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Stage Name

Birth Name

"Jigsaw" Jackson Brady Jackson
"The Human Corkscrew"  
       "Jigsaw" Jackson was a unique Eccentric Freak dancer that no would or could copy. He was actually a contortionists that danced. He could make his body move in ways that only others could only gasp at rather than grasp but he was really impressive dance wise as well. When he came on stage his face would seem dead center on the stage while the rest of his body was performing around the floor. His style of dance was called "Freak Dancing."

      In Pittsburgh, 1938, the Variety Paper reported that; "He was a dancer with a gimmick, a Sock Novelty. It takes a tough

Stomach to stand the things he does with his body ... most unusual trick stuff, his midriff is twisted in a knot while his head faces one way and feet another. He keeps his feet doing a Jig all of the time to Jazz rhythms, doing everything to the beat." Jigsaw was not really a Jig dancer, but they didn't really know what to call his style of dance. "Jigsaw" never really impressed any of the other dancers with his "hoofing" but all conceded that he was a real success. He was a well paid performer / Dancer who was never copied. Long since retiring by the 1950s, he was living in Harlem working as an Iceman.

Birth Place

Birth Date



n/a n/a n/a n/a

Dance Types

Dance Partners

Music Titles

the Shake n/a Rockin' In Rhythm (Ellington)
the Grind        
the Mooch        
Tap dance      

Night Clubs



n/a   Apollo (9/3/1943, NY) n/a




n/a n/a $1964 - Jazz Dance (Marshall Stearns)


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