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Maria Montez Photo

Stage Name

Birth Name

Maria Montez Maria Africa Vidal deSanto Silas
"Queen of Technicolor"  
   She was nicknamed the 'Queen of Technicolor.' She was the second daughter of 10 children. Maria started her career early in life in a theatrical group in the Dominican republic. Montez first came to the U.S. in the 1930's with her first husband. After the marriage had ended, Maria took to modeling in New York. Later, in 1940 Universal Studios would offer her a contract for Lucky Devils (1941) and she would also have a daughter.

    After numerous attempts at both careers, the Aumonts, including their daughter, moved to France with a bit more success there. Maria was not really a dancer per say, but she did have a few dancing spots in her films such as her Rhumba in "That Night in Rio," but mainly they would be of the Hawaiian, Egyptian, Belly Dance and Spanish type dances for her erotic, sandal wearing type roles. Montez made her final film in Germany in 1951 which was entitled 'Camorra' ( Schatten Uber Neapal) in 1951. Montez died of a heart attack in her bathtub.

    Studios report her birth as 1919, but most actresses gave incorrect info to studios to appear younger, the correct date is 1912.     Maria's name comes up as there was another Maria Montez way before her that was a famous dancer named Marie Gilbert, aka Lola Montez (1818-1861) ( Whom this Montez was named after) and another called Lola Montez, aka Lola and Andre' (c.1930s) and these three names often get confused.
Maria Montez Autograph

Birth Place

Birth Date



Barahona, Dominican Republic 6/6/1912-9/7/1951 William McFeeters (1932) Tina Aumont
            Jean Pierre Aumont (1943)      

Dance Types

Dance Partners

Music Titles

Ballroom n/a n/a
Belly Dance    

Night Clubs



n/a n/a 1951- L’ILE HEREUSE




1941 - Invisible Woman n/a 4/1941 - Film Fun Magazine
1941 - Lucky Devils       10/28/1941 - Pic Magazine
1941 - That Night In Rio ( Rumba)       1/1942 - Spot Magazine
1942 - Mystery Of Marie Roget       6/1944 - McCalls Magazine
$1942 - Arabian Nights       2/1945 - Cine-Mundial Mag
1943 - White Savage       2/1945 - Ecran Magazine
$1944 - Ali Baba & The 40 Thieves       1947 - Inside Hollywood Mag
1944 - Bowery on Broadway       1/1947 - Star Weekly Mag
$1944 - Follow The Boys ( DVD)       11/27/1947 - Point de Vue
$1944 - The Invisible Woman            
1945 - Sudan      


$1949 - Portrait of an Assassin ( DVD)       1975 - Glamour Girls
IL LADRO DE VENEZIA       1992 - Maria Montez: Su Vida


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