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Girls order believed to be (left to right): Relyea, Greene, Walker, Tex-Smith, Wilson, Wayburn.

Stage Name

Birth Name(s)

The English Girls

See Below!
The Florodora Girls  -
The Floradora Sextette -

    The most popular all Girl groups of the time was 'the English Girls' later nicknamed the "Florodora Girls" and "Florodora Sextette" who performed the leggy, risqué dances popular during the time in the show entitled "Florodora" which opened in London at the Lyric Theatre on November 11, 1899, and later came to America in 1900 at the Casino Theatre from the London Operetta. The original London production opened in 1899 where it ran for a very successful 455 performances. The New York production was even more popular, opening the following season and running for 552. These leggy dancers became a chorus type dance group like the Goldwyn Girls, Goldiggers, Samual Roxy's Roxyettes, Tiller Girls, Ziegfeld Girls and others.

Some of them were in a musical stock company of female dancers who appeared in many other musicals such as Ziegfelds and George White productions. The six who opened the 1900 show, wearing pink walking costumes, black picture hats and carrying frilly parasols, they were known as the Florodora Sextet, the original members (pictured) were: Marjorie Relyea, Daisy Greene, Margaret Walker, Vaughn Tex-Smith, Marie Wilson and Agnes Wayburn.

    The Florodora Sextet girls were largely responsible for the production turning from modest entertainment to a world wide phenomenon. New York society fawned over the girls, and all the sudden everyone wanted to hear them, see them and meet them. They were even invited to teas on Fifth Avenue and many affluent males of all ages, married or not started attending performances at the Metropolitan Opera House. What made them so popular ... Well, one of the first critics to revue and print said this: "One of the most uncompromisingly filthy plays ever seen in New York, and it is a shame that its representation is permitted by the police. Not one of the low burlesque theaters, which no decent person would think of visiting, would dare present such an unblushingly bawdy work for fear of clashing with the police." That revue was probably because of a rather novel feature of 'Florodora' was that it was devoid of the ladies wearing the usual tights with the exception of a single pair worn by the prima Donna. After that, everyone had to see for themselves.

    Many of these ladies would later dance as Goldwyn Girls, Ziegfeld Girls and others as well as other musicals and movies in the 1900s-1940s. They were sometimes listed as "Models," "Showgirls" or "Chorus Girls." It was well known that if you danced in shows like Ziegfeld's, Floradora, Tiller's, the GW Scandals, etc., there was a good chance to marry a wealthy man. Ziegfeld is probably the one who started this as he would invite wealthy men to his shows, with the promise of meeting a pretty girl. Most of the girls of the Florodora would dance in the show, marry one of the rich patrons and then quit the show which over time produced over 70 Floradora dancers. Which is why the movie portrayed them so loosely. Soon fter the organizers figured it out, they prohibited fraternization with the patrons.

    After concluding it's run in 1905, during which "Florodora" moved from the Casino theatre to the New York Winter Garden Theater (not the 50th Street Winter Garden) and then to the Broadway Theater (was demolished in 1929.) After the shows final curtain run, Thomas W. Riley (Casino manager who first hired the show) produced another show featuring a revival of the Florodora girls, but this time called them "The Powder Puff Girls," saying they were more beautiful and more gingery (red hair) than the Florodora Sextette¹.

  • Powder Puff Girls octette: (these girls were more petite, shorter and younger)¹
  • Elsie Hamilton (from New Orleans)
  • Hazel Lewis
  • Lydia Scott (from Staten Island, born 1894)
  • Margarete Morris
  • Marguerite St. Clair
  • May Leslie
  • Truly Ewers
  • Zelma Mantell

Requirements for a Florodora girl were red or brunette hair; 130 pounds and five feet, four inches.







