends in October.
1700** Raoul-Auger Feuillet creates first dance notation system
1700's Spanish Fandango
1700's Allewander (AKA: Allemande )
1700's Besola, the
1700's Calenda, The
1700's Cotillion, The
1700's? Danse au Virlet
1700's Fado
1700's Fofa
1700's Fogueiras de S. João
1700's Fricasee
1700's Friska
1700's Sicilliene
1710 Royal Galliarde
1710 Rigadoon Royal
1711 Forlana (AKA: Forlane, Fourlane)
1713 Pastoral
1718** New Orleans is founded by the French.
1720 Ländler or Hospur
1720 Weller, The (a Waltz)
1730 ** Shakespeare 'Romeo and Juliet' performed for first time
1734** Marie Camargo raises dancing skirts above the ankle (for better freedom to move)
1735 ** Ballet arrives in America (Charleston, So. Carolina)
1736 Arkansas traveller (AKA: Essence of Old Virginia)
1740 Quadrille
1750** Performers in Blackface appear on stages, eventually minstrel shows begin. (also see 1830)
1750 Strathspey
1750 the Waltz (see Walzen)
1760's Flamenco (AKA: Malagueña)
1770 Strassburger
1770's Shakers Dance
1776** 7/4/1776 - United States Declaration of Independence enacted
1776 Viennese Waltz
1780 Bolero
1780's Furlana
1784** Revolutionary War officially ends
1788** "Dancing The Slave's" on slave ships recorded by Alexander Falconbridge
1789** First Inaugural Ball occurs in honor of President Washington.
1800 Galop
1800 the Valse (Germany) La Valse à deux temps
1800's La Badenowitch (AKA: Danish Waltz)
1800's Balmoral (AKA: Scotch Schottische)
1800's Basket of Fans
1800's Boston Fancy
1800's Bouffoons (Modern version, not ancient Greek version)
1800's Boulangère, La
1800's La Danse des 'Brandons'
1800's Buck and Wing
1800's Cascaron
1800's Chahut
1800's Czardas
1800's Firlefei (also Virlefei)
1800's Friss
1800's Krocan
1800's Paseo Doble
1800's Ta-Toa
1800's Trenchmore, the
1800's Tyrolene
1800's Les Varities Parisienne
1800's Waltz a Cinque Temps
1803 Romaiika
1809 German, The (AKA: Cotillion Waltz)
1812 German Drekkar (AKA: Imperial Waltz)
1812 English Imperial Waltz (AKA: German Drekkar)
1816 Mazy Waltz
1820 English Contra Dance (see Les Contredanses)
1820 Lancers
1820's Hop Waltz (AKA: La Sauteuse, Old Waltz, New Spring Waltz and Waltz á trois temps)
1820's La Sauteuse (AKA: Hop Waltz)
1820's New Spring Waltz (AKA: Hop Waltz)
1820's Waltz á trois temps (AKA: Hop Waltz)
1822 Can-Can
1822 Polka
1825** Romanticism period begins: (c. 1825-1900)
1828 Jim Crow Dance appears (Thomas Dartmouth Rice)
1830 Redowa (AKA: Redjovet)
1830 Virginia Reel
1830's Cracovienne (AKA: Kracovienne)
1830's** Minstrel shows appear in the U.S. The Virginia Minstrels appear in 1842 and start a sensation.
1830's Valse a deux Temps
1833 La Casseralla
1834 Boston (AKA: American and Glide Waltz)
1836 Cachucha
1839 New Polski Mazourka (see mazurka)
1839 Tarentella (AKA: St. Vitus Dance)
1840 Columbine Waltz
1840 ** Master Juba Appears
1840** Photography is invented
1840 Schottische Waltz (a Polka)
1840 Tap Dance
1840 Trottartt
1840's** Burlesque Shows start to appear
1842 La Cellarius
1844 ** First Music House opens (Mr. Thomas Rouse extends his London public house "the Eagle Tavern" for music, singing and Dancing)
1845 Pattin' Juba (May be older)
1846 Dance of the Shadows
1846 Eccentric??Can Can
1848 Apollo Dance (Ballet Version)
1849 Five Step
1849 Schottische
1850 A La Mode
1850 Cakewalk
1850 Varsiovienne
1850's Merengue
1850's Rheinlander (AKA: Schottische)
1850's Serious Family Polka
1850's Sicilian, La (AKA: Sicilliana)
1851 Cerrito Schottische
1858 Dance After The Husking
1860's** 1st American style Burlesque House appears ... Mr. Michael Bennett Leavitt changes his format from plays, skits and farces into the "burlesque show."
