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There are many more Posters than shown here, try searching this site on the left or click letter above.

   This vintage and new Dance Poster section is one part of our huge Dance History archives for dance posters. If the re-printed poster is available, (and many are,) I have provided the link for you to use with some being reprints, some originals (and no I do not sell these.) If a poster is not available, it's listed here because this is part of Streetswings dance history archives', rather than part of our dance store. These are great for kids rooms, dance rooms/ dance studios, Restaurants, Diners, Bars, Salons, Night Clubs and more and add a great feel to a room ... Hope you enjoy looking at them :)

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Quick List of Some Dance Posters on this site

a la Cigale Revue (Cabaret) P Hullabaloo (1960s) P
A Warmin' Up in Dixie P Invitation to the Dance (2) (Ballroom) P
African Dance Mikhumbane (swing) P It's Always Fair Weather P
American Graffiti (swing) P Jane Avril (Dancer) P
Arkansas Swing (Western) P Josephine Baker (7) (Dancer) P
Assassination Tango (Tango) P Juke Girl (Swing) P
Bailes Russo Teatro (Ballet) P Juke Joint (Swing) P
Ballerina (Ballet) P Katherine Dunham (Modern) P
Barefoot Contessa (Movie) P Keep Punchin' (Swing) P
Beach Blanket Bingo (1960s) P La Cigale Revue (6) (Cabaret) P
Beat Generation, the (1960s) P La Conga Nights (Latin) P
Besame (Spanish) P La Revue Blanche (Cabaret) P
Beware (Louis Jordan) (Swing) P La Revue Negre (Josephine Baker) P
Bikini Beach (1960s) P La Sirens Des Tropics P
Billy Rose's Aquacade (Cabaret,) X la Zapatilla de Cristal (Spanish) P
Black Board Jungle (1960s, Rock and Roll) P Lena Horne (Dancer) P
Black Orpheus (Orfeu Negro, Rock, Latin) P Les Apaches des Paris (Apache) P
Black Thunder (3) P Les Danse Modernes P
Black Thunder 'Swing' (Swing) P Lets Dance (Ballroom) P
Blanche Calloway (Swing, Tap) P Lido Club - Prestige (Cabaret) P
Blues Brothers (Movie) P Loie Fuller (6) (Dancer) P
Boarding House Blues (Swing) P Look Out Sister (Swing) P
Bolero (George Raft) P Love in Syncopation (Tap & Swing) P
Bolshoi Ballet (1950s) P Make Believe Ballroom (Ballroom) P
Boomps-a-Daisy (Swing) X Mambo (Latin) P
Brass Bottle (Belly) P Mambo Kings (Latin) P
Breakfast at Tiffany's P Mambo Madness (Latin) P
Broadway (Raft) P Mata Hari (3) (Dancer) P
Bronze Venus (also Dukeis tops) P Micheux Swing (Swing) P
Buck and Bubbles (Tap & Swing) P Minuet, the P
Buddy Holly Story (2) P Moulin Rouge (4), (Cabaret) P
Bunny Hop (Sheet Music Cover) S Moulin Rouge 2001 (2) (Cabaret) P
Burlesque in Harlem (Swing) P Musee Grevin P
Cab Calloway (Swing) P Mystery in Swing (Swing) P
Cabaret (Jazz) (Cabaret) P New Faces (Cabaret) P
Cabin in the Sky (Swing) P Night at the Roxbury (Disco) P
Cakewalk (2) P Ondine (Cabaret) P
Calling All Stars P Palladium (London) (Ballroom) P
Can-Can (8) (Cabaret) P Pan Americana P
Can't Stop the Music P Paradise In Harlem (Swing) P
Carmen Jones (Jazz) P Pardon My Sarong (2) P
Carythis P Paris Galant (Naughty Revue) (Cabaret) P
Casino de Paris (Cabaret) (6) P Pensicola Mooch S
Charleston (Swing) P Perrier Poster P
Cha Cha Boom! (Latin) P Polka Ad M
Chicago <not 2003) [2003] (Cabaret) P Princess Tam-Tam (Josephine Baker) P
Chick Webb and Ella Savoy (Swing) P Prisoner Of Swing (Swing) P
Chita Rivera (Dancer) P Private Buckaroo (Swing) P