Birth Name or Notes

Belmont Francis ?? ?? Ashburton Original Florodora Sextette 1900 ??
Davies Marion ?? ?? ?? ?? (Only Played a Florodora in the movie)
Darty's Paulette ?? ?? ?? ?? ??
Goldensky Reba ?? ?? ?? ?? (changed name to Golden)
Goodrich Edna England ?? N.C. Goodwin Original Florodora Sextette 1900 ??
Green Daisy ?? b. 1885 Waterman Original Sextette | also Ziegfeld Follies 1909 (joined show at age 15)
Norton Madge ?? d.1/22/1945 Mr. Norton Fisher & Riley Floradora Company 1901-02. | Casino Theatre | Made last appearance 1939. Norton is married name
Nesbitt Evelyn ?? ?? Harry K. Thaw was in 1900 chorus circa 1907:( Husband charged with Murder)
Patterson Nan ?? ??   ?? circa 1904 (charged with murder)
Relyea Marjorie Albany, NY 1870-3/12/1946 William D. Holmes, Original Sextette | Hotel Topsy Turvey ??
Reeve Aida ?? ?? ?? UK Production ??
Tex-Smith Vaughn Texas ?? Isaac J. Hall ?? Vaughn Smith
Walker Margaret ?? ?? Yes, but divorced Original Sextette | 1925 Lucky Break | Gilbert & Sullivan operettas ??
Wayburn Agnes ?? ?? Ned Wayburn Original Florodora Sextette 1900 Moved to Europe and remarried after Ned Wayburn divorce.
Wilson Marie ?? ?? 1st Harry Wimsatt, 2nd Fred Gebhardt Original Florodora Sextette 1900 | Glittering Gloria ??

Dance Types

Other / Misc.

Music Titles

Ballroom 1933 - Goldiggers Poster I Was A Floradora Baby
Ballet       In The Shade Of The Pal (1902)
Jazz       Tell Me Pretty Maiden (1902) (this song stole the show)
Tiller Type / Line            

Chorus Girl Publications

Theaters/ Clubs


$ Gold Digger Broadway Theatre Florodora (1899)
$ Gold Diggers of 1933 Casino Theatre (NY) Gay Lord Quex
$ Midnight Frolic ... Criterion Theater London Operetta (1899)
$ MGM Girls: Behind the Velvet Curtain Lyric Theatre (1899) London Passing Show of 1919
$ The Golden Girls of MGM: Winter Garden Theatre Show of Shows (1929)
$ Times We Had (Marion Davies)            
$ Ziegfeld Paper Dolls            

Gold Digger Films

Goldwyn Girl Films

Chorus Girl Movies

1923 - Gold Diggers 1930 - Whoopie 1925 - The Merry Widow
1929 - Gold Diggers of Broadway 1931 - Palmy Days 1930 - The Floradora Girl
1930 - The Floradora Girl $ 1932 - The Kid From Spain $ 1933 - 42nd. Street [DVD]
$ 1933 - Footlight Parade $ 1934 - Kid Millions $ 1933 - Dancing Lady
$ 1933 - Gold Diggers of 1933 1934 - The Kid from Spain $ 1933 - Footlight Parade
$ 1934 - Wonder Bar $ 1938 - The Goldwyn Follies $ 1933 - Roman Scandals
$ 1935 - Gold Diggers of 1935 1938 - The Gold Diggers in Paris $ 1934 - Dames
1937 - Gold Diggers $ 1944 - Up In Arms 1934 - George White's Scandals
1938 - Gold Diggers in Paris $ 1944 - Princess and the Pirate $ 1934 - Kid Millions
  $ 1945 - Wonder Man $ 1934 - Stand Up & Cheer


Girl Groups
$ 1946 - Kid From Brooklyn $ 1934 - Wonder Bar
1965 - Dean Martin Show $ 1947 - Secret Life of Walter Mitty [DVD] 1935 - George White's Scandals
1970 - Goldiggers in London $ 1936 - The Great Ziegfeld [DVD]
1971 - The Goldiggers $ 1955 - Guys and Dolls [DVD] $ 1941 - Ziegfeld Follies
1977 - Dean Martin Special       1944 - Music In Manhattan
        $ 1946 - Ziegfeld Follies
      $ 1951 - Showboat [DVD]
      $ 1968 - Funny Girl! [DVD]
      $ A&E Biography - Ziegfeld

Other Girl Dance Groups


Albertina Rasch Girls Metro Goldwyn Mayer Girls Albertina Rasch
Chester Hale Girls Minstrel Misses ( Wayburn's) Busby Berkley
Copa Girls (Copacabana) Rockettes Chester Hale
Cotton Club Girls Roxettes (see Tiller & Rockettes) Fanchon and Marco
Fanchonettes, the Tiller Girls John Tiller
Fehnova Dancers, the Wally Wanger Girls Ned Wayburn
Florodora Sextet Girls (1900) Will Vodrey Girls Roxy, Samuel
Gertrude Hoffman Girls Varieties Dancing Girls Wally Wanger
Gleason Girls Yama Yama Girls (1905) Will Vodrey
Goldiggers Ziegfeld Girls      
Goldwyn Girls        
Leggy Rose Girls        
Leslie Norton Dancers        


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