1860's Barn Dance
1860's? Habanara
1860's Milonga (AKA: Tango , Andalusan )
1860's Napoleonienne
1860's Walk Around (... see cakewalk)
1860's Waltz La Veilers
1861 ** Miss Adah Isaac Menken burlesque dance costume fully bares her legs on stage, abandoning tights.
1863 Stag Dance
1866** Stage production of "The Black Crook" opens.
1866 Gitana Waltz
1866 Valse L' Americain (French version of the American Waltz)
1868** Burlesque successfully arrives in U.S. with Lydia Thompson at New York's Woods Theater
1869** The Folies Bergere officially opens in France
1870's Balance Waltz (AKA: Two Step)
1870's Maxixe
1874 Glide Waltz (AKA: Boston)
1875** Strip Tease is Born (Le Divan Fayouau, in the 'Rue des Martyrs,' France, removes most of her clothing one piece at a time.)
1876 Hootchy - Cootchy Dance (AKA: Hootchie Cootchie, Hootchie, Hoochi Coochi, Hooch dance)
1876 Skirt Dance
1878** Musical Comedy begins
1879 Danzon
1879 Fascination Waltz
1879 Redowa Glissade
1880 Virginia Reel
1880's American Gavotte
1880's Ashland Polka
1880's Bamboula
1880's Buzzard Lope
1880's Cadet Waltz
1880's Carlton, The
1880's Celtic, The
1880's Columbia, The
1880's Combination Polka
1880's Counjaille
1880's Coquette
1880's Esmerelda Waltz
1880's Eugenie Waltz
1880's Hesitation Waltz (or Valse Boston)
1880s** Ragtime is born
1880's Soft Shoe (also see Tap Dance, Virginia Essence)
1881** Cabaret (Le Chat Noir) and leads into Vaudeville by 1883 (Tony Pastors)
1881 College Step Waltz (4/10/1881 -ASPD)
1882 Five Step Waltz
1883 Azalea, The
1883 Xylophone Polka
1884 Boston Dip
1885 College Polka (AKA: Collegiate Polka)
1887** Hollywood, California is named & Co-Founded by Daeida Hartell Wilcox Beveridge
1888 Berlin, The
1888 Knickerbocker Waltz
1888 Newport Dance
1888 Three Step Galop
1889** Cakewalk finally becomes fashionable with Sam T. Jacks Creole Show
1890 Ballin' The Jack
1890? Break Down
1890 Heel & Toe Polka
1890 Mesemba (Samba)
1890 Rye Waltz
1890 Three Step
1890 Two Step
1890's One Step
1890's Scarf Dance
1890's Shadow Dance
1890's Slow Drag
1890's Square Dance
1890's Tango
1890s** Uncle Tom's Cabin premieres
1892 Serpentine Dance
1893** Little Egypt dances at the Worlds Colombian Exposition in Chicago, Sol Bloom coins term Belly Dancing here
1893 ** Oscar Wilde releases his play entitled "Salome"
1895 Cloak Dance
1895 Irene Skipping Rope Dance (later became "Double Dutch")
1895 Witches Dance
1896 Passion Dance
1897-1902** American Gold Rush happens, spawns Saloon hall dancers, the Can-Can and Hooch dancers like Diamond Lil, Diamond-Toothe Gertie etc.
