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Stage Name

Birth Name

Goldwyn Girls

See Below!

    Originally, the Goldwyn Girls were basically Metro-Goldwyn Mayers musical stock company of female dancers like the Golddigers etc. who appeared in many musicals. Many of these ladies danced as The Goldwyn Girls, Golddiggers and even Ziegfeld Girls as well as other musicals and movies in the 1920s1940s. They were sometimes listed as "Models," "Showgirls" or "Chorus Girls."








Birth Name

Allen Jean Minneapolis     Spain,  
Alexander Betty       Up, Princess, Kid  
Amber Gale       Up,  
Anderson Gloria       Up,  
Andrews Loretta       Spain, Palmy  
Ashcraft Mary       Whoopie,  
Austin Vivian     Ken Grow Follies,  
Baker Consuelo       Spain,  
Ball Lucille Celeron, NY 8/6/1911-4/26/1989 Desi Arnaz Millions, Roman Scandals Lucille Desiree Ball
Ballard Shirley       Kid,  
Bannon Bonnie   d. 02/14/1989     Millions,  
Bassett Betty       Spain,  
Belmonte Virginia   b.9/20/1921   Kid,  
Bentley Irene New York d.6/3/1940   Millions,  
Berkeley Lynne       Follies  
Best Deannie   n/a n/a Wonder,  
Blumier Dudone       Millions  
Booth Karin   6/20/19191992   Wonder, June Hoffman
Brent Barbara       Guys,  
Brewer Mary       Secret,  
Browning Lynn       Spain,  
Bruce Virginia Minneapolis 9/29/1910-2/24/1982 John Gilbert Whoopie, Helen Virginia Briggs
Bryant Jan       Up, Kid  
Caldwell Betty Ruth       Princess, actress
Callaghan Edna       Palmy,  
Cantway Maxine       Spain,  
Carey Mary Jane   d. 01/11/1990     Millions,  
Cargyle Betty       Kid, Secret  
Carroll Alma       Up, Wonder, actress
Carver Lynne Birmingham, AL 9/13/1909-8/12/1955   Millions Virginia Reed Simpson
Casey Sue       Secret,  
Chaffee Joan       Up,  
Chambers Shirley       Spain,  
Christian Linda Tampico, MX b.11/13/1924   Up, Blanca Rosa Welter
Coonan Dorothy   b.9/21/1920 Will Wellman Spain  
Craven Hazel       Spain,  
Cronin Jean       Kid,  
Cruzon Virginia       Up,  
Darling Helen       Up,  
Darlyn Jann       Guys,  
Darrow Madelyn       Guys,  
Daye Loretta   d. 08/23/1995     Up,  
Deanne Marjorie Memphis, TN d.1970   Follies,  
Dell Myrna Los Angeles b.5/5/1924   Up, Marilyn Adele Dunlap
Delson Gloria       Wonder,  
DeRome Lorraine       Secret,  
Dix Mary Lou       Millions,  
Dodd Claire des Moines, IO 12/29/190811/23/1973   Whoopie, Dorothy Anne Dodd
Dore Nadine       Palmy,  
Douglas Betty       Follies,  
Eddings Ruth       Whoopie, Palmy (not Ettings!)
Ellen Vera          
Farnum Patsy       Spain,  
Ferguson Helen Decatur, IL 7/23/1900-3/14/1977   Kid,  
Finley Muriel       Whoopie  
Forbes Phyllis       Wonder,  
Ford Judith       Follies,  
Gardner Dorothy       Up,  
Gaylord Karen       Wonder, Kid  
Gest Ina Odessa, Russia 2/11/192112/31/1964   Up,  
Gleason Mary Ellen       Secret  
Goodard Paulette Long Is. N.Y. 6/3/1911-4/23/1990 Edgar James Kid, Pauline Marion Levy
Goodson Gail       Kid,  
Godfrey Renee          
Grable Betty          
Graham Anne       Follies,  
Gray Jeanne       Spain,  
Grey Virginia Los Angeles b.3/22/1917   Palmy,  
Hale Ruth       Spain  
Hall Ellen   4/8/1922-3/24/1999   Up, Wonder, became actress, m: Lee Langer
