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Stage Name

Birth Name

Fanny Elssler Franziska Elssler
Therese Elssler Theodore (Therese) Elssler
"The Elssler Sisters"  
   Started dancing lessons at the age of nine at the corps de ballet of Vienna, Hoftheater. The Elssler sisters ( Fanny and Theresa) studied with Jean-Pierre Aumerand Freiedrich Horschelt.

   Fanny was one of the most celebrated dancers of the Romantic Ballet. At the age of twenty-four she studied with Auguste Vestris and made her professional debut at the Paris Grand Opera in Coralli's ballet La Tempete in 1834.

La Gypsy Ballet ( Three acts) was to bring the sensuously tempting Elssler fame as a dancer and by 1834 Marie Taglioni would be her only competition.

   Elssler made many distinct contributions of the romantic period. Known as the creator of theatrical folk dance ( Today called character dance) through Ballet. Elssler made famous the Tarentule (Tarantula), Cracovienne ( Her favorite) and introduced the Cachucha in the ballet Le Diable (1836.) Impresario Henry Wikoff brought Fanny Elssler to America for a successful two-year tour beginning in 1840.

    Fanny would also dance "en Travesti" - Cavalier ( Mans part) in many of her performances especially famous for this was in the "Minuet de la Cour" with Fanny Cerrito in 1843 in London, who even the Queen came to see. Fanny Elssler danced Faust for her finale performance ( Retirement) in Vienna 6/12/1851.

  I'm not sure if Fanny ever married, but she was said to be in love with Anton Stuhlmuller and bore him a daughter. Elssler last name is often times misspelled as Esler and Essler.

Birth Place

Birth Date



Vienna, Austria 6/23/1810 - 11/27/1884 ?Anton Stuhlmuller? ?Effie Ellsler? (1858-1942)

Dance Types

Dance Partners

Music Titles

Ballet Fanny Cerrito ( De La Cour) $ La Cachucha
Cachucha, La (1840) Hermoine Essler ( Jaleo ) $ Die Tänzerin Fanny Elssler (CD)
Cracovienne, La (1840) Mons. Sylvain ( Styrien)      
Danse Cosaque Pauline Desjardins ( Polski)      
El Jaleo de Jares & de Xeres Therese "Theodore" Essler ( Zapateado)      
El Sapateo de Cadiz ( Havana)      
El Zapateado (1840's)            
La Gitana (1840's)            
La Fee (1840's)            
La Lituana (1840's)            
La Roza ( Romanza, La Rose America)            
La Sylphides            
La Tarentule (1840's)            
Lamoureux Galop du Faust (1848)            
Pas Danse dans la Gypsy (Cracovienne)            
Minuet Quadrilles & Minuet De La Cour (1843)            
New Polski Mazurka ( Park Theater, NY)            
New Smolenska            
Pas Styrien            
Styrienne (1840s)            
Waltz (Essler)            
... Many dances above are on the Spanish dance page.

Night Clubs


Ballets / Plays

n/a Hoftheater 1822 - La Reception D'une Jeune
Nymphe (corps de) 
      Paris Grand Opera
      Park Theater, NY 1833 - Kings Theater (London)
        1834 - La Tempete
            1836 - Le Diable Boiteux (Cachucha)
            1838 - La Sylphide ( Flopped)
            1839 - La Gypsy
            1839 - La Tarentule
            1840 - Black Domino (Jaleo)
            1844 - American Tour (Cracovienne)
            2/12/1848- Original Faust (Lamoureux)
            1851 - Faust (last performance)



1937 - Fanny Elssler (as danced by Lillian Harvey) 1896 - Stage and Fancy Dancing (F.C. Notts)
      1940 - Fanny Essler by Emil Pirchan
      10/1950 - Dance Magazine
      1970 - Fanny Essler by Ivor Guest
      $1981 - Fanny Elssler's Cachucha (Hutchinson)
      $1984 - Fanny Elssler by Frederick Philip Grove
      $ Fanny Elssler in America

  • NOTE: Hermine Elssler and Theodore (Therese) Elssler were both related to her. Last Name is sometimes spelt Essler.

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