1897 La Czarina Mazurka (also Czarina Waltz)
1899** Isadora Duncan Appears
1900** Romanticism period ends: (c. 1825-1900)
1900s Beguine, The
1900s Embolada
1900s Shake and Quiver (Shimmy, Shimmy Sha Wabble)
1900s Valse Maurice
1900 Apache Dance
1900 ** Chorus Line Dancing begins with the "Floradoa Girls" (Sextet)
1900 ** Modern era begins with Debussy
1900 One Step
1900 Tango American (Mouvet)
1902 Irish trot
1902 Pasadena, The
1903 Betsy Ross Dance
1905 Frat March
1905 Mattichichi, La (incorrect AKA: Maxixe )
1905 Oriental Foxtrot
1906 Chicken Reel
1906 Dance Of The Demons
1907 Cocoanut Dance
1907 Ju-Jitsu Waltz
1907 Whirlwind Waltz
1907 ** the Flo Ziegfeld Follies Begin
1908 Boston Two Step
1908 Edelweiss Glide Waltz
1909 Abstract Dance
1909 Grizzly Bear
1909 Klapdanse
1909 Texas Tommy
1910 Argentine Tango
1910 Black Bottom
1910 Buena Vista Tango
1910 Credo Waltz (aka Rosevelt Gavotte)
1910 Open Tango
1910 Walking Boston
1910's Berceuse
1910's Camel Walk
1910's Chicago, The
1910's Congo Tongo
1910's Fan Tango
1910's Fish Walk
1910's Kangaroo Dip
1910's Parisienne Tango
1910's Philadelphia Boston
1910's Shim Sham
1911 Bunny Hug
1911 Castle Tango (The Castles)
1911 Cubanola Glide
1911 Gaby Glide
1911 Horse trot
1912 Castle Walk
1912 Come To Me Tommy
1912 Fox trot (might go back to 1905)
1912 Irish Tango
1912 Lame Duck Valse
1912 Nights of Gladness Waltz
1912 Pidgeon Walk
1912 Santley Tango (Joseph Santley)
1912 Whirlwind Waltz
1912 Three Step (AKA: Jazz Straight)
1913 Ballin The Jack is Introduced in the "Darktown Follies"
1913 Bunny Hug
1913 Chinese Ta-Toa
1913 Innovation Waltz
1913 Newman Tango
1913 Pavlova Gavotte
1913 Philadelphia Drag
1913 Rumba (AKA: Son, Danzon, Rhumba)
1913 Throw Away
1913 Vampire Dance, The
1914 Aeroplane Waltz
1914 Aunt Jemima Slide
1914 Canter Waltz
1914 Castle Fox trot (The Castles)
1914 Castle Innovation Tango (The Castles)
1914 Castle Walk (The Castles)
1914 Cinquante-Cinquante
1914 Circle, The
1914 Clifford trot, Clifford Walk
1914 Congo Tango
1914 Davy's Foxtrot
1914** The Denishawn School Opens
1914 Dengozo Maxixe
1914 Dorothy Waltz (Dorothy Dickson)
1914 Evelyn Foxtrot (Evelyn Nesbitt)
1914 Foxtrot Chasseurs
1914 French Pericon
1914 Kangaroo Hop
1914 LuLu Fado
1914 Papaltatsa Maxixe
1914 Pauline Waltz
1915 Walking The Dog
1915 Whirlwind Waltz
1915 Cincinnati Two Step
1915 Negro Drag
1915 Peabody
1916 Kathlyn Waltz
1917 Jazz Dance
1917** Mata Hari is executed by a French firing squad
1917 Samba (AKA: Mesemba)
1917 Toddle , The
1918 (Dance of the) Sand Dune
1918 Shimmy (has roots to 1400s)
1918 Tickle Toe
1918 Valse Maurice (Maurice Mouvet)
1919** World War One (WWI) ends
1919 Chicken Walk
1919 Crap Shooters
1919** The "Great Migration" begins in full force (Southern Blacks migrate to Northern Cities)
1919 Shimmy
1920 Castillian Foxtrot
1920 Tango Valse
1920's Arizona Hike
1920's Bambuca
1920's Bowery Tap
1920's Break Away
1920's Bull Frog Hop
1920's Civa Dance
1920's Collegiate, the
1920's Collegiate Foxtrot (Later became Texas Two Step)
1920's Collegiate Glide
1920's Cootie Tickle
1920's Cutting In (AKA: Memphis Tapping Novelty Dance)
1920's Czarina Waltz
1920's Doin' The Raccoon (AKA: Raccoon Dance)