Hamilton Donna       Kid,  
Hamilton Jane       Kid, Follies  
Harper Patricia       Spain,  
Harris June       Up,  
Hart Eloise       Up,  
Howard Betty-Joy       Millions,  
Hyde Mary Ann       Up,  
Ingraham Amo       Palmy  
Jarratt Janice       Kid,  
Jordan Jackie       Secret,  
Keefer Vivian       Kid,  
Keithley Jane Kansas City, MO 4/12/1908-9/13/1944   Whoopie!,  
Kirby June       Guys,  
Knapp Dorothy       Whoopie!,  
La Marr Margaret       Spain,  
Lacy Adele   1913-7/3/1953   Spain,  
Lang June Minneapolis, MN 5/5/1915 Vic Orsati Up, Winifred June Vlasek
Lange Georgia       Wonder,  
Lange Mary   1913-4/20/?   Millions,  
Lee Rosalyn       Up,  
Lenivich Jean       Palmy,  
Lerch Georgia       Whoopie!,  
Lester Vonne       Kid,  
Lincoln Caryl       Millions,  
Lorimer Bernice       Spain,  
Lorraine Betty Louisville, KY 6/30/1908-9/1/1944   Palmy,  
Lundeen Florence Oakland, Ca. 11/16/1903-2/20/1983 Byron Stevens Up, (Wampas Baby Star 1929)
Lynn Nancy       Spain  
Lynn Neva       Palmy,  
Mackenzie Joyce Redwood City, CA b.10/13/1929   Kid,  
Malloy Mickey       Up,  
Maple Christine       Whoopie,  
Mara Adele          
Mathison Vivian       Spain,  
Mayo Virginia St. Louis, MI 11/30/1920 Michael O'Shea Up, Virginia Clara Jones
Meade Mary       Wonder,  
Meridith (Shunn) Iris n/a n/a    
Merritt Dorothy       Up,  
Miller Ann          
Miller Lorraine Flint, Michigan 1/5/1922-2/6/1978 Eddie Buzzel Up, became B-Movie actress
Molieri Lillian       Princess,  
Montgomery Martha       Wonder, Kid  
Moody Ruth       Kid,  
Moore Mary       Up, Wonder, Up  
Morgan Jean Trinadad W.I.     Whoopie!,  
Morley Kay       Up, Princess  
Mumby Diana       Up, Kid  
Nash Nacy       Palmy, Spain  
Nugent Lee       Up,  
Patrick Dorothy Manitoba, CN. 6/3/1921-5/31/1987   Up,  
Patrick Patricia       Secret,  
Payne Shellby       Up,  
Pepper Barbara N.Y. N.Y. 531/1915-6/18/1969 Craig Reynolds Kid Millions, Roman Scandals played on Green Acres TV Show as Doris Ziffel
Perry Wanda   7/24/1917-/17/1985   Kid Millions,  
Pierre Faye       Palmy,  
Pike Nita   1913-5/10/1954   Palmy,  
Roark Edith       Spain,  
Russell Charlotte       Millions,  
Sayers Marion       Spain,  
Simpson Mary       Kid,  
Slocum Hyca       Palmy,  
Stefan Kismi       Kid,  
Stewart Margie       Wonder,  
Stockton Betty       Whoopie!, Palmy  
Talbot Helen       Up,  
Terry Evelyn       Follies,  
Thomas Larri       Guys,  
Thorpe Virginia       Kid,  
Thurston Betty       Princess,  
Valmy Ruth       Up, Kid  
Van Dusen Ricki       Up,  
Vaughn Tyra       Kid,  
Vernon Irene Mishawka, IN 1/16/1922-/21/1998   Secret, Irene Vergauwen
Walker Lynn       Secret,  
Wallace Alice       Up,  
Whitney Renee       Spain,  
Wicks Virginia       Up,  
Wilder Aubrey Los Angeles b.1922   Up, Billy Wilder
Williams Chili       Wonder,  
Wing Toby Richmond, VA. b.7/15/1916-d   Palmy, Spain Martha Virginia Wing.
m: Dick Merrill
Winslow Diana       Spain,  
Witter Hazel       Palmy,  
Wood Helen Calrksville, TN 6/4/1917-2/8/1988   Millions,  
Woods Mary Jane          
Wyman Jane St. Joseph, MO b.1/4/1914   Spain Sarah Jane Mayfield
Youngblood Gloria       Follies,  

