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Pic of Veloz and Yolanda Cassaza

Stage Name

Birth Name

Veloz and Yolanda

Francisco Nicholas Veloz Goiticoa de Van Bainderlust
  Lolanda Casazza

   Yolanda was born in Manhattan New York in a section called "Little Italy" in 1908 and was considered a tomboy as a young girl. She was named after the legendary Italian princess Lolanda which eventually be called Yolanda. Yolanda met Frank in a street corner prohibition speakeasy around 1921. Yolanda wasn't immediately taken with the dashing Veloz but soon fell in love. They would go on to win more than forty dance contests together at an early age and would be married and opened, owned and operated the prestigious Palmer House in Chicago in 1929.

   Most of their acts were strictly improve and not rehearsed as routines with Frank designing all of Yolanda's Costume (some weighed up to 16 lbs.) In the 1930s they came to Hollywood to dance at the then famous Coconut Grove and got their start in the film industry and danced in a number

Veloz and Yolanda Autograph 1929
of films during their career together. They made a few films for Disney and Yolanda was the model for Snow White. Television was also good to them as they hosted the Veloz and Yolanda Hour for many years.    Veloz and Yolanda were one of the most famous and most successful of the Ballroom exhibition dancers. Created dances such as the Cobra Tango and Veolanda. They would purchase and run a number of successful dance studios in Southern California. Veloz and Yolanda were the hosts to the Los Angeles Examiner's 'Dance To Fame contest' held in Los Angeles.

   Received an Oscar nomination for the category 'Short Subjects (One-Reel)' for "Cavalcade of the Dance" in 1943. They were honored with two streets named after them in the San Fernando Valley. Veloz and Yolanda would later divorce and Frank later married swing dance star Jean Phelps-Veloz in 1963 which prior caused a bit of a scandal at the time by Yolanda. Jean and Frank started dancing international ballroom with Frank around 1947 and the two later worked the circuit in the Ballroom World as well as his Television program "The Frank Veloz Show" from 1950-1955. They soon married in 1963 and remained together until his death from cancer in 1983. Both Frank and Yolanda passed away in Burbank, CA.
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Birth Place

Birth Date



Washington, DC (F) 2/5/1906 - 2/27/1983 Yolanda, Jean Phelps Yolanda Veloz - Kopell
Manhattan, NY (Y) 3/21/1908 - 3/24/1995 Frank Veloz (1929)    Guy Veloz 

Dance Types

Dance Partners

Music Titles

Ballroom ( Also written as)- 'Beloz & Yolanda' Conchita (1932)
Calypso Vicente Gomez (Span. Guitar)1942 Veolanda
Champagne Waltz Jean Phelps Dance with Veloz & Yolanda (LP)
Cobra Tango       Veloz and Yolanda Orchestra (c.1934 Shep Fields)
Dance At Dawn            
Jitterbug (1940s)            
Spanish Dance            
Viennese Waltz            
Yolanda Tango            

Night Clubs



Coconut Grove (Hollywood, CA) Arcadia Theater (1948) 12/10/1928 - Shubert Theater
Dells roadhouse in Morton Grove Chicago Theater 1932 - Hot-Cha!
Mocombo Room (1956) Hollywood Bowl 1935 - Carmen
Palmer House - Empire Room Mansfield Theater (1943) 1936 - American Can Company
Persian Room Shubert Theater (1928) 1943 - For Your Pleasure
St. Regis Roof (1930) Ziegfeld Theater (1932) 1945 - Dansation of 1945
Terrace Grill ( Muehlebach Hotel) Kiel Auditorium - St. Louis (1945) - Dance Americana




1934 - Many Happy Returns (Yolanda) Frank Veloz Show (1950-55) 11/6/1935 - Herald Examiner Newspaper
1934 - Bolero (dance double) Veloz & Yolanda Hour
1935 - Rumba (dance double) Junior Prom 1938 - Tango & Rumba ...
Dances of Today and Tomorrow (Book by Veloz & Yolanda)
1935 - Under The Pampas Moon      
1937 - Champagne Waltz      
1941 - They Met in Argentina       10/30/1939 - Life Magazine
$1942 - Pride Of The Yankees       5 & 6/1942 - Etude Magazine