Cossack in Exile P Review of Reviews (Cabaret) P
Cotton Club (Cabaret) P Road to Rio (Latin) P
Country Music Broadway P Rock Around The Clock (Swing) P
Cowboy Blues P Rock, Rock, Rock (Swing) P
Daddy-O (Swing) P Rocky Horror Picture Show P
Dance Study Sc No.5 P Rumba Caliente (Latin) P
Dance Study th No.1 P Salome (Fuller, Nazimova, Bara, + others) P
Dancin' (Jazz) P Salsa Dance by Bill Bauer (Latin) P
Dancing in the Street (Bowie/Jagger) P Sarong Girl (Latin) P
Dancing Lady (Movie) P Samba a Te Rio (Latin) P
Dancing Masters (Laurel/Hardy) P Saturday Night Fever (9) (Disco/Hustle) P
Dancing Prostitute (Cute) 1910s M Savoy Ballroom - Father Son Banquet P
Derby Show (Marathon Cover) X Scarlett Dancer by Bill Brauer p
Devils Daughter (Blood Dance) P Seaside Swingers (1960s) P
Dirty Dancing (1988) (Latin) P Show Boat (Ballroom) S
Dirty Dancing - Havana Nights (04) P Sing and Swing (Movie) P
Dirtie Gertie from Harlem USA P Singin' in the Rain (Jazz &Tap) P
Disco Fever (Disco) P Snake Hips (Jazz) P
Doin' The Raccoon (Ragtime) X Spanish dance & related Posters P
Don't Knock The Rock (Swing) P Square Dance Jubilee (Square) P
Down Argentine Way (Swing & Latin) P Square Dance Katy (Square) P
Duke is Tops (BronzeVenus) (Swing) P St. Louis Blues (with Bessie Smith) P
Ebony Parade (Swing) P Star and Garter (Sothern) (Burlesque) F
Elegant Soiree P Staying Alive (Disco / Jazz) P
Elvis Movie Posters (1960s) P Street Dancin' P
Ethel Waters (Swing) P Surf Party (1960s) P
Farrah Fawcet P Swamp Woman (Movie) P
Flamenco (20) Flamenco (Spanish) P Sweet Rosie O'Grady P
Flash Dance (Movie) P Sweethearts of the Campus P
Flower Drum Song (Movie) P Swing (1999) P
Flying Down To Rio (Latin) P Swing (2002) P
Folies Bergere (Paris) (Cabaret) 6 P Swing Kids (Movie) P
Follow the Boys P Swing in the Saddle (Movie) P
Footloose (Hip-Hop, Jazz) P Swing Out Sister (Movie) P
Forever Tango (Tango) P Swing Shift Maisie (Movie) P
Fosse (Jazz) (Cabaret) P Swing the Western Way (Movie) P
Freedom Dance P Swing Time (Ballroom) P
Gaieties of 1936 (Cabaret) P Swingers (Movie) P
Gangs of New York P Stormy Weather (Bojangles, Horne) P
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (Movie) P Teen Age Swing (Swing) P
Get Yourself a College Girl (Movie) P The Girl Can't Help It (Swing) P
Golddiggers of 1933 (Cabaret) P The Sting (Ragtime) P
Gong Show P The Swinger (Ann Margaret) (1960s) P
Grease (Movie) P Tennessee Wig Walk S
Groovie Movie (Swing) P Tiller Girls Poster (pre Rockettes) P
Gypsy Wildcat (Spanish) P Troupe de E' glantine (Arvil) P
Harvest Moon Ball (Program's) X Troupe de Mlle. Eglantine P
Hellzapoppin' (Swing Movie Poster) P Twist Around the Clock (Twist) P
Hellzapoppin' 2 (Swing) (6) P Wizard of OZ (3) P
HI-DE-HO (Cab Calloway) (Swing) P Zoot Cat, the (Swing) P
High Society (Ballroom) P
Hollywood Barn Dance (Square) P
Hot Mikado (Swing) P
House Rent Party (Swing) P
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Rumba Caliente
Arrow Shirts and Collars
Pin Up Posters
A Night At The Roxbury
Follies Bergere: La Loie Fuller
Mambo Madness (c.1950s)
Assassination Tango (with Robert Duvall)
Boarding House Blues
Hollywood Barn Dance
Saturday Night Fever
Cossacks in Exile
Dance Study #1
Scarlett Dancer by Bill Bauer
Flash Dance
Dance to the Music Poster
Ballerina Poster (blue)
Black Thunder Swing Series

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