Dance Types

Other / Misc.

Music Titles

Ballroom 1933 - Golddiggers Poster 1933 - Were in the Money
Ballet       1933 - Shadow Waltz
Jazz       1978 - Girl Stuff
Tiller Type / Line            


Theaters | Clubs


$ Gold Digger Radio City Music Hall 1919 - Gold Diggers
$ Gold Diggers of 1933 Ziegfeld Theater 1923 - Gold Diggers
$ Midnight Frolic ... Conga Room (Sahara Hotel)      
$ Mgm Girls: Behind the Velvet Curtain            
$ The Golden Girls of MGM:            
$ Ziegfeld Paper Dolls            

Gold Digger Films

Goldwyn Girl Films

Chorus Girl Movies

1923 - Gold Diggers 1930 - Whoopie 1925 - The Merry Widow
1929 - Gold Diggers of Broadway 1931 - Palmy Days 1930 - The Floradora Girl
$ 1933 - Footlight Parade $ 1932 - The Kid From Spain $ 1933 - 42nd. Street [ DVD]
$ 1933 - Gold Diggers of 1933 $ 1934 - Kid Millions $ 1933 - Dancing Lady
$ 1934 - Wonder Bar 1934 - The Kid from Spain $ 1933 - Footlight Parade
$ 1935 - Gold Diggers of 1935 $ 1938 - The Goldwyn Follies $ 1933 - Roman Scandals
1937 - Gold Diggers 1938 - The Gold Diggers in Paris $ 1934 - Dames
1938 - Gold Diggers in Paris $ 1944 - Up In Arms 1934 - Geo. White's Scandals
      $ 1944 - Princess and the Pirate $ 1934 - Kid Millions
      $ 1945 - Wonder Man $ 1934 - Stand Up & Cheer

Television Girl Groups

$ 1946 - Kid From Brooklyn $ 1934 - Wonder Bar
1965 - Dean Martin Show $ 1947 - Secret Life of Walter Mitty [ DVD] 1935 - Geo. White's Scandals
1970 - Golddigers in London $ 1936 - The Great Ziegfeld [ DVD]
1971 - The Golddigers $ 1955 - Guys and Dolls [ DVD] $ 1941 - Ziegfeld Follies
1977 - Dean Martin Special       1944 - Music In Manhattan
        $ 1946 - Ziegfeld Follies
        $ 1951 - Showboat [ DVD]
        $ 1968 - Funny Girl! [ DVD]
        $ A&E Biography - Ziegfeld

Other Girl Dance Groups


Albertina Rasch Girls Metro Goldwyn Mayer Girls Albertina Rasch
Chester Hale Girls Minstrel Misses ( Wayburn's) Busby Berkley
Copa Girls (Copacabana) Rockettes Chester Hale
Cotton Club Girls Roxettes John Tiller
Florodora Sextet Girls (1900) Tiller Girls Ned Wayburn
Gertrude Hoffman Girls Wally Wanger Girls Roxy
Gleason Girls Will Vodrey Girls Wally Wanger
Golddiggers Varieties Dancing Girls Will Vodrey
Goldwyn Girls Yama Yama Girls (1905)  
Leggy Rose Girls Ziegfeld Girls  
Leslie Norton Dancers    


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