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Jose Greco

Stage Name

Birth Name

Jose Greco

Costanzo Greco

    José Greco was a Spanish style dancer who was half Italian and mainly brought up in America. He was much taller than most Spanish dancers which gave him a sense of power. Excelling in the Flamenco he started dancing at a young age along with his sister "Norina" in Brooklyn, N.Y. Originally, he was aspiring to be a painter and took lessons at the Leonardo da Vinci School in New York.

    Had his professional debut in 1937 at the Hippodrome Theater in Manhattan, New York. In 1938 he met La Argentinita and she was very impressed with him. Two years later he was dancing with her in the Ballet Español. In 1943, he joined La Argentinita's dance troupe for a couple years. After Argentinita's death in 1945, he and her sister Pilar Lopez formed their own troupe in La Argentinita's style and revived the Ballet Español in Spain, Greco remained her partner for three years.

    Greco made his film debut in "Mandolete" in 1948. José Greco's formed his own dance troupe "Ballets y Bailes de España" which made its Paris debut at the Théãtre des Champs-Elysees in 1948 and later in Barcelona at the Apollo Theatre in 1949. José Greco and his Spanish Ballet made their American debut at the Schubert Theater on October 1, 1951. He and his dance troupe toured the world performing dance routines for many years. Greco appeared in movies and television with Stars Bob Hope, Perry Como, Lawrence Welk, and Andy Williams shows. More to come ...
Jose Greco Autograph

Birth Place

Birth Date



Arbuzzi, Italy b.12/23/1918 Nila Amparo José Greco II
    Lucille Peters Alessandra Greco
        Carmela Greco
        Lola Greco

Dance Types

Dance Partners

Music Titles

Ballet Español ( Spanish Ballet) La Argentinita n/a
Bolero Pilar Lopez      
Chiapas (w/ Lorca) Jose Greco & his Gypsies (1968)      
Dan-Za Castellena Jose Greco Dancers      
En el Cortijo Nana Lorca      
Oazaca (w/ Lorca)          
Spanish Dance          

Jose Greco Dancers

Alba Merce (1967) Jose Granero (1962) Maria Antonia (1960's) Pepita De Arcos
Antonia Rojas José Greco Troupe Maria Soto Pilar Lopez
Antonio Del Castillo (1962) Juan Lerma (1962) Maribel De Cirez Pilar Parra (1962)
Antonio Jaen (1967) La Argentina Nana Lorca Roger Machado
Antonio Monillor La Argentinita Nelida Imperio (1967) Susana Miranda (1967)
Carmen & Justo Quintero (Los Salaos) Lola De Ronda ( Bolero) Nila Amparo ( Bolero) Teo Santelmo (spcl. guest)
Carmen Salao (1962) Luis Adame (1962) guitarist Paco Alonso (1967)      
Curra Jimenez Luis Rivera (1967) Paco Fernandez    
Curro Rodriquez Lydia Torea Paco Doniz    
Gitanillo Heredia Manola Vargas? Pedro Azorin (1962)    
Irene Alba (1962)        



Stage / Routines

Juan Jiminez (1962, Guitarist) 1949 Apollo Theater ( Barcelona) 1952 - Sombrero
Luis Adame (1962, Guitarist) 1950 - Covent Garden 1952 - Around the World in 80 days
      1951 - Schubert Theater 1952 - Holiday for Lovers
      12/11/1953 -Waldorf Astoria 1953 - Juerga (R)
      1/12/1953 - Century Theater 1953 - Capricco Espagnol (R)
      1/1957 Royal Festival Hall 1953 - Danza del Contrabandist
            1953 - Danza Extremena
            7/23/1965 - Spanish Ballet - Festival
            1978 - The Passion of Dracula
            1981 - Arsenic and Old Lace




1948 - Mandolete n/a 7/1948 - Dance Magazine
1952? - Around the World in 80 Days       6/1955 - Dancing Star Mag.
$1956 - Ship Of Fools       1/1957 - Dance & Dancers Mag.
$ 1972 - The Proud and the Damned       $ The Gypsy in my Soul (Greco's Bio)
$ 2001 - Jose Greco In Performance            


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