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Dancer Gaby Deslys dance History Picture

Stage Name

Birth Name

Gaby Deslys   ( Pronounced as Der-liss) Marie-Elsie-Gabrielle Caire

    Gaby Sings!, Gaby Dances!, Gaby Fascinates was the usual moniker for Gaby. She was a very popular actress and dancer during her time. Became a huge success in a Parisian revue when she debuted in 1902 in Paris. Ned Wayburn created the popular Gaby Glide dance for her in the 1911 show Vera Violetta. Deslys is also credited for introducing the first "Striptease" number in a Broadway Musical. The public was very infatuated with Gaby whose costume gowns attained almost as much attention as herself. It is said she would make sometimes as much as ten costume changes a night and never wore the same costume in the same city/town. Gaby was celebrated as a dancer but did not consider herself one.

    She was once the sweetheart of the King Manual of Portugal which may have caused him the throne. Marie also worked as a spy for the French government during S.W. She died in Paris, France due to a throat infection. Tamara Toumanova played Gaby in the 1954 FIlm" Deep in my Heart." Gaby's life was a very successful one, due to her dance ability and beautiful looks, was on the cover of 'Pictures and the Picturegoer' magazine in 1915, Erté did a serigraph painting of her and even dated Manuel II, the King of Portugal.  
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Birth Place

Birth Date



Marseilles, France 11/4/1881 - 2/11/1920 ?? Harry Pilcer(1912) ?? n/a

Dance Types

Dance Partners

Music Titles / Sheet Music

Ballroom Harry Pilcer Gabbie
The Gaby Glide Ned Wayburn Gabby Glide Medley
Grizzly Bear       Gaby Love
Turkey Trot       Gaby Mood
            Gabys Rhapsody
            I'm Saving My Kisses For Someone (1912)
            The Gaby Glide (1911)

Night Clubs



Winter Garden Globe Theatre (1915) 1911 - The Revue of Revues
      Majestic Theatre (1914) 1911 - Vera Violetta (w/ Harry)
      Murat Theatre (1914) 1913 - The Honeymoon Express
      Palace Theatre (London) 1914 - The Belle of Bond Street
      Shubert Theatre (1914) 1914 - Little Parisienne, the (w/ Harry)
      Walker Theatre (1914) 1915 - Stop, Look and Listen
      Winter Garden Theatre (1911) 1917 - Suzette
          Follies Bergere
        Ziegfeld Follies




1914 - Rosy Rapture n/a 1/26/1912 - Daily Courier(Harry marries Gaby)
1915 - Her Triumph   1/27/1912 - Washington Post(Marriage a Fake)
1918 - Bouclette   11/26/1913 - Kansas City Star(Gaby's Pet Hen)
1919 - Le Dieu du hasard   12/6/1913 - Kansas City Star(Gaby at local theatre)
    2/9/1914 - Indianapolis Star(Gaby's Name)
    2/27/1914 - Photoplay Mag.
    1/13/1914 - Lima Daily News(Article on Gaby)
    1/17/1914 - Fort Wayne Daily News(Gaby Photo)
    4/17/1914 - Kansas City Star(Interview)
    9/14/1914 - Manitoba Free Press(Glide is Naughty)
    3/10/1916 - Variety Mag.
        $ Gaby Deslys: a fatal attraction(Gardiner)


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