1920's Eagle Rock
1920's Varsity Drag
1921 Baltimore Buzz (introduced in "Shuffle Along")
1921 Footloose Strut
1921 Java, The
1921 Marimba Waltz
1921 Schottische Espagnole
1921** Broadway Show 'Shuffle Along' Opens
1921 Talmadge Foxtrot
1921 Toddle
1922 Charleston (may go back to 1866) actually 1905, but opens with 'Runnin' Wild' in 1922 became popular.
1923** Cotton Club Opens in New York
1923 Sugar Foot - Stomp (AKA: Sugar Foot, Flea Hop, part of Mooch and Sugar, Shag, Swing)
1923 The Tucker Dance
1924 Blues trot, The
1924 Break-Away, published 1929 - (Pre-Charleston Lindy Hop)
1924 Brother Low Down
1924 Coodena, The
1924 Dance-A-La-Graphonola
1924 Indianola
1924 Sonia Polish Dance (Polka)
1924 The Strut
1925 Collegiate Shag (Aka: Flea Hop, New Orleans Shag, Sugar Foot)
1925 Flea Hop (AKA: Collegiate Shag )
1925 Princeton, The (Foxtrot Variation dance)
1925 ** Savoy Ballroom Opens in Harlem
1925 Sloppy Sailor Walk
1925 Snake Hips Dance
1925 Sweet and Low Down (Tap)
1926** Martha Graham does first show
1926 tragico Tango
1926 Wildflower Waltz
1927 Kinkajou
1927 Lindy Hop (AKA: Swing, Breakaway, Jitterbug, Savoy Style)
1927 ** Miss Hinda Wassau is arrested for Stripping while dancing on stage (see 1875, see shimmy)
1927 Novelette
1927 Six Eight, The
1927 Sugar Foot Strut
1927 Varsity Drag
1927 Yale Blues Dance
1927 Yankee Prance
1928 ** "Blackbirds of 1928" introduces Earl 'Snake-Hips' Tucker
1928 Excuse Me
1928 Picken' Cotton
1928 Silent Dance (used headphones)
1929** Black Thursday starts the Great Depression (October 24)
1929 ** Bojangles appears on stage in 'Hello'
1930 Viper's Drag, The
1930? Al Smith Hop
1930 ** Ann Miller arrives on screen in Queen High
1930 Hoosier Hop
1930's Arthur Murray Shag (AKA: Collegiate Shag, New Orleans Shag)
1930's Boogie Woogie
1930's Bubble Dance
1930's Jitterbug Waltz
1930's Calypso
1930's Carioca Tango
1930's Carolina Shag
1930's Conga, La (AKA: Conga Line, Brazilian Conga)
1930's Dance Of The Doves
1930's Doin' The Chamberlin
1930's Doin' The King Kong
1930's Double Shuffle Speed Swing (AKA: Fast West Coast Swing)
1930's Jitter-Jive
1930's Shim Sham Shimmy
1930's Saint Louis Shag
1930's Sugar Foot (AKA: Shag, Flea Hop, Swing)
1930's Ya-Ya, The
1931/2 Savoy Style Lindy (AKA: Smooth Lindy, West Coast Swing, Slow Lindy)
1931 Siboney
1932 Dixie Stomp
1932** Radio City Music Hall Opens
1933 Carioca
1933 Cha Cha (later 1953)
1933 Fan Dance (Burlesque version not Oriental)
1933** Fred Astaire appears in film "Flying Down To Rio"
1933 Roosevelt Hop
1933 Westchester, the
1933 ** Sally Rands Fan Dance becomes a hit in Chicago
1934 Champagne Waltz
1934 Continental, The
1934 Jitterbug
1934 Truckin
1934/5 Balboa
1935 Piccolino
1935 Veolanda (Veloz & Yolanda)
8/21/1935 ** Swing Era begins with Benny Goodman at the Palomar Ballroom (actually Sweet's Ballroom: Oakland is more correct) in Los Angeles, CA.
