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Carlotta Grisi
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Stage Name

Birth Name

Carlotta Grisi Caronne Adele Giuseppina Marie Grisi
       Came from a large family of Opera performers and Opera singers. Carlotta Grisi was a famous ballerina and Court dancer with a piquant, coquettish style from the romantic period, who also had a terrific voice. Her sister Ernesta Grisi (1816-1895) married Théophile Gautier

   Carlotta started ballet school around 1826 at the La Scala School of Milan later studied Ballet at the Conservatory of Music in Milan and began to finally dance at the age of eight and would be dancing in the corps de ballet at the age of ten (1829.) While on a working tour of Italy with her sister in 1834, she met Jules Perot in Naples, who at the time was partnered with Marie Taglioni (1804-1884) and by the age of fourteen, Perot took her to Paris and later married her ( Some say common law marriage) which was why Carlotta danced briefly under the
name Mme. Perot in 1836. Perot and Grisi later in 1837 had a daughter Marie-June Grisi. After her and Perot split-up, she would have another daughter by Prince Radziwell named Léontine Grisi in 1853.

   Carlotta made her professional debut in Paris in Perot's Ballet "La Favorita" at the Paris Opera House and in the Théâtre de la Renaissance in 1840 where she sang and danced. Her real success, however came in 1843 with "Giselle" and  "La Peri." Grisi created the legendary role of   "Giselle" in 1841 in that same Ballet. London critics reported during the Polka Mania period when performed at her Majesty's Theater on 4/11/1845 that Grisi and Perot's Polka was "not the thing," however Fanny Cerrito's and St. Leon's was.

   London would also be the location for another famous "Pas de quatre" which consisted of Marie Taglioni, Fanny Cerrito, Lucile Grahn and Carlotta Grisi in which Perot staged, he found this to be no easy task for the four greatest dancing egos of the time.

   Her family members consisted of: Mother and Father: Maria and Vincenzo Grisi, Daughters: Léontine Grisiand Marie-June Grisi, Sister: Ernesta Grisi(18161895,) Cousins: a mezzo-soprano Giuditta Grisi (1805-1840,) Italian Soprano Giulia Grisi (1811-1869) who married Giovanni Mario.

Birth Place

Birth Date



Visinada (Milan,) Italy 6/28/1819 - 5/20/1899 Jules Perot (18101892) Léontine Grisi
    Marie-June Grisi

Dance Types

Dance Partners

Music Titles

Ballet Carolina Rosati ( Les Elemens) $ La Filleule des Fees
Polka Fanny Cerrito      
Peri Quadrilles Lucille Grahn      
Pas De Deux de La Peri Lucien Petipa ( Giselle)      
Quadrilles Jules Perot      
  Marie Taglioni      


Stage, Ballets etc.

1837 - Paris Opera House 1840 - le Zingaro
1840 - Théâte de la Renaissance 1841 - Giselle
1841 - Theatre de l' Academie de Musique 1842 - Jolie Fille of Gand
1845 - Her Majesty's Theater 1843 - la Peri
1847 - Her Majesty's Theater ( Les Elemens) 1844 - la Esmeralda
1850 - Bolshoi Theater 1845 - pas de Quatre
1850 - St. Petersburg Imperial Theater 1846 - Paquita
      1847 - les Elemens
      1849 - la Filleule de fées
      1849 - les metamorphoses
      1850 - la Jolie Fille de Gand
      1850 - Vert-Vert
      le Mine di Polonia
      Le Rossignol




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