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Louise Fiocre of the Fiocre Sisters
Photo of Louise

Stage Name

Birth Name

Fiocre Sisters

Louise Fiocre
  Eugenie Fiocre
      The beautiful Fiocre Sisters. Louise and Eugenie were among the principal attractions of the Paris Opera in the glamorous days of the second empire, when the aristocratic, somewhat blasé members of the Jocket Club were arbiters of taste and style. They disapproved of heavy German Opera and Ballets given early in the evening, for they liked to linger over dinner, so they saw to it that Tanhauser was a failure in Paris.

   They loved to see the well rounded legs of Louise Fiocre in her brief costume of a cupid, so they encouraged the management to cast her in such roles as this Amour, which she played when Pierre de Medicis was produced in 1860. Louise was seventeen, and already the veteran of four

Seasons at the Opera. Her career was short, in spite of its early beginning; she retired in 1868, at twenty five.

    Her younger sister Eugenie, endowed with even a more magnificent figure, appeared to such advantage in the sleek tights of a boy that she was chosen to create the role of Franz at the first performance of Coppelia, in 1870. It is strange to think that her beauty actually contributed to the temporary eclipse of ballet as an art form, late in the nineteenth century, by furthering the unfortunate practice of girls dancing men's roles, in travesti. Edgar Degas also did a oil painting entitled 'Mlle. Fiocre in the Ballet'

Birth Place

Birth Date



?France (L) B.1843-19?? n/a n/a
?France (E)                  

Dance Types

Dance Partners

Music Titles

Ballet n/a n/a

Night Clubs



n/a n/a 1860 - Pierre de Medicis (B)
            1867 - La Source (B) Delibes
            1870 - Coppelia (B) Delibes




n/a Degas 1953 - the Second Empire (Ivor Guest)
            12/1953 - The Dance Magazine


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