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Maurice Mouvet and Florence Walton from his own book. Yes they are dressed in their Apache costume

Stage Name

Birth Name

Maurice Mouvet Maurice Oscar Louis Mouvet

   Maurice Mouvet was one of the most famous and successful dance teams around the early 1910's and lead the way for many performers that would follow. His parents were Belgian (Leige) with no one ever in show business. Had a brother named Oscar and Maurice's mother was a dressmaker who died when Maurice was just 5 years of age. Maurice was born in New York but as a young lad moved to Paris with his father and knew he wanted to be a dancer as a young boy. He had his first professional dance at the Noveau Cirque in Paris, France at age 15. Mouvet's best partners were Florence Walton and Leonora (Leona) Hughes.

   Maurice Mouvet was said to have started his career on the Vaudeville Stage as a page, then later becoming a dance performer, getting a small glint of fame performing early dances such as Waltzes, Jigs, Cakewalks and Mazurkas. Later, his specialty dance and attraction was the Argentine Tango and the infamous Apache Dance which would become one of his most successful ballroom-exhibition acts of his time ( With Walton) which they performed at many rooftop theater's, Dansant's, nightclub's and ballroom's in the 1910's and 20's.

    Mouvet is noted for creating many dances and dance steps such as the 'Junk Man Rag' ( A one step,)

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and the Brazilian Maxixe in 1913. Mouvet is said to be the innovator of the 'American' Tango as it is danced today. Mouvet and Leona introduced his version of the Apache at the Cafe de Paris in France about 1907 whom he learned from one of the original "Gunmen of Paris" (Apaches) and even performed it before his majesty King Edward VII by his invitation.

   Leona and Maurice first started learning the Argentine Tango but sadly Leona passed away due to Pneumonia in 1910 which he thought he would never replace her. For awhile Maurice took a break, but upon his return was approached by Louis Martin's secretary and was hired to dance the Apache and newly learned Tango with Madeleine D'Arville at Louis Martin's Cafe de Paris in New York. The crowds flocked to see the Apache dance at Louis Martin's with Mouvet and D'Arville. While dancing in Over the River with Eddie Foy as the star D'Arville met a nice young man and with a quick farewell note eloped and the partnership was done.

   Mouvet meet Florence Walton when Flo Ziegfeld partnered them together for the 1911 Follies called "the Pink Lady," however, Maurice and Walton did finish "Over the River" together. Walton was previously a character dancer and was not accustomed to public performances of ballroom dancing but Mouvet knew right away Walton was going to be the best partner he ever had. Mouvet and Walton married in 1911 and became one of the most successful teams of the day until they divorced in 1920. His only competition would be Ned Wayburn and Vernon and Irene Castle. Mouvet Succumbed to Tuberculosis in Lausanne, Switzerland, with his Wife and Brother at his bedside.

Birth Place

Birth Date



New York 3/17/1889 - 5/18/1927 Leonora (Leona) Hughes (d.1910) n/a
            Florence Walton (1911)      
Maurice death is mis-reported as being the 19th, that was the date of the obituary in the NY Times for his death on the 18th.

Dance Types

Music Titles

1890s - Baile Con Corte' ( Tango) 1914 - The Habanera 1912 - Maurice Glide
1890s - L' Hesitation 1914 - LuLu Fado- Portuguese 1912 - Tango Del Maurice
1900 - Apache Dance 1918 - Valse Maurice 1913 - Junk Man Rag
1900 - Tango American 1921 - Talmadge Fox-trot 1914 - Maurice Walk ( Tango)
1910 - Moorish Glide Cakewalks 1914 - On a Joy Ride
1910 - Maurice's Step Dance Grizzly Bear L' Hesitation
1910? - Maurice Mattchiche Jigs Lulu Fado
1912 - Maurice Walk Lulu Fado Maurice Mattchiche
1912 - The Tango Del Maurice Maxixe ( Aka Brazilian Tango) Trailing Arbutus (Gavotte)
1912 - The Tango Del Maurice Mazurka Valse Maurice (Sheet Music Cover)
1913 - Maurice's Irresistible Tango One Step      
1914 - Blights of Gladness Waltz ( Loc ) Skaters Waltz (says he created)      
1914 - Canter Waltz Tango      
1914 - French Pericon Turkey Trot      
1914 - Maurice Foxtrot Valse Maurice      
1914 - Maurice Glide Waltzes      

Night Clubs / Theatres

Dance Partners


Alhambra Theatre (London) Florence Walton 1910 - Peggy ( W/ D'Arville.).. date????
Cafe De Paris (France) Leonora (Leona) Hughes 1911 - Over the River ( W/ D'Arville)
Carlton-Hotel (Monte Carlo) Madeline D' Harville (Arville) 1911 - The Pink Lady ( W/ Walton)
Casino Theater (Vienna) Rudolph Valentino 1917 - Ziegfeld's Century Girl
Century Theater Muris Valentino, Muris and Maurice
Louis Martin's (Cafe de Paris - NY) Jacqueline, Leona, Georgette      
Palais de Danse Georgie Mahrer (shared Stage)      
Ziegfeld Theater Jennette      




1916 - The Quest of Life ( Walton ) n/a 1914 - Tango and New Dances at Home
1931 - Le Roi du cirage     3/1/1914 - Washington Post (Gibson on Maurice Glide)
1943 - Lady of Burlesque ( Walton)       8/1915 - Theater Magazine (Walton)
        12/1916 - Theater Magazine
      5/19/1927 - N.Y. Times: Maurice's Obituary
        6/1936 - Picture Play Magazine
        Book: 1995 - Dance Till Dawn
      1915 - Maurice's art of dancing: an autobiographical sketch...
      Worlds End by Amelie Rives ( describes Maurice [as Auguste]
and his Apache dance)


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