1936 Big Apple
1936 (Doing The) Chamberlaine
1937** Ann Miller Appears in "New Faces of 1937"
1937** First National dance congress is held by Tamiris
1936 Suzy-Q
1937 Boomps-A-Daisy
1937 Harvard Hesitation
1937 La Bomba
1937 Peckin'
1937 Peelin' The Peach
1937 Ritz Carlton
1937 Swing Waltz
1937 Trocadero, The
1938 Chestnut tree (Spreading Chestnut tree)
1938 Cobra Tango
1938 Doin' The Dopey
1938 Lambeth Walk
1938 Mambo
1938 Palias Glide
1938 Yam, The
1938 Yolanda Tango (Veloz & Yolanda)
1939 ** Britain, France, Australia and New Zealand declare war on Germany.
1939 Flirtation Walk
1939 Floogie Walk
1940's Back Bay Shuffle
1940's Black Out Stroll
1940's Boopsie Doodle
1940's Dewey Dip
1940's Draft-Away, the
1940's Drum Dance
1940's Furlough, The
1940's Pachucko Hop
1940's Peek-A-Boo Dance
1940's Trilby, The
1941 ** 12/8/1941 - United States with Britain declare war on Japan. 12/11/1941 - Germany declares war on the United States.
1942 East Coast Swing
1942** Gene Kelly appears on Screen in as "Thousands Cheer"
1942 Harlem Shuffle
1942 Jive
1942 New Yorker, the (AKA: East Coast Swing)
1943 Pass The Ammunition
1943 Thumbs Up
1943** Broadway's "Oklahoma" Debuts (Changes theatre forever)
1944 Boogie Woogie Maxixe
1944 Cobra Dance
1945** V-E (Victory in Europe) Day. Japan surrenders to USA
1945 Wiggle-Wobble
1947 The Dominicana
1947 Swing trot
1948 Eastern Swing (AKA: East Coast Swing)
1948 Western Swing (AKA: West Coast Swing, Savoy Style, Hollywood Style)
1949 Ballroom Hula
1950 Bristol Stomp
1950 Funky Broadway
1950's Boogaloo
1950's Bop
1950's Chicken Dance
1950's Creep, The
1950's Dirty Dance (AKA: Sleazy Dance)
1950's Duck trot
1950's La Charanga
1950's La Bostella
1950's Rock and Roll (Swing)
1950's West Coast Swing (first use of the words ... called Western Swing prior)
1952 Stevenson Stomp
1953 Bunny Hop
1953 Tennessee Wig Walk
1954 Champion Strut
1954 Jimmy Creepers
1955 La Plena
1955 Monkey, The
1955 Mule, The
1955 Pony, The
1955 Shake, The
1955 Stroll, The
1957 Barman
1957 The Bounce,
1957 The Horse,
1957 Jamaican Calypso
1957 Skate, the
1958** Alvin Ailey establishes a dance theatre
1958 Bossa Nova
1958 Twist
1959 Cumbia
1959 Dip
1959 Funky Chicken
1959 High Life
1959 Waddle
1959 Pachanga
1960's Fish
1960's Frug, The
1960's Locomotion
1960's Hitch-Hiker
1960's Hully-Gully
1960's Madison, The
1960's Strollypso (Stroll and Calypso Mix)
1960's Watusi
1960's Wisk, The
1961 Grapevine
1961 Pillmore
1961 ** Vietnam conflict begins which finally ended in 1975
1961 Popcorn, the
1961 San Francisco Stomp
1965 Do The Freddie!
1968 Hustle - Couples dance Birth, but not yet known as such.
1970 Texas Two-Step - Country Western (originally the 1920s Collegiate Foxtrot)
1970's Crip Walk
1972 Hustle (AKA: Originally called Disco Swing)
1975 Disco Two-Step (AKA: Nightclub Two Step, NC2)
1980 Disco Fox
1990?s Casino Rueada
1990's Lambada
1990's Macarena (song by Los del Rio in 1993, then dance 1996)
1991** The U.S, Supreme Court ruled that states have the right to prohibit nude dancing in public venues
1994 Country Line Dancing craze (second wave)
1998? Hamster Dance (Computer animation)
2001 Dubya Dance (Computer animation)
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